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  1. I don't think that will be a continuing trend this year. 2018 was an odd year. Wentz wasn't fully recovered from the ACL and then he goes on and breaks his back. He looked completely different in 2018 than he did in 2017. It was obvious to those that watch him every week. He finally looked healthy in week 1 - and I think the slow start last week can easily be attributed to not playing the starters in the preseason. With Desean in the lineup, it opens up the entire offense. The deep speed was a missing element last year. They tried to replace Smith with Wallace last year but he got hur
  2. Yeah....to put it mildly. I have a feeling Wentz and the offense are going to have to win a lot of shoot-outs this year. Our line is solid, but got dinged up last week. We aren't much on the back end without a pass rush. Darby can ball sometimes - but he leaves plays on the field. The Eagles didn't play their starters in the preseason, so perhaps that's why they started slow last week - but they gave up way too many big plays. I think this will be a tough one on the road this week - I don't like the fact that the Falcons are coming in 0-1. I would've much prefered two 1-0 teams.
  3. I doubt it. Vegas knows what they're doing. The line may move, but not so much to where the Cowboys are favored.
  4. This is the Sunday that Atlanta gets out of their own heads and plays well. I think I agree with Terry Bradshaw when he said that SB loss has really lingered with them. Those are very tough things to get over....much easier said than done. Dallas may be without Zeke, but even if he plays I think the Falcons wake up this Sunday. God knows they are due.
  5. Not that I want him to leave, but I think John DeFilippo may get attention in the offseason as an OC
  6. On the field...he is. Off the field and in the locker room...he is not.
  7. It doesn't matter to me either way if he makes it in.
  8. I had login issues for a while...plus it has just been a very busy year. Good to be back
  9. I've had enough of the Brady/Belicheck success story. I'm rooting for you guys today. It will also make my son a lot of money...he's in the final two of a survival pool. Good luck!
  10. The boards have changed I see... Apparently I've posted only 2,873 times in the last 15 years. Seems a bit low to me
  11. I agree, and you're welcome. I rarely post stuff like this on a football MB....just felt this was really worth it...
  12. Haven't been here in a while...and this is completely non-football related. I just wanted to share a tribute from one of the best guitarists ever to another. Mods can feel free to move this. Just wanted to share. RIP Prince https://youtu.be/UcDHXoQmxu0
  13. Lots of new parts for both teams. Chip's roster overhaul, and a new coaching staff for the Falcons. A very interesting week one match up. I have a good feeling, and a bad feeling at the same time... It's very hard to predict this game.
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