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  1. Don't do it J!!! This is a bait thread, let it go! You've been here too long! Pops
  2. Bruh, you can get a knock off there for the low low, but you better check the name on the back (#11, Rones)!!!!!
  3. Speaking of Turner, I remember when he was in SD and Tomlinson got hurt. He (Turner) straight showed out one game (anybody got a video of that long *** run he had). When we found out Turner was coming to the Falcons, the board went NUTS! Good times!
  4. While we are on this trip down memory lane, if you guys (and girls I assume) thought the Falcons defense was bad now, there was a running joke on here that Dan Reeves would give the defense Nyquil at halftime!
  5. Let me be honest AGAIN. The reason why I have Riggs at two is because I had to be honest about his body of work in Atlanta! He lost points with just on the Skins alone (I know, I know, but I dont care)!
  6. Appreciate that! Let me be honest, the reason I put Dunn in my top 3 was due to his charitable works! Top notch man! I feel like I messed that sentence up, but I guess everyone knows what I'm trying to say!
  7. Pure Football was started for two reasons: 1) people wanted a place where they could talk football and avoid the main board (and the mess that was going on) and 2) because a certain poster (dont want to violate the CoC, but his name started with a B and a lot of rrrrrrs at the end for those that remember) had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN when Vick got hurt (Vick said something to the extent that he wasn't coming back until he felt like he was fully healed)! The moderator allowed this guy to hijack the board for well over a year, if not more! The dude would make soooooo many back to back threads *****ing about Vick, it would push almost anything else to page 3 with a quickness! Then Blank pushed Vick onto the field in a wheelchair............and this guy turned it up SEVERAL NOTCHES! Finally, we got some relief when they announced Pure Football, and you had to apply! IIRC, BankerBird approved me! The main board was straight garbage! Then Vick shot a bird at some rednecks calling him a n****r after the receivers forgot how to catch the ball and losing to the Aints, and the board went bananas AGAIN! Died down, then his boy dimed him out on the dogs, and if you thought the board was hot ***, racist garbage before then, LAWD............
  8. Yep, it was awful! Wanna know why "Pure Football" was started?
  9. Glad you said legit, I was going to suggest the flea market off of Old National!
  10. Not close to being true homie! You must have forgotten how the board worked back then? When you had to click on a thread to see the contents? You would get redirects to Storm****, all types of racist sites, your virus detector would go bannanas, your computer would catch a full blown case of AIDS back then from clicking on a thread or being redirected! You forgot the "Heil Hitler's" that would pop up, the way n****r was said regularly, the way Vick was called a boy (**** a sambo a few times), the insinuation that Vick's actions were a reflection of black people as a whole? All on the OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD OF THE ATLANTA FALCONS! I guess you forgot when the lady from Houston (I miss her) called them out on this........openly! You forgot what was said about black people and those 10 dollar tickets (a lot of us were STHs (like us, with premium seats) that was highly offended over this? Miss me with that it wasn't so bad mess! This board is still not up to the level it was prior to this happening! My brother showed his displeasure with his $$$, so I guess he's more principled than I am!
  11. BUT, we don't have to fantasize about Andrews..............................
  12. Yep, Lynn Cain was just shy of a 1000 yards one year!
  13. No, he wasn't ready for the rampant racism that went unchecked on this board! He made a stand! A lot of good posters left.