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  1. Going to watch it myself......................................but on the flip side, I'm going to watch "Power" too! I know it's messed up, but it is what it is!
  2. I'm not worried about me, I'm worried for my son. He has been sheltered his entire life, raised right, played by the rules, going to college at GW in order to make something out of himself. I'm terrified that some dumb azz, scared cop will take everything away from him, and as a father, it is truly frightening. We're fuked unless something changes.....................and soon!
  3. C'mon Lost One, you already know the answer to your questions. We don't fly or float that mess over here, but Ollie CONFIRMED what we already suspected/knew. Also, look at how the sentencing (like you said) and how the opioid epidemic is being handled now when it affect others versus us. Welfare was a trap (look at the statistics). He11, they are about use killing that (white) kid as a pretext for military action against North Korea (dam the almost 40,00 troops we have over there, dam the millions of Koreans and Japanese that are going to get caught up in this), but cops gun down black people for simple bullsh!t and pepole don't do jack (DoJ did almost nothing to stop it when we had a black president). The only thing that has really changed is they aren't trying to hide it anymore!
  4. Worzone, no disrespect intended, but you already know why they do that with an SKS.
  5. True, but you have to admit that things have been amped up the last few years.......................a lot. I'm of the opinion it is due to the threshold for use of deadly force is straight up bullsh!t, training, conditioning (black males (especially) are monsters that need to be put down), dialing 911 can be a death sentence to some of us, and a LOT of these cops are straight up ******* now! Mind you, what I just typed is coming from someone that has something in common with these cops (Army Ranger, been in combat twice), so a lot of what is happening doesn't make sense to me.
  6. This thread got me dam near crying from laughter!
  7. The new 7000 series cars look just like that (the picture with the father and son) inside.
  8. Y'all funny as all he11!!!