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  1. The funny thing was, dude gave the other guy EVERY opportunity to apologize! I was like "this is about to get good, get ready to dive under the table if necessary!" Pride made this guy get cold cocked and stomped out!
  2. Long, long, long time ago I saw someone take a major asss whupping at Club Sensations over stepping on someone's AF1's and not saying "sorry!"
  3. You see how that ***** tried to act AFTER she realized the bus didn't run that other lady over? I would have commenced beating her asss right after I got over the shock of not being killed!
  4. Bruh, tell me about it! I absolutely LOVE my Ninja Foodi! Purchased it based on conversations (about air fryers) in ABF. The Foodi does it all!
  5. Didn't call pork rinds, pork rinds until later in life. We called them "skins," took me awhile to stop referring to them as that! Skins and Texas Pete...................lawd!!!!
  6. Love you man, but where is the "Thumbs Down" button when you need it! 😝
  7. Gotdam! You have been here a long asss time, I thought you were a Falcons fan!
  8. At the store? ****, get me three bottles of Polynesian sauce, I'll get it back to you. Also, check to see if they sell that granola mix by the bag? Dad
  9. Now I understand why you react to some things the way you do. My father was a cop for two years, i have his badge and his service weapon (it's a cheap *** Rohm). Clearly, they weren't planning on issuing my father anything worth a dam!
  10. Man, I'm humble with mine! BUT, I'm glad you're hip to what's going on!!!
  11. Still trying to understand, but let me take a stab at it. As for redlining, I've never had that problem, and this may sound messed up, but I've never knowingly tried to live (or lived) around people that didn't want me there, plus, the neighborhood I grew up in Atlanta was nice and well kept (for BLOCKS), but, due to the south being the way it was, dam near 99% black (the only reason I didn't say 100% was because my mothers family moved into the same neighborhood). I've also made it known that I am blessed, will freely admit that, but I've put in that work too, did **** that others wouldn't
  12. C'mon now, what I do know is Acura was invented for the American market, but I was also under the impression that Acura's were also sold in Japan, just don't know which models.
  13. A guy up here has one of those modded out, looks stock, said he was getting over 600hp to the wheels!
  14. Guilty as charged! Fun fact, you know what made me want a Grand Wagoneer? The Huxtables had one!
  15. Purchased both of them in Virginia! Both of them were rust free!
  16. I have two 6.2 LS engines (and transmissions) that I am going to drop in the Grand Wagoneer and the J10 with a roots style supercharger to boot. You know that Chrysler didn't purchase AMC until 1987, and that AMC 360 was based off of a Ford design, right?
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