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  1. Congrats....... but brotha man went down the Soul Train line white boy dancing the whole way!!!!!
  2. The reason why I asked such a random asss question is because this steakhouse was rated the best in the state!! I have to check it out the next time I am at home. Appreciate the response.
  3. Marinate in a zip lock bag and put in fridge is what I do. I also sear and then sous vide to ensure consistency.
  4. @Mr. Hoopah! Question, didn't you say something about Hunter's Steakhouse in Hamilton?
  5. Hot garbage team. Had the game won and threw it away, plus Katrina refs were officiating this game.
  6. You see that edit??? Joy bad!!! You keep Malika, send Joy Pops way, deal???
  7. Dad to son, Malika is bad BAD for real. IONO about this! Edit: I had to do some research and see Joy in a bikini! Well, well, well...........................................................
  8. I thought this clown asss guy abandoned the dog? Captain should've bitten him!
  9. You know I always tell you when I feel the need to hit you with a downvote, got to get you here. Also, you've been on a trolling roll lately, so I have to keep my downvote powder dry and use when necessary.
  10. And the dems can kiss the midterms (and black voters) goodbye!!!! The border patrol using their reins to beat on Haitian migrants is some disgusting ****!!! The U.S. always takes **** to another level when it involves black people. Somebody better get fired behind this!!!
  11. I feel you brother. Somehow, some way, as a consistent democratic voter, I am **** near 100% turned off by politics now, I give up! As I've said earlier in this thread, Manchin and Sinema are covering for other dems. This is sad. Dems need a bogeyman in office as bad as the media.
  12. I feel the way you do, but puuuuuuuuuhlezz do not vote for crazy asss, stupid as all helll Walker to replace Warnock. I'm a a Maryland voter, but Georgia will always be my home. Just say no to Herschel Walker!
  13. I'm at home in Georgia, they have a brand new Buc-ee's in Calhoun! They are popular in Texas!
  14. Yep, some of those kids from the early Maury shows are grown now with kids!!!
  15. Well ****!!! But you do know that they have a whole Maury channel on Pluto, right? All day every day!
  16. ??? They wanted to charge something like 5 bucks a month for local coverage. What am I missing?
  17. I guess you didn't see where we tried to switch it up the other day with that aerial crate challenge "exhibition." We tried!
  18. People are focusing on who is the problem, which is why people are telling them to "man up" and pass something on voting rights or kiss all of this **** goodbye. I hate to say it, but if the American Civil War should have taught us one thing, it's that rich white people aren't going to give up power without a fight, and they'll find willing dupes to fight and die to keep that power. The power is in the right to vote!
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