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  1. I don't think that will be a continuing trend this year. 2018 was an odd year. Wentz wasn't fully recovered from the ACL and then he goes on and breaks his back. He looked completely different in 2018 than he did in 2017. It was obvious to those that watch him every week. He finally looked healthy in week 1 - and I think the slow start last week can easily be attributed to not playing the starters in the preseason. With Desean in the lineup, it opens up the entire offense. The deep speed was a missing element last year. They tried to replace Smith with Wallace last year but he got hur
  2. Yeah....to put it mildly. I have a feeling Wentz and the offense are going to have to win a lot of shoot-outs this year. Our line is solid, but got dinged up last week. We aren't much on the back end without a pass rush. Darby can ball sometimes - but he leaves plays on the field. The Eagles didn't play their starters in the preseason, so perhaps that's why they started slow last week - but they gave up way too many big plays. I think this will be a tough one on the road this week - I don't like the fact that the Falcons are coming in 0-1. I would've much prefered two 1-0 teams.
  3. It should’ve been a catch, and he’s a beast for sure. Falcons need to spread the ball around more though. Julio had 13 more targets (19 total) than the 2nd most targeted receiver (Sanu). Way too one-dimensional within the passing game. And the run/pass balance was too Andy Reid...18/43 In a game that was close the whole way, that’s not good.
  4. I don’t really have a good feel at all for this game. Talent-wise, this game has two of the the top 5 rosters in the NFL. Both teams have a very good HC leading them. Both teams played poorly in he preseason...but that part doesn’t concern me all that much. I know the Falcons improved an already good WR group, while he Eagles stayed about the same. Wallace replaces Torrey Smith for us, but considering the fact that Smith was behind guys like Jeffery, Agholor, and Ertz as far as offensive ‘impact’...I don’t see that as a major change. Wallace is a bit older, but still has the speed
  5. Long time no see! I'm about to head into my dinner reservation with my better half...I’ll check in later. I’ll share some thoughts...
  6. Agreed. They can sit Wentz half the season as far as I’m concerned. Who cares what their record is...just don’t blow it with him early in his career.
  7. I wouldn’t take anything that happens in preseason week 1 too seriously
  8. There are some changes, but Doug has always been the OC/HC. If they had lost their play-caller, I would agree more with you on this....but it's still Doug's offense. QB - Yes, big question mark there. No denying it. Wentz will only be 9 months removed from a major injury. It's why I don't even wish for him to start. I suppose there's always the chance he's the next AP with his injury recovery, but that was more of an outlier case than reality. New QB coach - hard to really say how big this is. Wentz enjoyed DeFilippo for his first two seasons, which are probably the most impo
  9. Reid has some fatal flaws as a HC...that much is true. He hasn't won the biggest prize as of yet. However, his playoff record is better than what you suggest. He was 10-9 in the playoffs as the Eagles HC, and is 1-4 as the Chiefs. 11-13 overall. He has a .604 overall winning percentage over 19 years as HC. Despite his flaws, he still has to be considered a pretty **** good coach. Counting himself, 25% of the NFL head coaches heading into the 2018 season come from his coaching tree. That sort of longevity, and trail of success, doesn't go unnoticed.
  10. The problem is it's an entirely subjective process to determine what a clean pocket is for this list. Is it automatically not a clean pocket if the defense blitzed? That wouldn't make sense since a blitz can be picked up and the pocket kept clean. I don't have any doubt that if Brady, Rodgers, Ryan (or any vet QB) asked the person to go through all the pockets deemed as 'clean' or 'unclean', they would disagree with a lot of the subjective opinions the person that created this list made.
  11. Yeah there is something definitely wrong with this list.
  12. Probably...they should've used 'overpaid' instead of 'over-rated'. But I suppose 'over-rated' is always good for more clicks....since it ruffles fan's feathers.
  13. Not sure if I agree with Alshon Jeffery being the most over-rated on the Eagles. Most over-paid based on production? Perhaps. But the Eagles really spread the ball around and he did a lot to open up things for Ertz and Agholor...things that don't really show up in production stats. Also, 7 of his 9 TDs were in the redzone, so his value there is obvious.
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