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  1. The Saudi's F-15SA's are more advanced than than ANY of the F-15's (F-15C or F-15E) in the US inventory!!! Saudi Arabia needs to fight this one without getting the US involved!
  2. Just win and don't break my heart is all I can ask for at this point! Go Falcons!!!
  3. Still pulling for him. Philly is no joke (for real)!!!!
  4. This thread is funny (Vandy, bruh, you wrong for this!!!)!!!! The butthurt in this thread is SCRONG!!!!!
  5. Love is unconditional!!!
  6. My son, I love you, but check that math! Dad
  7. Late to the party, but the answer to your question is the Falcons are a "finesse" team and everything has to dam near go right for the Falcons to win!!! The team cannot impose their will on another team like they need to. Hate to say this, but the Aints have swagger, they dare you to try and stop their offense, they impose their will on teams and YOU adjust to them, not the other way around! They can have a mediocre as all **** defense, but as long as their O operates the way it does, watch out! The Falcons better fix the same thing that has plagued them, repeatedly, in the "modern" era or they are doomed!!! My $0.02!!!
  8. I'm going to recommend Jerry's Seafood in Bowie. Let me know what you think AFTER you've eaten there. Get the "Crab Bomb!"