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  1. He was probably telling his rat buddies HE had a subie WRX! "Bruh, I be hauling *** in my car, no cap!"
  2. Waylon is just freaky!!! 😂 He's trying to rub one out........................😂
  3. You know you turn people off trying to tell them what they should think or react to, but I'll bite..... The answer is NO, but something is really suspect about all the former GOP'ers supporting him, and I fully expect him to **** on black people to appease those same GOP'ers once elected.
  4. You know I am not in this fight, but I have to give you props for this one. Take a bow!
  5. Help a 60 y/o man out here, did this kid just tell his mom he had a knife?
  6. As long as the Ain'ts don't win a Super Bowl this year, I'm good!!!
  7. I hope not, dude has to go! Forgot to mention, half the team is playing like they don't care!
  8. I hope not, dude has to go! Forgot to mention, half the defense is playing like they don't care!
  9. Hot *** garbage!!! Half of the team hurt, the defense has no balls!
  10. Blind squirrels and nuts.............................
  11. This thread delivers!!! Comedic entertainment at it finest 😂
  12. Yeah, but we all know the Dems are the Atlanta Falcons of politics! My computer is doing some really strange **** today, so ignore double posts and other strange stuff!
  13. C'mon bro, I understand, but do you want to be the one responsible for putting the @AF89 hex (from the Super Bowl) on ol' Joe? Y''all scare me!
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