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  1. I think it moved better cuz the offense as a whole stopped trying to show off and be dynamic. Just started playin ball.
  2. Sounds like Pleasantville round here......
  3. Its impossible to make a real accurate list, Clearly you have like Fitz and Andre Johnson at the top then after that its all mixed, old veterans that are are still good but heading down hill Like Moss, TO, etc. Then the group that Roddy would slide into with Marshall, Jennings etc. To conlude he is somewhere in the top 10 range. Really none of that is important what is important is he is a true #1 reciever, and when you have one its good to keep um. If it were an option to say screw roddy I want fitz then all he anti roddy stuff would be much more sensible. But its either Pay him to be
  4. I hear unimpressive is actually JA98's middle name
  5. 1200 and 600 seems closer......
  6. aka_cig_bc


    I am just doing a test here
  7. he cant really be any worse at qb than he is at rb. we can move harrington to backup rb. he would prolly do pretty well in short yardage. he can take the beating and he often seems to put up a fight wiht his sackers for no apparent reason he just tucks the ball curls up. its a lot like dunn's running style really.
  8. they cut him cause he looked to be retaining fluid, and though a quick slash might drain him down to size. once that didnt work they had to release him.
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