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  1. A Brain, a Heart, and Courage
  2. Hind sight on a message board?
  3. I tried but my liver can't handle it anymore and I surely can not do it sober.
  4. He did dump Smitty for dumpster fire Dan.
  5. They've been spoiling my Sundays for as long as I remember.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This
  7. Your typo is the least of the worries for this team.... lol
  8. I used to believe the Falcons would get a ring in my lifetime. I've been a fan since the team was formed and through the ups and downs (mostly downs) have hung in there with them clinging to unrewarded faith and blind allegiance. I won't say 28-3 caused me to lose it and treat the Falcons and pro football as pretty much meh... Whether or not they win or lose or get a Lombardi or fire another coach or overpay another bust or whatever, It doesn't pay my car payment and buy my groceries. I will say I have't been to the new stadium and will probably never go to see them or for god's sake soccer. The Falcons are just a sneeze ahead of the United soccer team on my level of interest. This wasn't the result of one big loss. This is the result of a lifetime of dashed hopes and embarrassment from following a team that never got it done. Will watch the first quarter of today's game. If it looks like another crap sandwich, I'll have a Sunday afternoon nap and won't let the result bother me one way or another. That is what you get for being a lifetime fan of this team. meh
  9. Now, can we get anything for Beasley? A fish dinner? Lottery Tickets? A canned ham?
  10. You obviously do not remember Rankin Smith... Seriously
  11. erm..... He's one of the main components.