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    My interest are reading, shopping, joy riding, football ( falcons and UGA ) among other things. And Wine therapy!!!

    1st time season ticket holder Yay
  1. Where that come from? Nobody checking for shebow!
  2. Lol this topic is funny.....ole drew had a lip lock on richard. Lmao
  3. He's running from the po po. The boys in blue will get you and Athens police don't give a ****
  4. I'm going to a DAWG house party/throwdown to watch the game. Mannnnnn we gonna be crunk and drunk
  5. I'm starting to get the shakes now!! Football season is here yay
  6. Lies lies.., the guy is a STUD. His time was slow but he EXCEL in the other drills! Get a clue! Betcha you wouldn't like for the saints to draft him!! I hear Rob "twinkle toes" Ryan was all up in Corn Wash drills too!
  7. How about.....Blank Palace, Terror Field
  8. Well I pay for my own as of now, BUT If they go up, I'll get my sugar daddy to pay!! Haha
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