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  1. Came in to say this, Mayor Peter might not be my first or second choice amongst the dems, but I'd have no problem whatsoever supporting him (or anyone else on that stage) in the general. It is what it is!
  2. Yessir!!! Edit: Forgot to add, if you've EVER been to a black church on any given Sunday, and they start sangin' about that river, then you'll understand, plus there is a high school in Columbus, I can go on and on and on..................................
  3. Nah Drake, Zuck is the Terminator with an asymmetric bang, Cruz is STILL the anti-christ!!!
  4. Logger New Orleans Saints Superbowl Winner w/ Refs Help or Logger Katrina Refs
  5. Great show!
  6. Another name for east coast elites. Acela (Amtrak) runs between DC and Boston and is a premium service, high speed passenger train.
  7. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!
  8. FailDog and Flight 51 (aka Area 51, and IMNSHO goreadup)), ultra-dirtbags 1 and 2!!!!
  9. No, they fell out over a wrecked bike, and it went downhill from there. The group was supposed to meet at Fellini's for lunch once, and I was going to show up and hang out with the fellas (Snake actually invited me), but it was canceled for whatever reason.
  10. I want a GEICO "SmartDog!!!!" That is all.
  11. Appreciate that BO! Russian???
  12. Not condoning what Garrett did, BUT, if they don't fine or suspend Rudolph then this is all ********! Rudolph started the fight, but he didn't expect that level of smoke! Get Rudolph too!
  13. You better go to a Popeye's in Tysons!!! Don't go to the one in Temple Hills (where I rent out space for one of my hobbies), you might get stabbed!!!
  14. Forgot to add, she still fine!!!! Edit: Dad cut the son out of the photo!!!
  15. Fairfax Popeye's had that extra flavor ingredient (garbage can juice) in their sandwiches!
  16. DON'T BAN ME FOR WHAT I AM ABOUT TO TYPE, BUT....................... That must be one of those mexican teachers, like the mexican weather girls!!!! ****, who am I fooling, they had a black teacher much, much, much, much............MUCH finer than her that was the talk of the Dekalb County school system a few years ago!!!!!
  17. Nah, leave me out of that, no harm, no foul, I just know how to fight back! It is squashed between me and Soup! What about the specially prepared, Popeye's garbage can chicken sandwiches they made at a Popeye's in Fairfax???
  18. To a point, yes, they are! I ask again, why do you see the DEMS trying to kneecap (IMNSHO) the REAL change agents on their side? But perspective is everything, I'm from Atlanta, born and raised, but Atlanta had the Red Dogs chasing down people (framing them in a lot of cases) with democratic leadership! No, I'm not following Kanye's or Candances's bootlicking, coon, tap dancing *****, but to me (Dem GOP), they are ALL the a point! Where they diverge is what I care about!
  19. Appreciate bringing the heat level down, but I ask you this, why are the dems trying to kneecap any chances (Bernie, Warren) they have by running Bloomberg (stop and frisk will bite him in the *** if he get the nod), propping up Biden (he's done) and Pete (he will have the same problem as Bloomberg with the base of the party). You can best believe, if they win, they will be just as much a corporatist as their predecessors.................but any of them will be better than Trump, but I think they needle will move in a more far minded way with Bernie or Warren!
  20. They need that "one-way" glass after what happened at a Popeye's in Fairfax, VA last week (yep, got to @WhenFalconsWin on this one. Happened in his neck of the woods!!!) Chicken sandwiches prepared over a garbage can in plain sight of the customers! Popeyes don't give TWO ****S!!!
  21. CPP was predicated on renewables and natural gas shouldering the load. Renewables, I get (to a point), natural gas, no! Natural gas was supposed to be a bridge fuel, about 100 years worth. It's cheap, but they are injecting god knows what into the ground to get it, and destroying aquifers in the process! If you think it's bad now, give it a few years until the drinking water supply is destroyed! As for batteries, see Bolivia and Afghanistan! As I said to Soup, it's all about $$$$$$, but you already know this, so I feel as if I'm preaching to the choir! Not being condescending with that last sentence, just acknowledging that you are one of the people that know what you are talking about, that's all!