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  1. Been here with you the entire time 70. It was a lot calmer back then lol. I still interact with @capologist @SacFalcFanand @MSalmonon Twitter but rarely post here. anyone who want to add me on Twitter my name is @jhershey21 👍🏼
  2. The only fools here are those who believe he’s staying. I’m old enough to have seen this game play out more than enough times.
  3. Keep that denial up. Not gonna make it easier when it happens lol.
  4. My takes on Felipe having watched him play almost every college game of his career... 1. Not nearly as mobile as people think. Looks a little faster because he takes long strides. Much more TE speed then WR speed. 2. cannon arm for sure. Can make some Greta passes but tends to always sail his deep balls. Especially on wide open WR’s. 3. Tends to stare down his initial reads and doesn’t work through his progressions well. Has improved on that but it took a long time. 4. His pocket presents is hit or miss. Takes a lot of unnecessary sacks. 5. Great kid and good attitude. Will work hard with Matt to learn. Im not expecting great things from him but I hope he proves me wrong because I like the kid. I just haven’t seen him develop enough in 4 years to lead me to believe he can make it.
  5. Driskel is no where near a list of worst in school history lol. There’s a ton worse than Jeff.
  6. You “know” but your comments about him not succeeding with the same weapons as Trask had were completely wrong so you don’t follow closely enough. Once again, I’m not the biggest fan of Felipes but your takes on him are wrong. His first season as a freshman was under a terrible offensive coaching staff. His second, and only full season as a starter was Mullens first year so he was learning a new offense as a sophomore. Kadarius Toney and Kyle Pitts were both freshman that season and despite that the team still went 10-3.
  7. My personal feelings about him aside this couldn’t be further from the truth. Toney and Pitts were both freshmen the only full season he played at UF and Felipe himself was a sophomore in Mullens first year so he was learning a completely new offense.
  8. Why is it that no one understands that IF he was to even be traded it’s not going to happen until after June 1?
  9. Everything you just said about the kid is wrong lol. Calling him a workout warrior when his on the field play shines is just a lazy take. Be better.
  10. If the team itself tells other teams they will listen to the offers then they are absolutely on the trading block. Kind of how the trading block works lol.
  11. The first sentence is “I’m told the Falcons are listening to offers for the 5 time All Pro” That isn’t speculation. That is reporting of information that he is being given. You can spin that anyway you want for a narrative but it’s clear they are fielding offers.
  12. Biggest Gator you’ll ever meet right here and I don’t want Trask anywhere near my pro team. I love the kid don’t get me wrong, he’s a great kid and a fighter. HIs story is truly awesome. That being said his decision making skills are bad. Is you really deep dive into his film you’ll see a ton of poor throws that should have been intercepted or Pitts bailed him out on. His arm strength is not the greatest and he under throws a lot of deep balls. Once again I love the kid but he’s a career back up.
  13. Just for a reference 3-4 of those 8 plays Pitts was used as a decoy to pull Horn to the other side of the field. You’ll see on those plays Trask never even looks in his direction as the play is predetermined.
  14. No, no and a thousand times no. All world arm, minor league decision maker. Love him as a person but I don’t want him on my pro team.
  15. Nothing to see here. No team with this much interest in their pick knowingly shows their hand or what they’re thinking unless they want potential suitors to up their offers.
  16. Pitts was already ranked near the top of draft boards before a workout took place. This was due to his body of work on the football field. The Pitts can’t block idea is a lazy take. There is plenty of film out there to show that he can. Is he great at it, no but it’s because in Mullens offense he wasn’t asked to consistently enough. Practice and an NFL strength and conditioning program will easily improve that because he is in fact, a willing blocker. If you want to say we have bigger needs so we shouldn’t draft him I can certainly agree with that and I for one think we should trade down but to say he’s a shiny hood ornament is a giant reach.
  17. We may very well like Lance but the best way to increase the trade value of your pick is to let everyone know you like him.
  18. Any CB list that contains Marco Wilson is trash. Dude was burned alive all season and then took the stupidest penalty I’ve ever seen with the thrown shoe. List is void 😂
  19. Ahh my bad my man. Hadn’t noticed that at the time. 👍🏼
  20. He was drafted in the 4th round by San Fran lol
  21. Yeah they used to tell me that I was a hater on here back when because I said Peerless Price sucked when we signed him. Said it was because I hated Tennessee players 🤷🏻‍♂️
  22. This video is laughable to me. Pitts can for one block very well and there are plenty of clips of him doing so. The problem with his inline work is that under Mullens system he didn’t get a lot of reps doing so. Dan uses his players in ways to get the biggest mismatches against his opponent and therefor lines Kyle up wide more often than not. Is inline ability will only get better through practice and repetition. We can take any player in the top 10 and create a video of the things they don’t do well.
  23. Name the legitimate better options at 4?
  24. I’m a Gator fan/graduate. I’d love Pitts. I don’t want Trask anywhere near my pro team.
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