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  1. Like when he said that Roethlesberger (spellinmg who cares) had never met TAKK. He went that whole sunday and never met him. I love Takk But sometimes you just need to play and not run your mouth.
  3. Freeman is the only one that I get nervous watching attempt a block
  4. hey the browns let go of a kicker...... LOL yes accuracy is a must over 60 yarders
  5. Morten might be bored. We should call and see.
  6. Agreed. This is not even a concern. We in good hands at running back.
  7. I fixed it for you
  8. Yeah that's pretty stupid. Even more stupid than GA trying a fake field goal.
  9. LOL true that. These falcons make me nervous , but nowhere near as nervous as those falcons did
  10. LOL I see what you're saying. All rookies are candidates, correct? So yes, they are the top ......