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  1. Flexed to SNF week 16.... Pats/Ravens moved to 4:25 on CBS
  2. Even as a rival fan, I feel sorry for their fans. It is a shame.
  3. It is... But Shanny is guilty too... All 3 sides have played their part to make it the cluster (you know what) that it has become....Shanahan, RG3, and Snyder...no one is blameless in this
  4. They really are… Especially when they're unexpected. It wasn't supposed to snow until halftime… And then they were only called for a couple inches
  5. It was a game that Eagles fans will put in the archive as one of the great ones. The snow made it unique...but it was also just the ebb & flo of the game and how the team responded that made it that way. There were two special teams returns for TDs for the Lions...the second one happened on a kickoff return right after the Eagles seemed to finally gain momentum. It was deflating....for the fans watching anyway. The players obviously felt differently. Great win for the Eagles...no matter what happens the rest of the way...
  6. -4 yards rushing and after the first qtr.. 0 points at halftime 303 yards rushing and 34 points by the end...
  7. I did see the game I didn't see a team that didn't like the snow...I saw one that took some time to adjust to the conditions
  8. They will split....NO wins at home...Car does likewise.... Hardly going out on a limb I know....but that is how I see it
  9. Brady is still a top 2 QB in this league. Some writers/fans get too enamoured too quickly when a QB has early success...RG3 last year anyone? I do like where Foles was placed. His stats rank at the very top, but that doesn't make him a top 5 QB....yet
  10. It's possible...he doesn't even have a full season worth of starts under his belt yet. There is a lot he hasn't seen. What I do really like about him is he mentions that fact everyday. The kid is a sponge and really enjoys the learning process. You don't see him making the same mistakes over and over. But yeah...he has a long way to go...
  11. He could now throw 50 straight picks and still have a better rating than Geno Smith
  12. That look-a-like is already taken by Nickfolean Dynamite
  13. Well there was certainly part of that going on... In a non-salary cap league, I would love Jerry as the owner of my team. He could then get much of his ego massaged by being praised for spending more than anyone else. He may then be able to coexist with a 'football GM' since he would still be receiving credit for 'spending the money.' In the salary cap era, there is no praise for spending. It's about 'building a team' to face competitors that are on a level playing field'. So coexisting with a 'football GM' can't happen now...Jerry's ego won't allow it.
  14. Yes Jerry does deserve credit for hiring Jimmy Johnson. However, he proved that his ego was way too big to continue to allow somebody else to receive all the credit for the success. So while he did it right one time… Back in the early 90s. And as long as he lives, I highly doubt he will ever do it the right way again.
  15. My opinion shouldn't really count because of the obvious bias....but I try to be objective the best I can... I'd say the Eagles look more like the team that is actually finding a rhythym and building something solid...and the Cowboys look more like the team that is up and down...'throwing wet noodles against the wall hoping some stick' (the last analogy was one I heard yesterday from a friend of mine...a diehard Cowboys fan). He said he isn't fooled anymore....but like mine, it's just one guy's opinion...
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