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  1. Awesome HoF Tight End. There isn't much else to be said...
  2. I feel your pain...been there. Your boys played very hard tonight
  3. I'll think about this next game after I'm done enjoying tonight's win... But it will be called the Battle of Westlake.
  4. That's not how it works though. I get that Flacco, Ryan, etc were overpaid. But that is just the nature of the market.
  5. If you have a top 10 QB...then yes, it's sort of how the NFL structure is. As for Ware. Of course he won't be worth 16mil next season. He will be gone or restructured. Again, that just speaks to how JJ has mismanaged the prior years. All star players get their coin. But how those contracts are structured, front-loaded vs back-loaded, makes a huge impact. If a cap manager (JJ) gets more than a couple of these wrong, and doesn't plan accordingly, you find yourself in a situation like Dallas is in. I look a JJ as a guy that wants to win. That is a good thing for a fanbase to have. An own
  6. No he's not a top 5 QB. But he's close enough to a top 10 QB where the question becomes more difficult. I do think JJ paid him too much. But much of that is because of how poorly JJ has managed things in the years prior. If he had done things better, with more educated foresight, the contract Romo got wouldn't be looked at the same way...
  7. Romo has made some mistakes. Some big ones. But the owner, the coaching staff, and the defense rank above him as bigger problems for that team.
  8. He is what he is at this point in his career. But so also is Orton. When both are healthy, Romo is the better option.
  9. I didn't say Romo gave them the best chance to win. Because of the injury Orton does. Only a healthy Romo would give them the best chance
  10. Highly doubt it. I would hope, for the Eagles best chances, that he does. I would hope, for the best interest of Tony, that he doesn't. Tony is obviously the better hope for Dallas. When healthy. It's rather obvious he is not.
  11. A very happy and safe holidays to everyone!
  12. Eagles D rebounded very well after that Viking game...against a very good Bears O But the main reason I responded is your comparison of Romo to Charlie Brown. Spot on...
  13. The last time the Eagles faced a team that was going to be without their most important player, the Eagles defense allowed 48 points to be scored . That said, I think that was more of an outlier and a learning experience for them.
  14. Hope you feel better soon...
  15. Everyone knows it's BS...and I think most see through the charade clearly. Not necessarily the benching of RG3, but the reasons given
  16. Not the case... It's hard to find a fanbase that doesn't feel the Eagles haven't been 'gifted' their wins by the refs... It is what it is...I ignore it
  17. I disagree... A smart dude would want to be even better
  18. Will only buy this if the story actually grows legs. It has none right now...
  19. I don't really like the flex...prefer noon games (I'm central time zone)...but I do understand it from a TV market perspective... The Bears have a good new coach with new ideas (like the Eagles). I didn't agree with Trestman's decision to kick the ball on 2nd down in OT a couple weeks ago, but overall I think his positives outweigh his negatives. They have awesome skill position players...and he knows how to use them. Their D is not the same though...banged up
  20. I think Shanahan believes that...no one else can really know. There is not nearly enough info...
  21. Snyder can and should try not to have to pay Shanahan. I don't think he's the smartest owner in the league, and he does have his role in all of this, all parties do, but he would be right to try to find a way to not pay him.
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