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  1. Zeke, I know several have already been hammering ol' WfW (Trout), but I want it to be OFFICIAL before I go in on him!😄
  2. She's lying, she said people threatened her pets.............................
  3. Alright gang, is it official now? Trump instructed his people to begin the transition process! Wfw, buckle up!
  4. Same to you and yours. Please don't invite tons of maskless people over to the lake house for Thanksgiving dinner with a hot tub chaser! You should know by now Trump is a certified dummy, don't listen to him! Also, after the election is certified for Biden (and it will be), you KNOW I'm going to roast you on the landslide prediction!😄
  5. Understand. Can't lie, I can't stand UGA football (due to their obnoxious asss Dawgs fans that couldn't find Athens on a map and sure as all **** never attended UGA (no problems with the school at all), and somewhat liked Tech (only because UGA would drag them so bad, I felt sorry for them))!
  6. None of my business, and I'm not prying, I guess I read the statement wrong and interpreted it as you attended Tech (and you could have, but again, that's my mistake). I apologize.
  7. You can make that look work with regular hiking boots, appropo socks, cargo shorts, and shirt. That swiss mountain guide look, on Cam, is a straight up miss!!!
  8. Another thing. Your job postings should be very specific so whatever program(s) your HR/vendors use, automatically weeds most out! Remember, they can't help YOU if they lack the necessary skills. I understand being nervous in interviews, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...............
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