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  1. yea but there aint no K Chancelors or E Thomas within 800 miles of Flowery Branch ...thats why the smart play would be to trade down and Grab a Safety 1st.... the MLB spot is a sad sack as well at the branch, so I can see why they would draft Ragland if they cant move down...
  2. since we are Dreaming Kam Chancelor for a 2017 2nd would be much better lol
  3. i dont think reed sux, and if both are healthy they should help Improve our dreadful LB Core.... Spoon is getting #56 , Got Reed with Scos old number on madden #50 Spoon already thanked him in a tweet, i am sure it cost him something, but yea, he will wear #56
  4. from 5-0 to next yrs wish list yep must be talking about the Falcons lol
  5. no1 could feel worse about stuff than us, when you start out 5-0 and look great , The False Hope is almost to much to bare ...... as far as MR it was time
  6. it happened quick at first , i stayed here.... then I noticed i was talking to Myself pretty much so i moved over there as well, Tried posting at TATF a bit but then was called a bad Parent because my 22 yr old sons FF League password was Falcons420 , was called out by a guy whos Avatar has a chick doing the BJ thing with her hand and mouth ....lmao have not been back since and i have posted more in this thread the last 2 days than I have in 2 Months ...... i still dont know the facts of what happened from what i understand, WFW hand a hand it by hijacking ppls threads (even as big of a doosh
  7. ehhhhhhhhhh , not sure about that either Van, Dr Do, the Tranny they all post over there tell me Rave how many other NFC Fans outside of South post here besides you ?????? Its Not Like we dont want Viking , Packer and Hawk fans here or there they just dont ever post here , unless its Game week vs Falcons, then they are again gone forever .... and from what i can Gather its not Just WFW that made everyone leave, ppl seam to Blame Tuggle more than anyone, I tried to get them all to come Back, even posted Powers thread about the new admin here, they didnt buy it..... I never had a problem with Tu
  8. you have to go to the main RC Forum its all Football Talk you make a thread about anything but Football they will move it which I dont like.... but yea, I loved this board, still do but most all my friends are over there now, so i post there mainly now....
  9. The Fact is Most the ppl I Know Most the ppl i have Talked to for years Now are over there man..... everything is being ran thru there The RC FF league My Picks Thread Everything man.... The Only Rival left here is Rave, and his Team is not even in the South This is not even RC anymore Its TATF 2.0 RC is over at the other board Sad But True
  10. nah that didnt have nothing to do with it....they all left before the season started dont know what happened, or what was said, but they really have it in for WFW and Tuggle for some reason
  11. no man Ryan stunk the Joint Up today for 3 and 3/4 Quarters... The D and Free Bailed him out 1 of his worst Games ever as a Falcon M Ryan should never look that bad in a Home Game with The O Line, Run Game, Weapons and D he has this yr...
  12. it was Ugly but yea, we got it done.... Ryan gotta Bounce Back quick... Saints D is just what the Dr Ordered
  13. I completely agree man Loved the comeback wins on the road, But this Falcons team looks like a Dif Animal @ The Dome, If we get HFA in the playoffs, There wont be no coasting Crap like what we saw outa Smith.... this team is dangerous .... every week some part of our Game seems to get better. With the O Line Play we are getting, 4 Games into a new scheme this Offense is almost unstoppable already with the Weapons they have ...... they are even talking about us now lol when the Media starts Talking about Falcons, you know we are doing Better than just Good lol
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