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  1. Troll? TROLL ?!?!?!? Pfffftttt ..... Never had you figured for one of those "I can dish it out, but I can't take it" guys, but I've been wrong about biger men than you. Well .... maybe that's a little far-fetched ......................
  2. Elf ... hobbit ... whatever. You know, a little fricking kicker, about that high .....
  3. Nice. Finding entertainment in other peoples' pain. You need to pray the Falcons don't lose another game, 'cause I am gonna feast on YOUR pain.
  4. Well, I 'preciate the sentiment, but I'm a long-suffering Saints fan. This loss hurts, but I've dealt with worse. It was nice to see that they had enough in the tank to overcome all the mistakes made, except for that little ELF kicker they have ....
  5. You know, you don't post down here. Why do you feel the need to troll this forum?
  6. ... and shows just what a knob he is. I know, I know ..... GO FALCONS! Thanks for all your insightful posts. Hope you get your post count up.
  7. Don't mention it. I mean, what're friends for? GEAUX SAINTS!!!!
  8. If Reggie hadn't tripped over his own damned feet, he woulda had 3 PR TDs last nite. He is just sick out in space.
  9. If you happen to get totally outta the box, we'll be sure and stuff you back in it.
  10. Shoot, even with that, and all the mistakes they DID make, they oughta be able to rely on Martin FREAKING Gramatica to kick a 30-something yarder ......
  11. I wouldn't even bust 'em down to Pop Warner .... imagine the scarring they'd do to those kids.
  12. Lemme know when Norwood accomplishes something like this... /thread
  13. I like you just fine, man. I really do. I like your enthusiasm for the team, et al. But I'm sorry ..... your dynasty comments are gonna haunt you for a while.
  14. I didn't realize you were a 12 year old Filipino boy ......
  15. Hey, I'm not making that excuse. The Saints got another L last night. They had every opportunity to overcome the mistakes that both they and the officials made. This loss sits squarely on the shoulders of Martin FREAKING Gramatica. HOW does he kick the ball into the back of the head of his own lineman? HOW does he miss a 30-something yard chip shot, yet nail a 53 yarder? That little hobbit needs to just eat ish and die ........................
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