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  1. Good one! I haven't seen that bear on this board since FailDog!
  2. Cubans fought hard, we lost men, Grenada was not anywhere near a cakewalk.
  3. Not true
  4. I'm going to have to check out Walmart now! Dam, 260 bucks, great deal! As usual, 'preciate that!
  5. Ol' Man, stop! Explain Barbara Comstock, and Clinton is a non factor?
  6. Bruzz, any "ABF First hand" reviews of the pellet grill/smoker at Cabela's? Yeah, I know I can read the reviews on the site, but I want to know what have you heard/experienced. When I get back home next month, I'm going to "probably" purchase one. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is the same fat **** that came down here to Puerto Rico and threw paper towels at them and said they cheered his fat azz for doing it. This guy is DISGUSTING! Fat ****!
  8. Another lie told to protect Trump's fat azz!
  9. He got cold cocked! The guy behind him felt it!
  10. The photo with the family dog tells all!
  11. When I saw it last night, it appeared Kelly was frog marched in front of the camera to protect that dunce............and ended up damaging his reputation. When will people learn, Trump is toxic and stupid as all fuk!
  12. Wilson still catching flack, Kelly gets a pass for faux outrage and bsldfaced lying trying to save Trump's fat azz.
  13. Kelly needs to go! Hack and got caught lying!
  14. It's a dam shame that the family can't bury Sgt. Johnson in peace and have closure due to Trump's dumb azz! Trump is disgusting!