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  1. 1st Pick in the draft
  2. Now, can we get anything for Beasley? A fish dinner? Lottery Tickets? A canned ham?
  3. You obviously do not remember Rankin Smith... Seriously
  4. erm..... He's one of the main components.
  5. They're feet flavored cream puffs.
  6. Real man football... A different game than we have today.
  7. Bart Starr... We had no Falcons back then and Bart was a friend of my parents in college. I was a cheese head before their were cheeseheads.
  8. Van Note
  9. They've also petitioned the NFL Rules committee for a change banning any defensive player from sacking, blocking or otherwise hindering the person of Drew Breeze from passing running or handing off. If it does happen and he is injured the Saints will be excused from games until Breezus is 100%
  10. Falcons are 10-Ply bud...
  11. Week one train wreck is over and there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
  12. So we, simply, suck.
  13. You kids have fun. I'm going to the pool and try to enjoy this beautiful afternoon.