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  1. You suck for that too!
  2. I know how you operate, and any jobs coming back to the USA is a plus............but did you read that article?
  3. Ask him about the "what are we, Al Qaeda's air force? " comment made by a prominent senator. Ask him about the role ol' Mitch played in this. Ask him about the missiles that are in Poland. Ask him about THAAD.
  4. Booooooooooo these knuckleheads!
  5. ^^^Drake, this is just like the movie "Candyman." Spongedad.......... ....
  6. Oh. I'd also like to add, the main board has been hot garbage since '04-'05!
  7. Lawd!!!!
  8. I guess I need to say my goodbyes to the board now because i know how I am about getting around the filter. Number 82 on this entire site, I didn't realize Shiney gave me a warning long ago and Larry gave me a timeout I didnt realize I had gotten!!! I can get rough sometimes, so I probably deserved it! But anyways, I'm pretty sure that zero tolerance on language will get me the boot at some point, so see you fellas at the crossroads!
  9. ^^^^^^^^
  10. Bill Clinton said: Scared people would “rather have someone strong and wrong than weak and right.” Sounds like someone we know (minus the strong, but projecting strength).
  11. IIRC, I "think" her actual, natural daughter may be in the business too!!