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  1. Sooooooo, the photos we have of Waylon lovingly rubbing his ______ on your legs?
  2. Did that for 12 years, but I'm not kissing ol' Rover, he sniffs azz and licks his nuts!
  3. I can't lie Youngblood, if I could have a direwolf as a pet I would!
  4. Gooooooooootdam! White people are crazy!. Brothers in Africa draw the line at having hyenas for pets, but this is some next level sh!t! Look at the size of that monster!
  5. Y'all wild!!!
  6. I can always count on ABF to keep me entertained!!!!! Thanks!
  7. Wouldn't that mean President Paul Ryan? IONO, light years better than Pence or only marginally better than Trump.
  8. "Dear Lord Jesus, please don't let this happen! Amen!"
  9. WOW!!! That was impressive. She has skills!