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  1. I'd really love to see Matt go to a team with a chance to win a SB... The Falcons are a dumpster fire and the fire may burn past the point of Matt being a factor, if ever does the fire subside. I've been a fan since the inception of the Falcons. My NFL Falcons life has been 55 years of one misery after another. Never thought I'd give up on it but last two years I've spent quality time with my wife and family instead of Sundays glued to TV or making the trip to ATL. I don't miss pro football. It quit mattering and I'm happier because of that.
  2. Blank will have to fire him and I do not think Blank has a plan B for this kind of thing. Sad to say, but Arthur may be at that phase in life where the whole football thing is getting tedious. He might be thinking about buying an island, taking his wife and going. He's a great guy but the football team owner gig seems more for people who think they have something to prove.
  3. Could be. But we're talking about Dimitroff, so I'm not overly optimistic. Brady was selected with pick number 199, a compensatory pick, in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.
  4. I hope he's the greatest player ever to step on the field. I also hope to win the lottery. Could happen.
  5. They've been spoiling my Sundays for as long as I remember.
  6. Your typo is the least of the worries for this team.... lol
  7. I used to believe the Falcons would get a ring in my lifetime. I've been a fan since the team was formed and through the ups and downs (mostly downs) have hung in there with them clinging to unrewarded faith and blind allegiance. I won't say 28-3 caused me to lose it and treat the Falcons and pro football as pretty much meh... Whether or not they win or lose or get a Lombardi or fire another coach or overpay another bust or whatever, It doesn't pay my car payment and buy my groceries. I will say I have't been to the new stadium and will probably never go to see them or for god's sake socc
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