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  1. say what u want about Vick off the field but on the field i dont think he EVER went 0-9 in attempts. Matty Bust is who we thought he was
  2. and hes still better than every corner on this roster. why are we discussing someone on another team? this is the afmb
  3. ok. sorry. ONE DECADE That makes it better. you're blind if youre saying that i said he doesnt have the tools
  4. based on what? beating a team that hasnt made the playoffs in almost 2 decades? lets not get carried away here
  5. Please its one game people. I would wait until he wins a few more games before u start with the "where r they now" threads. Because youll look real stupid when these threads are being bumped all season if he stinks up the joint against the Bucs and other games in the season
  6. :lol: :lol: Mike Vick is gone but some people who claim to deteste the man still wont let it go i see. I figured people would get carried away with a win against a team that hasnt made the playoffs in forever. The season isnt over yet, how do you know that they're "winning without Vick"? Because they won ONE game? Let see this team make the playoffs first before you start with your " we dont need Vick' campaign. And lets see Ryan make not the THREE that MV made but ONE. Good win, franchise is pointed in the right direction but please dont use this ONE GAME to get carried away and make premature comments about Matt Ryan. Mike Vick made the playoffs in his first year as a starter.
  7. Based on what? Beating the Detriot Lions?!?!?!?!?! Let me see a Pro Bowl and one playoff Victory before he enters the convo. Please step away from the crack pipe in the interim
  8. I never crapped on the Falcons. Only Matty Bust. And he might not be one based on yesterdays game BUT dont get carried away, its only one game against a team that hasnt made the playoffs in almost 20 yrs. Let see what he does against the current div. champs.
  9. Whats wrong with being a fan because of one a player? How do you know people arent fans because of Matt Ryan and not necessarily the Falcons? Mike Vick is gone so let it go but dont get it twisted either until Matty accomplishes what MV did, there will still be comparisons. Let this team and Matt Ryan accomplish at least some of what MV did before you start to throw him under the bus. SEMI-RELEVANT!??!?!!? This team was VERY RELEVANT. Good win but please lets not get carried away here. Its only one win against a horrible Lion team and every team isnt detroit.
  10. Ryan looks good and he might not be the bust (KEYWORD:MIGHT)that i thought he would but our defense sucks. I still see us going 4-12 or 10-4 as of right now because detriot sucks and you cant use them to gauge anything. The Tampa game will tell me more about this team
  11. defense is best friend?? 2-14 fellas. 4-12 at best. we can draft andre smith and duke robinson next year
  12. Where have YOU been? Its been like that for years now. Didnt u see the ESPN Townhall meeting last year? Or Is that you're notiving it now because Matty Bust is the target
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