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  1. No PI calls is really making me mad... I could punch something right now.
  2. I shed some tears reading this article. Many good years cheering for the Vick led Falcons.
  3. Crab legs... wait... is that a joke? Going to do touristy things with family till about 2pm (Yuengling Brewery and a tour). Will have to msg you if we come through early enough to meet & greet!
  4. Hey guys/gals, this is my first away game and was wondering who else is going to the game and has plans b4 the game starts. RISE UP!!
  5. Dude, wtf is wrong with the commentators. They suck today.
  6. PM me the password as well please
  7. Wife and I were sitting a few rows behind you all in 123. Was that Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting near yall?
  8. I can understand where youre coming from, but, I think if we were posers - thatd be one thing. My intention is to connect and support the football team. No one will confuse me, while wearing a shirt, as a person who plays STs. Plus Hive Sop Dap is different enough to make it authentic-'ish'. If anything, in my opinion, it shows our fervor to "be one with" the Falcons.
  9. I did too. Double negatives make a positive.
  10. Wife and I are driving over for the Texans v Falcons game. Plan on wearing these shirts!
  11. If you use this site, just found a coupon (SeptFive) that gives you $5 off your purchase.
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