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  1. The NFC South was the best division a year ago for sure. It looks like things could remain that way for 2018, but things can change very fast in the NFL
  2. I don't think something a radio personality says can be considered bulletin board material. It's not as if an Eagle coach or player said anything. All that stuff is over-rated anyway. Once the ball is snapped, no one cares. I was hoping for either the Falcons or the Panthers...but I didn't really care all that much. I just felt the Eagles worst match-up was the Saints. It was going to be tough sledding for them no matter which team came to town.
  3. The Raiders Foles...but from 2013 22/28 406 yards, 7 TDs. 14.5 YPA And yes...I kid
  4. I doubt it. Vegas knows what they're doing. The line may move, but not so much to where the Cowboys are favored.
  5. This is the Sunday that Atlanta gets out of their own heads and plays well. I think I agree with Terry Bradshaw when he said that SB loss has really lingered with them. Those are very tough things to get over....much easier said than done. Dallas may be without Zeke, but even if he plays I think the Falcons wake up this Sunday. God knows they are due.
  6. Not that I want him to leave, but I think John DeFilippo may get attention in the offseason as an OC
  7. On the field...he is. Off the field and in the locker room...he is not.
  8. It doesn't matter to me either way if he makes it in.
  9. I had login issues for a while...plus it has just been a very busy year. Good to be back
  10. I've had enough of the Brady/Belicheck success story. I'm rooting for you guys today. It will also make my son a lot of money...he's in the final two of a survival pool. Good luck!
  11. The boards have changed I see... Apparently I've posted only 2,873 times in the last 15 years. Seems a bit low to me
  12. I agree, and you're welcome. I rarely post stuff like this on a football MB....just felt this was really worth it...
  13. Haven't been here in a while...and this is completely non-football related. I just wanted to share a tribute from one of the best guitarists ever to another. Mods can feel free to move this. Just wanted to share. RIP Prince https://youtu.be/UcDHXoQmxu0
  14. Lots of new parts for both teams. Chip's roster overhaul, and a new coaching staff for the Falcons. A very interesting week one match up. I have a good feeling, and a bad feeling at the same time... It's very hard to predict this game.
  15. I can only speak for myself, and my opinion shouldn't matter too much since I haven't been around nearly as often as I used to be...and I'm not even a fan of an NFCS team. That being said, there are multiple reasons to 'why' I haven't been around as much. Obviously other responsibilities in my life are the primary reason, but when I feel the need for 'me time', there are certain things I like to do. One of those things is obviously 'talking football'. I just love football. Love to talk about it...love to get the point of view from fans of other teams...etc. I've been a poster on the Falc
  16. If both are healthy, Bradford starts by a mile. Way better skill set. It's not close. He ran the uptempo spread @ Oklahoma. His NFL career leaves a lot to be desired, for a number of reasons. But there is no questioning which is the more talented
  17. Good to hear from you gaz... Been there done that w/ Vick. He's still looking for work I think. You guys probably could beat either one. I'm interested to see what a guy like Bradford can do under Chip...if he can actually stay healthy
  18. Topic title is pretty straight forward. Who would you rather see face the Falcons on week 1...and why?
  19. Bradford is heads and shoulders more talented than Foles. I just hope his knee doesn't need more duct tape Sanchez is a backup....
  20. I have no idea what to expect w/ my Eagles this year...so no predictions. I have a feeling it won't be boring...
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