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  1. Obviously, I was hoping we'd pick up another WR since that's what wins championships. Obviously. We can fill our line with rejects from Jax and do just fine. We've done just fine so far. Our Lombardi's are getting hard to store. Just can't see wasting picks on O-Line... it's just an overrated area. Marquise Brown was just sitting there, ripe for the taking. smh
  2. Because the make Dimitroff appear smaller in his mirror.
  3. C/ATTY DS AVG TD INT SACKS RTG Matt Ryan 29/39 419 10.7 3 0 3-16 134.5 Ole Matt needs to go. He'll never be elite with these stats.
  4. I walk around most days and think about why I sold all the bitcoin at $100.00.
  5. Matt is best when he's running no huddle. He sees it and hits it.
  6. N.O. is the world's largest outdoor toilet. City of fumes. You know what Stains fans had before they had candles and outhouses? Electricity and indoor plumbing. You know what they had before they had the Saints? Manners.
  7. When this offense is right the opponent has to play a reactive game. They defense will be on their heels. Sarkisian hasn't put it together. Didn't happen last year and hasn't looked like they'll break out this year. Shanahan's loss has not been overcome. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. We need a Greg Brezina and a Bones Merrow.. and Kaptain Krazy.
  9. Just a little more Offense and that would have been a SB
  10. That was the only Falcons Defense I loved. I liked a lot of them but those guys were the best never to have a SB. Never see a team like that again.
  11. 0 and 4 staring us right in the face....