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  1. Banish this man....................................................for a few seconds!!!
  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww sh!t now! Doin' my happy dance! I'm going to soup up my BGE and my offset with these things! Much appreciated Regular Guy!!!
  3. Regular Guy, I see you have those grill plate thingies (or whatever they call them). Several questions: 1. How do you like them? 2. What unit do you have them on? 3. Why replace cast iron with these?
  4. For lack of a better way to say it, but isn't that "Hanger Steak" the cut they just discovered (yeah, right) about two or three years ago? It's supposed to be located somewhere near the brisket and can be challenging to "cook" if not done right. I think this was on Pitmasters.
  5. Junior, you're bringing home some Red Robin fries OR have they started selling them in the supermarket down there (like they do White Castle burgers here)?
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this thread is a gem amongst ABF "trash." Much appreciated!
  7. Let me see if this works: http://www.bbqinstitute.com/SmokerModifications.pdf
  8. Bf, you have an offset smoker or one of the 55 gallon drum types the guys down home make? The reason why I ask is because if you have an offset smoker, do what I did and modify that bad boy! Makes a world of difference! I have an offset (older, heavier New Braunfel) That I was about to drag to the curb because it pissed me off so da mn bad! Went online and found out that I was not alone and people had posted mods to them online. Let me know if you need the link!
  9. This thread delivers......................still!!
  10. Lou, you are another cat that I am hoping pulls it off in the restaurant game! When you open up on the gulf coast, send out the addy!!!
  11. RegularGuy, you should be on "Pitmasters" or a cooking show on the Food Network! I was not hungry until I clicked on this thread!
  12. My son, I see you have one of those Masterbilt grills! Good work!
  13. No, not at all (plus, you had the spoiler tags too), but I was like "Is she staying?"
  14. Thanks Drake and Acworth! I thought she was the "mother" but I guess one took a heel turn, but again, I thought she needed all of them to reach her eventual goal. Yeah, need to just watch how things play out. Another question (again, I'm not one of the book readers), are the deviations from the book a good thing or a bad one? I can understand them them throwing curve balls, but are they deviating that much? I also read somewhere dude was going to write another book!
  15. I have a question for the people that know some of the backstory (I'm not one of them). Question (and I'll try and dance around it without purposely trying to spoil it for anyone). What is the deal with the dragons? I was under the impression that they were central to the storyline. I understand what happened (why Dany did what she did), but is that it for "them?"
  16. First things first, middle finger to you Skare for the fake out!!! Good episode, but again, sad. Prince Charming and his sister are nasty as all fuuck (but Jaime is a good person at heart (haven't read any of the books, so I don't know if he's really an azz or what), Tyrion is a BEAST, Twyin's ol Trading Places azz can kick rocks!!!!
  17. Yeah, I thought the shot where the camera panned through the battle was cool! Don't laugh, kind of reminded me of some "pirate ship" battle (the best way I can describe theway the battle was "shot" to me)!
  18. Anyway, last night was an excellent episode! Sad too!
  19. Da mn Skareffect, thanks for effing up the finale for me! Not cool at all! Edit: Now I see the separate thread for the warning! This is fuucked up!
  20. Looks good Bill! I take it that night was a really "good" night!
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