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  1. Chip will not trade from 20 all the way to #1. Will never happen.
  2. No Demeco Ryans (huge loss)... First start for Mark Sanchez in what, 2 years? (guessing) Thoughts...
  3. I didn't see your game, nor my Eagles game for that matter. I was @ my daughter's soccer game and trying to keep up via my phone. I'll have to catch up later on how these week 1 games went down... But I am now enjoying watching the Dal/SF game
  4. Seems Saints/Falcons games are always intense. Great win! Has to feel good after the season you guys had last year...
  5. Hey Tug...Hope things are well!
  6. Brady....but it's not in a landslide. Both are headed to Canton
  7. Megatron... Bryant is very talented...but I wouldn't trust him long term
  8. In all seriousness, if he plays all 16 games...he has a fair shot at it
  9. Foles @ 70 High or low? Hard to say right now imo....
  10. McMVP

    Michael Sam

    I really was only trying to point out his hypocrisy.... It then turned into God vs Science
  11. McMVP

    Michael Sam

    Agree completely... Hence the 'he wants his cake and wants to eat it too' reference...
  12. Wants to be known as just a football player...but also wants to be part of a reality tv show? Does he want his cake, and eat it too? http://youtu.be/GuSXGE5trPE
  13. If you look hard enough, you can find some that have good meat on them... Habanero peppers/fresh pineapple is a tasty way to go...
  14. 80/20 fresh ground chuck for burgers Season with just salt & pepper Grill some pineapple slices...2-3 min/side depending on how hot you cook...get some nice grill marks Dollop of peanut butter on top of burger (yes...peanut butter) Put grilled pineapple on next...and some bacon (optional...but come on, it's bacon) Add some chopped cilantro... Top with sriracha....and enjoy the flavor explosion
  15. Eagles 10-6 Not predicting the rest of the division...bad karma I've found
  16. They had an extra 5th from New England...that was the pick they used for Sproles
  17. Good game...you were the better team on Sat. Good luck going forward!
  18. Been here over a decade now...good times Appreciate the 'objective' nomination. That's what I strive to be...and it's why I visit rival boards...to remind myself that there are other views...to guard myself from homerism.
  19. I admit his mustache had me wonder...but that is not conclusive evidence Either way, I couldn't care less
  20. Amazing QB...his accomplishments are off the charts. Eagles will have their work cut out for them Sarurday...
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