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  1. why Do we always cut impact players but keep guys like kroy and weems?
  2. Remember this, denver almost made it to the superbowl with Tim Tebow.......that defense is a monster
  3. Dude, i was totally with you until you said that you were pulling for a panty win! No! No, not i! I hope they lose and lose miserably!
  4. Wtf is devin hester on this list for? Man stays hurt more than anything.....i think tim Dwight should have been on before Hester
  5. Let the facts speak, how many sacks does vic have in comparison to other rookies drafted in his position? How many picks does collins have in comparison to other rookies drafted in his position? There is your answer
  6. I like the changes that were made......we need one more gone on defense #71.......
  7. Lol.......yeah i see that. I left the "was" out.......he is a small school, local kid, that my wife taught in college.
  8. I have been saying for years that this team was full of back ups! We had weak starters, guys that would be backups on any other team. When those guys leave, no one is beating down they door for them.to sign with another team
  9. Ok, so.....im very raw on this psl concept, when i see these numbers please break this down for me......are we talking about per game or season tickets? I usually go to one or 2 games a year, i want to know how is a seat for one game
  10. My boy martino is still hanging in there
  11. Gregory is too small. Dupree is the guy that i wouldnt mind us taking in the first if beasley and fowler are both off the boards. But if those 3 are gone.......gurley it is. Something about those mizzu players i just dont like
  12. Dupree at best is a linebacker. I wouldnt put him at defensive end. He is way to small to be a DE on any NFL roster. He is too small to be a linebacker in my books as well. Thats a good size for a safety. But at linebacker, we will fail
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