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  1. Oh, forgot to add, I'm going to get YOU a Teanna Trump PSE for Christmas 2021, and I'm going to bring you that Big Wheel that your mother told me I could keep a long time ago. Forgive me!
  2. Thanks son! Ol' biological dad just got back to Maryland late last night, so forgive me for the delay. Anyway, I thought you were going to gift me a Teanna Trump PSE for Father's Day? Ol' dad planning on Hulk smashing her and sending her to Grady! Better late than never...... 😆
  3. I thought the report cleared Capitol Police, but stated the Bureau of Prisons heavies and some MPD started it?
  4. No disrespect to anyone or their opinion, but really???? Mind you, a few should be, and are, in the Falcons RoH, but we're talking about the Falcons Mt. Rushmore here! Also, I agree with the HoF comment too, but with a caveat for Andrews. I thought long about Prime too, but for the longest time, Prime identified as a Cowboy.
  5. Ryan, Andrews, Humphrey, Julio. Why? Ryan is the best QB to put on an Atlanta Falcons uni. IMNSHO, Vick and Bart would be alternates if allowed. Andrews would be in the HoF right now if not for stupid asss Dan Henning! Humphrey was a BEAST! Julio, I know people are in their feelings right now, but he is a generational talent, and if the Falcons had not **** the bed in the SB, he'd have one catch (alone) that would go down as one of the greatest.
  6. Mine too, I was like "the Hawks are about to " Atlanta Falcons" this game, but they pulled it off. Hawks need to level up and play in MLK jerseys for the rest of the playoffs and become invincible!
  7. Dave, I can't lie, I was HEATED draft night, but Trae is straight up nasty with an attitude! Edit: For those that didn't get what I said, Trae is the truth!
  8. Just finished watching Hawks vs. Philly. Stopped by to say this. Glad Julio got what he wanted, not mad at him. One of the best in the game, or to ever play. Falcons just have to step up, and life goes on.
  9. I'm telling you, watch out for Hogan. Black people up here in Maryland that historically vote Democrat proudly voted for him. I didn't vote for him, but I couldn't vote for my fraternity brother either, so I left it blank.
  10. Nah, Wolverdawk was pretty good, but he is probably somewhere still trying to **** out all of that crow he had to eat! 😆
  11. I didn't want to call anyone out, but his antics were PERSONALLY responsible for the creation of Pure Football.
  12. You missed some doozies from that era! 😆🤣😆
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