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  1. I don't think that will be a continuing trend this year. 2018 was an odd year. Wentz wasn't fully recovered from the ACL and then he goes on and breaks his back. He looked completely different in 2018 than he did in 2017. It was obvious to those that watch him every week. He finally looked healthy in week 1 - and I think the slow start last week can easily be attributed to not playing the starters in the preseason. With Desean in the lineup, it opens up the entire offense. The deep speed was a missing element last year. They tried to replace Smith with Wallace last year but he got hurt in week 2. Torrey Smith in 2017 was not a world-beater, but at least he was a constant presence, in that speed role, that needed to be accounted for all 16 games. No I think they will get back to the fast starts they had in 2017. The only concern I have for the offense this season is health - got to stay healthy. If they do it will be a top unit - especially on 3rd downs and redzone efficiency. I am not as confident with the backside of the defense...
  2. put it mildly. I have a feeling Wentz and the offense are going to have to win a lot of shoot-outs this year. Our line is solid, but got dinged up last week. We aren't much on the back end without a pass rush. Darby can ball sometimes - but he leaves plays on the field. The Eagles didn't play their starters in the preseason, so perhaps that's why they started slow last week - but they gave up way too many big plays. I think this will be a tough one on the road this week - I don't like the fact that the Falcons are coming in 0-1. I would've much prefered two 1-0 teams. Teams don't like to start the year 0-2, and desperate teams can be dangerous.
  3. Hey we meat eaters still need some veggies. I have a small unit I use to steam corn on the cob (when the grill is too full to grill it, or when Im feeling lazy). I know corn is more of a starch than a veg, but the device works just the same... I'll try to look it up and post a link. But its a small device...only steams 5 ears at max. Though I'm sure it would be adequate for other, smaller veggies...
  4. I hadn't heard that...interesting. But I probably won't be trying it
  5. Thanks rounz and Rambler...I was pleased with the smoke results. Slicing and vac sealing today. Giving a good portion to my dad for fathers day...along with some of the smoked cheese I did last weekend.
  6. Bacon is done...just need to chill and slice....this what pork belly looks like after an 8 hour cold smoke
  7. That's funny I bet he was happy to see the bones...pitmasters like them...almost need them to feel 'at home'. You can buy the belly with bones, but I don't recommend it if your end goal for the bellies is bacon. The butcher should ask, or you should tell him/her, what you are planning to do with the belly. I got mine bone looked like this:
  8. Great day today...and better day tomorrow The pork bellies will be coming out of their dry cures today... I'll do a small fry test for each to test for saltiness...and then soak them in water for 2-3 hours. They will dry and form their pellicles tonight in the fridge Tomorrow...smoke!
  9. I have 5 pounds of large shrimp coming to me soon right of the $4 per pound...from the boat to my house. Will try this dish...if I can find some grits in Chicago
  10. Same battle going on are not alone. Fight the good a nice way of course
  11. Have I mentioned how much I love this thread?
  12. I almost forgot...time to bring her out But red and black for me. I have posted here a lot over the years...but mainly because I've met good people here.
  13. Change Falcons to 'football' and I'll agree completely
  14. I've made homemade pizza literally 60-70 times. But I've always used my bread machine on the dough setting to make it...would like to try more traditional methods like yours. I did bring back a couple bottles of NYC tap water from my last visit there...wanted to experiment to see if their dough really does taste that good because of the city water. It actually was noticeably better than my normal dough...probably the best dough ive made thus far....but still not on par with Lombardi's.