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  1. I see the point, but at the same time, as a season ticket holder, you also have the right to sell, and make money off of, your seats. This now also translates to your PSL. Unlike the cost of the game day seats which are what they are when you decide to buy them, the value of the PSLs, which you would've already bought into at a set price, will fluctuate with the value of the team. If I buy my PSL now for $5,000, and in 10 years I decide to sell them and based on inflation (and hopefully a few Super Bowl wins), I can sell them to someone interested in season tickets and they are worth $8,000, then I can make some decent capital on them. I'll have the right and authority to do so. No guarantees, but when are there guarantees with any type of investment, which is what the option to maintain the seats will become. If the point is a financial point only, it is null and void if you look at it at that perspective.
  2. It's probably been discussed on other threads, but you guys do realize this is the PSL pricing for the CLUB LEVEL EXECUTIVE suites and that the pricing will be tiered based on where the seats are in the stands? Just like the ticket prices are tiered - you'd pay 10x as much for a Club Level seat than a seat in the upper deck - so will the PSLs. While I expect my PSLs to possibly price me out of where I currently sit, I don't believe they will be anywhere near the $10,000-$45,000 the media has hyped up to this stage.
  3. True, the new stadium is proposed to stay on GWCC land, but you have to remember why the Falcons orginization is in this in the first place - they didn't have to build their current stadium. The state of Georgia built and owns the stadium. The GWCC runs and manages the facility. The Falcons are basically just "renting" it in long term government bonds so they have a place to play. Once the bonds are paid off - from my understanding the Falcons have been putting extra to the principal since Blank bought them, the Falcons can do whatever they want to do. If they build a new stadium, the GWCC won't have as large of a stranglehold on the Falcons as they do now.
  4. What's wrong with the location of the dome? I love it. It's in the heart of downtown. There's finally tons of places to eat and hangout. The gulch and surrounding areas are actually cool tailgate spots. There's easy access to MARTA.
  5. Saw that yesterday afternoon. I love it. TD is the only one not wearing black (at about 9 seconds). Of course he's looking slick in his all tan suit. When I saw it, I was like, who is that chick in red sitting next to Arthur. Now when I see the replay, I realize it's Stephanie!
  6. Agreed. The majority of the fans at the game now are there to see the Falcons win, not the QB. It will only get better if we keep winning at home. We're now 14-3 in the TD/Smitty era at home. That isn't a stat to take lightly.
  7. Nice call. I was at the game, so when I saw the score, that's exactly what I thought. It's good to hear it's DA TRUTH!!!
  8. Who's responsibility was the Hightower run? I was at the game so I didn't have the luxury of replay or DVR. Shouldn't one of the safeties at least be on that side of the field on a play like that?
  9. Kudos to Willie Moe for a good game. I'm still going to hold off my accolades until 4:30pm next Sunday. If he plays this well against the likes of Brees, he deserves it. I just don't think Anderson is that good of a QB to take a team and drive them down the field when they need it. I'm still stoked about this team at this point in the season and am definitely looking forward to tomorrow night's game to get a better feel of what to expect with the Aints.
  10. It wasn't too bad. The fans were still late as ever, regardless of the deals going on beforehand. I had to scream at the top of my lungs during 1st and 2nd down as always, but 3rd downs were okay. I would like to say it had to do with the fact that we were in total control all game, but I know better than that. I ended up sitting in the club seats in the second half and the game takes on an entirely different perspective. It's more about flat screen TV's and top shelf liquor bars than it is about the action on the field. But at that point, the game was already a blowout so it's hard to tell.
  11. I gotta agree with ya. I had a good feeling we would win this game, but 41-7 is just a flat out beat down. I was at the game, and at no time was I ever worried about us winning this one. Anytime you do that in the NFL, you were successful in all phases which is really what everbody on this board wants. Did the Cards shoot themselves in the foot a lot? Yes. But did we not stick our boot on their throats and stomp down when we needed to? Yes. How often can you say that's the case with this team? I'm not saying we're going to beat the Aints next weekend, but I definitely think we have as good of a team as any in the NFC two games into the season.
  12. Two games that were very close to that at kickoff - 2004 playoff game against the Rams and 1999 season opener against the Vikings. The place was rocking from 10 minutes before kickoff until the game ended. A sign of what could be, but might be wishful thinking.
  13. Um, it hasn't changed in 44 years, what makes you think it will change again? I for one will get to Lot C around 11:00 to get the grill going and some beers in me. I'll head for the stadium around 12:15 and should be in my seat with my banner hanging over the mezzanine at Section 206 by 12:50 with beer in hand. Some say church. Some say traffic. I say complacency. Heck, when I take MARTA to Vine City when I don't tailgate, there are hundreds of fans still tailgating across the street at 12:45. I know those people aren't getting in the stadium before the end of the first quarter. Atlanta fans in general just don't get hyped up enough to get to the game extra early. It's a shame too, because it looks horible on TV for national televised games and I'm sure the players love playing for a stadium half-full.
  14. I hope so. One thing all Atlanta franchises have always lacked is a killer instinct to beat the other team up when they're down. I'm ready for this team to take it to the next level and change all of that. If you get a 14 point lead early, stomp on 'em and keep stompin' on 'em until you win.
  15. Enough people. Week 1 is over. Let's start discussing week 2. I'm stoke Babs is back. We should get better pressure on Anderson than we did on Dixon. How is ARZ's offensive line? I haven't seen them since the playoff loss in '08. I'm glad we came out of week 1 without any significant injuries. I was a little worried when Coleman and Owens both went out, but I believe they were right back in there the next series. I think we'll be okay on offense. We're at home which helps. We have 1 game under our belt. We aren't playing nearly the defense we played last week. WE JUST HAVE TO GET THAT OLINE BLOCKING for both the run and the pass. I really think that will be the key.
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