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  1. @NBCdianna: Redskins and Brian Orakpo had been working on a long term contract extension, told "it's not looking good" Falcons are very interested.
  2. No worries I'm on the job
  3. Afrter 2 days of sprig practice Will Grier looks to be as advertised. Deep ball needs some work but inside 20 yards hes money so far Roper's new offense seems to be a hit with the players as its much easier to learn. A lot of shotgun, one back sets Jalon Tabor is a beast. Already has a great frame for college ball. Look for him to start opposite of VH3 early in the season
  4. Pretty spot on. He's trying to break Matt Patchens record for years on scholly
  5. I'm good guys just had a crazy last few 9 months but things have finally settled down. I should be back around now
  6. Lurking in the shadows lol
  7. The Gators still play football....
  8. the best thing about baseball season is spring and fall football practice.