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  1. As much as I would love a high draft pick, I just can't pull for the team to lose. I tried last season but was excited for every meaningless win we got down the stretch!
  2. I second this. I was really hoping for the return of the red helmet. I don't care for the 2 toned jersey, but it could grow on me. Other than those minor items I like them. Not sure why so much hate?
  3. As much as I hate it, Brady is the GOAT. He will not make the mistakes that Winston made constantly. Bruce Arians is a great offensive coach. Great offense no matter where he has been. However, I just don't see this as a good fit. Aside from a couple of seasons with Randy Moss (when Brady was in his prime), Brady has always been a quick read dink and dunk QB that just never makes mistakes. And it has worked - historically so! But he will be 43 when the season starts. And that style of play doesn't fit Arians "no risk it, no biscuit" offense. I don't see Brady being able to wait for those deep passes to open up with his lack of mobility. Now if Arians changes his offense Brady could do well, but that neutralizes the great weapons he has. We'll see, but I think father time will finally win the war.
  4. He gets this deal just for having a great 10 game stretch last season out of an 8 year career. And the Cowboys still don't want to pay Dak. And Falcons fans still want to complain that Ryan is overpaid. Crazy!!
  5. I like Hooper, but he's not a game changer like the upper tier TE's (the guys in the Super Bowl). But he will get paid like those guys though, and that alone will make it hard for the Falcons to keep him. I think he'll get avg $10M per year. I hope they let him walk. Not because he's not good, but because he will just demand too much on the open market. I don't see him signing a one sided deal for the Falcons, and I hope we don't pay him like a top TE. I hope 100% let him walk, but reality is probably 70/30 let him walk.
  6. I would also say never give a RB a 2nd contract. just continue to draft mid to late round RB's so you always have depth at the position. Granted, you won't hit on every RB drafted, but at least you will have cap space to make the lines better. That's just the analytics side of it, but you also have to worry about how your players are going to react and how the next RB is going to feel about being drafted by you, given that he knows you're never going to pay him.
  7. Tim Dwight. Return specialist. Returned a kickoff for TD in the SB against the Broncos. We lost him to the Chargers in the trade to draft Vick
  8. I've gone back and forth on this. I was pretty much done with him after the dud against the Bucs and the loss on Thanksgiving to the Saints. But this team has not quit! There is a lot to be said for that. There are definitely reasons to fire him, but if they win the remaining 2 games it's gonna be a hard decision for Blank. At some point you gotta stick with a guy because switching coaches every 4 years is no plan for success, Blank just has to decide if Quinn is that guy.
  9. I feel your pain with Evans. I would definitely go for Perriman over Gage. The Bucs have a much easier matchup this week and they throw the ball a ton (not more than the Falcons, but still a ton). And Matty spreads the ball around a lot more than Jameis. I would go for Gage over Anderson as a safer play. Anderson has the higher ceiling, but also the lower floor. Depending on your league size, there may be other players available like Mecole Hardman, Larry Fitgerald or a Philly guy since all their WR's are injured
  10. My bar is set as low as 6-10, provided the team is competitive in EVERY game. And I don't mean just the final score (like the Seahawks game). I want to see coaches have a good game plan, players execute the game plan and not look like trash like they did to start the season.
  11. I am on the side of NEVER give a RB a huge contract. In general, they are just too easy to replace. Even the ones that are "special" have too much risk of injury to tie up that much cap space. Use the money to build the O-line and just keep drafting mid to late round RB's. I'm even OK with drafting a RB later in the 1st round, just don't give him a 2nd contract.
  12. Just read a few posts in this 7 page thread to see the division that this player causes. No way an NFL team wants to bring in someone who will cause that kind of division among its fanbase...unless he is supremely talented. Which Kap is NOT. Yes he had a couple of really good years, but overall he is average at best. If he was a great QB, he would have a job. If Patrick Mahomes or Russell Wilson did took a knee during the anthem, they would absolutely still be in the league. Talent overrides behavior. Players have done FAR worse things and been welcomed back and cheered on by fans. Ray Lewis is in the HOF, Greg Hardy was given a shot by the Cowboys, etc, etc. I do think Kap is certainly worthy of at least being a backup QB (maybe even a starter for some teams), but why would any NFL organization invite that kind of division among its fanbase for an average player? BTW...I have no problem with his peaceful protests to raise awareness to an issue he believes in. I may think he could find another way, but it obviously worked. But he shouldn't be surprised that half the NFL fanbase DOES have a problem with it.
  13. Josh McDaniels. Then he better bring a great DC with him.
  14. The Patriots do get a freebie entry to the playoffs every year because of their division. That probably won't change this year either. But give them credit, they take advantage of it. Their team is not much better than other playoff teams. They just do all the little things right. That's usually the difference in a close game (which all of their Super Bowl appearances have been) The Falcons just need to be average on defense and be able to pick up a 3rd and short. Hopefully players getting healthy will help the defense. And hopefully there are improvements with the O-line to pick up the tough yards. That and a little luck and Falcons could be headed to Miami!
  15. With Kwon getting that much, Debo will break the bank. Barring injury we will almost certainly make him the highest paid LB in the NFL when his time comes. Add to that, look at the contract Landon Collins just got (6 yr $84M) and that probably gives you a starting point for Keanu Neal. Falcons can pick up his 5th year option next year though to at least have him 2 more seasons. Bottom line ...like others have said Falcons MUST continue to draft well. Hard decisions ahead. Good problem to have (especially during the next 2 year window)
  16. In today's NFL, I just don't see paying a DT that much money. The Rams have maybe the 2 best DTs in the league and they struggled against the run all season. They also only ranked 15th in sacks. Put as much money as you can into the O-line and get some 2nd tier free agents or draft picks for D-line. With a great O-line, you can light up the scoreboard AND get the tough 3rd/4th and 1 to eat the clock or put a team away.
  17. Biggest ********* coach in the NFL.
  18. Most of these interviews were done after we lost to Philly in the first game of the season. And all the criticism was deserved after that game! But not just on Matt Ryan--the whole offense (WRs,RB,OL,OC). That game was pitiful. The arguments about money are pathetic. It's just the market rate for a FRANCHISE QB--and Matt Ryan is definitely that! He's not Aaron Rodgers and never will be. He is and has been a top 10 QB in this league for 10 years now. GMs would kill to draft a guy that they can count on for 10+ years. Why can't we appreciate that we have a great QB on our team?!? Us Falcons fans will most certainly miss Matt Ryan when he is gone. Maybe when we're one of the teams constantly searching for another franchise QB, we'll appreciate him then.
  19. After watching that game, it would be really hard to lose to the Cardinals. They were just plain TERRIBLE. How the h*** they beat a healthy Aaron Rodgers I'll never know.
  20. Bosher is probably the best special teams player we have. Not only does he kickoff and punt, but he usually has to make the tackle too.
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