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  1. Laid back for sure, 46 w/ a full head of hair (only a few gray so far), no beard, no smokes, but yes to the whiskey
  2. Wow, sad that it came to that. What was your name before? Edit: I guess you probably wouldn't want that out there given what happened. I get it...
  3. Interesting... I've read about get-togethers on here now and then. I wished I could be a part of them back then...would've been fun
  4. I was called a troll once or twice (meaning several times) in the past. I remember a long time ago there was even a very descriptive table of trolls. Each troll had a unique name on this table, with a description of how they posted. It was quite funny actually. I don't remember what my troll 'label' was...this was several years ago.
  5. Thanks... It would sort of shock me though if Shiney was swift. But who knows?
  6. I don't think he liked me very much. But it got better later on...
  7. Solid guess...waiting to see if you're correct
  8. That all depends on what the coach/GM envisions as their plan. Chip Kelly hasn't had a problem doing just that. Time will tell if his plan pays off.
  9. It was a bold move for sure. But Chip wants a more of a one cut and go type of running back. He wants power backs. Mathews and Murray are just that. Add in Alonzo at LB all for about the same money as McCoy, and it does makes sense.
  10. Doesn't have to be several seasons. As of now, Bradford is only an Eagle for 2015. Of course if he restructured prior to the draft, that would pretty much take the Eagles out of the Mariota picture. If Mariota fell far enough and the Eagles could trade up without it costing them too much, then sure. Have him sit for a year as insurance to Bradford's health. Have him watch and learn. If Bradford lights it up in 2015, and the Eagles wish to extend him...so be it. Mariota would then be trade bait a couple years down the road. This is a far-fetched scenario though. I really don't see it h
  11. Anyone who has posted as long as we have, on any board, has been wrong many times. Good to see you again...
  12. If he fell far enough, sure. But I wouldn't want Chip to use Bradford as the part of the deal. No one knows what Chip is really thinking (he's quite different obviously), but my gut tells me he really likes Bradford. My gut also tells me he'd love to have Mariota, he just won't give up too much to get him. He wouldn't have to start him from day one.
  13. I could see them possibly trading up to 11 if he fell that far. I don't think he will, but 13 to 11 wouldn't cost too much.
  14. 13 years for me., but I'm not around as much as I was several years ago. Those were good times...
  15. I really don't. I'm not saying Chip wouldn't want Mariota, I think he does. But I don't think he'd make any 'major' move to get him. If he fell far enough (unlikely), he may trade up to get him. But I don't think he wants to use Bradford as the bait. I truly feels he really likes Bradford. And if in the rare chance that happened, he doesn't need to start Mariota from day one. Chip spent a couple years himself getting used to the NFL before getting full control, and convincing the owner of what he thought was the right path. Nothing wrong with Mariota doing the same thing. Rodgers di
  16. Yeah, I don't post as much as I used to...even on the Eagles board. Other things get in the way sometimes....
  17. Pretty much.. I really think this was part of Chip's thinking in going after Sam Bradford. There is no denying his skill set, especially for what Chip wants to do on offense. He is confident enough to know he won't be selecting a pick in the top 5 anytime soon. He's taking a risk with Sam's injury history for sure. That is really my only concern.
  18. Wouldn't be shocked if they are targeting Mariota...whether they trade Brees or not.
  19. Thanks...I appreciate it! But I understand why so many defended him back then. Hope. When a player is drafted that high (wasn't it 1st overall?), that fan base will cling to the hope that he will be everything good and nothing bad. It's completely normal. It's sort of what Tampa Bay is dealing with right now w/ Winston. Sure he is talented, but he is far from the rock solid selection that Manning and Luck were. Side note: how lucky are the Colts? Some teams spend decades trying to find an above average QB. They found two in a row because of circumstance. Sort of like Montana to Young,
  20. Thanks...you too... And thanks for quoting me before I could fix my spelling
  21. The thing you guys need to be aware of is that Mathis wanted 'more' money last offseason. The Eagles let him explore trade offers then as well. No takers. He remained an Eagle. Same scenario is going on now. He is an outstanding Guard, but will be 34 this season. OGs don't get raises at his age, especially considering what he is already being paid. I doubt he gets traded for anything better than a 5th...but I really doubt he gets traded at all. If the Eagles can find a replacement they like in the draft, they will probably release him.
  22. I think he'll be a very good QB in the NFL. How good is hard to say. There will be a learning curve if he goes to a team with a traditional scheme. He definitely has the intelligence, character, and work ethic to learn what he needs to learn (by all accounts). I think his ceiling is very high. He may not turn out to be great, but I'd be shocked if he flat out busted.
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