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  1. Yeah, I mean...look atthe Braves of the 90's. No way we should have come out of all those WS' with only one series win. But for whatever reason....we all know how that turned out.
  2. Yeah but someone else handles it usually. i forget who. never mind I just saw it
  3. BUMP A few have joined. Can we get this pinned, please?
  4. GROUP ID# 11648 Password messageboard It's that time again. All are welcome
  5. Red Ryan Superbowl jersey Black Ryan Throwback White Roddy Red Dunn Red Gonzalez Red Julio NEw black Gurley coming when they decide to send it. I used to have a white Crumpler REd D hall and Black Vick
  6. So what am I gonna do? Blame the school buses for being late to work. Dang I have missed that.
  7. I honestly dont care what he does. He isnt a falcon anymore. So he is irrelevant to me. He didn't perform here except one year. Good on him if he does better somewhere else. But I could care less. And good on you with your 33 posts setting us all straight. That'll teach us.
  8. Awesome. Like I said ..I liked them back then but I am a huge fan now. He is crazy talented. I'm not a great guitarist by any means, and just a rhythm guitarists at that. But Sometimes I struggled to sing and play at the same time on certain songs. To see him do all he does just amazes me.
  9. Tom Keifer...my band used to play a few Cinderella songs back in the day. But recently I have revisited Cinderella...this dude is talented. Crazy talented.
  10. 1965 Rubber Soul Beatles 1966 Revolver Beatles 1967 Sgt Peppers Beatles 1968 White Album Beatles 1969 Abbey Road Beatles 1970 Fire and Water FREE 1971 Every picture tells a Story Rod Stewart 1972 Never a dull Moment Rod Stewart 1973 Band on the Run Paul Mccartney 1974 Queen II 1975 Toys in The Attic Aerosmith 1976 Boston 1977 Love Gun KISS 1978 Stranger in Town BOB SEGER 1979 LONG RUN Eagles 1980 Hi Infidelity REO SPEEDWAGON 1981 Paradise Theatre STYX 1982 Diver Down Va
  11. Oakland ..because they don;t have a team anymore...LOL.. We know what you mean though.
  12. Yeah and by then they should be sitting on 3 wins and out of the playoff race while we continue our undefeated streak............ what? It could happen. But honestly, I don't mind playing them that late but I would have thought theyd schedule one ASAP so they could mention 28-3 1000 times during the broadcast.
  13. Yeah sounds about right. Wow, almost 20 years ago. Crazy.
  14. Well it's good seeing you again. You dont look like you've aged. I sure have
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