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  1. Yes, we have Ooma, and I got tired of these mf'ers calling me every 30 minutes, and I called them out on their ********, they haven't called me since!!!
  2. I need to give this broad my number, tell her what the deal is, and if she is stupid enough to "be my sidepiece bestie," as the cajun chef used to say " I gar-rone-tee" I will blow right past her esophagus and blow out her lungs and ribcage!!! This chick hasn't met the right one on the wrong day like me!!!
  3. Sure fire way to stop them is to actually answer the call, tell them they called you just in time, tell them the V16 engine in your Bugatti Veyron has a really bad asss knock in the motor, and this warranty is just what you needed.........................and they'll hang up on you!!!
  4. I've tried to avoid this topic, but please make the Falcons trading down and taking a TE (albeit a good one) make sense! Didn't 2016 teach this board anything (bomb offense, weak defense that got embarrassed in the SB). The Falcons are well known for making stupid moves like this, make this STOP!!!
  5. Ryan Clark could have made his point without the dumb asss 28-3 comment, he could put that loss on play calling and Devonte Freeman! Furthermore, ask that dunce has he ever heard of Trent Dilfer???
  6. Based on this info, and your age (you told me your age before), you should know (or know of) a former mod on this site (Bankerbird) went to Doug (not revealing anything BB didn't put out there himself)!
  7. Nobody likes this guy and his "friends" can't wait to run to the press and out his filthy asss!
  8. FYI, don't take ANY mock draft scenario seriously that has us taking a TE in Round 1 of the draft. That is all!
  9. They would hook me up with extra fish and chicken EVERY time I ordered!!!
  10. I actually saw her (and I mean, saw her as in passing) in 2019. She looks old now.
  11. BO, I wanted to throw me and my son in this convo. My son attended George Washington for undergrad. Although GW was high as all ****, he had scholarships (not full ride, but enough to make a difference), plus GW threw a grant at him (to get him to attend, every year). So, I (because I'm going to pay his bill) have some debt, but not a lot, I can handle with ease, but I will add, I am fortunate, so that is the price I am willing to pay. Son is at Howard University now in med school.
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