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  1. But even running the ball at all was stupid. Could have fumbled, Detroit could have ripped the ball out. Tell Matt to take a knee. Clock continues to run. Then spike the ball with 3 seconds left. Kick FG. Nothing is guaranteed but I'd rather attempt a chip shot FG for the win rather than relying on the D to stop M Stafford.
  2. Todd Gurley says the Falcons talked about him going down before the end zone in the huddle before the final run. He adds that he knows to do that as well, and he's been in that situation many times before. "I'm man enough to take the responsibility."
  3. Raheem did: Raheem Morris said they had a conversation with Todd & the offense that the plan was to get to the 1-yard line. That is not on coaching.
  4. Gurley DIDN'T do his job. He was told to take a knee and NOT score. The last drive by Detroit never would have happened.
  5. I think our fate was sealed when DQ took over the defensive play calling after the KC game. He stopped being a head coach and reverted back to a defensive coordinator leaving the offense "totally" in the hands of KS. So when the time came to run the ball in the super bowl he couldn't even muster up enough courage to over rule him.
  6. I agree. You can make a strong argument that injuries to Mack and Schraeder in the Superbowl cost us dearly.
  7. Is there anything like a comfortable lead anymore?
  8. It will never get better for me until we actually win one. Although I try to be optimistic I only have to look at my dad. He was a huge Falcon fan since Atlanta was granted the franchise back in 1965. Year after year he waited and fully believed he would see the Falcons win a super bowl in his lifetime. Well, guess what? He never did. Think of all the Falcon fans they have passed away since 1965 to present who will never have that opportunity. Yes, this one hurts bad.
  9. I agree with Slider and those echoing his opinion. I watched the press conference and I was immediately disappointed with DQ's response.
  10. Just curious when and where did Kyle own up to that? Not saying it didn't happen just curious to hear what he said in regards to that play.
  11. I hate more than anything that this debacle will live with us FOREVER. It will never go away. I was there watching the loss back in the 1980's against Dallas. I was there when we got smoked by Denver in our first Superbowl. I was there watching when we came up short against SF in the championship game. None of that compares to this. This is the worst "football experience" I've ever been a part of in 50+ plus years of watching football.
  12. Matt Ryan has to know you can't take a sack in that situation. Of course it was a stupid play call but Matt compounds the problem by not throwing the ball away.
  13. Same Old Falcons, Same Old Falcons... Their kicker misses a game winner! We win the coin toss in OT! Still lose. Everybody Sings Same Old Falcons! Same Old Falcons!
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