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  1. Someone brought up the coach and the millennial players on another thread...I wont get into all that on this thread but you know what? You younger fans have no clue how many years we older guys have watched this team play bad football. And to have a team that you KNOW is better than the two teams we lost to. It just brings back bad memories. I don't think the Falcons season is OVER. I do believe it can be turned around I mean there are 11 games left. I for one never expected to be 3-2 going into the NE game. And I sure never expected us to LIKELY be 3-3 with Carolina in 1st place and NO on our heals. Let's be real here. If they don't pull it together and QUICK. They can forget home field advantage. Which I think most likely wont happen now. We could be looking at a wild card spot. Heck we could be looking at the playoffs from the couch this year. OR we could get things together suddenly learn to tackle. We could suddenly learn to play 4 qts and go on to the Superbowl again. But right now it aint looking good. I havent given up hope. But too many years I have watched this team and THIS team reminds me of some very SHODDY ones I have watched before. Go birds or go not there is no try
  2. I'm just going to tell the Falcons that they can pretend I am from Missouri... you know...the SHOW ME state. Show me
  3. yeah I played a few times. Actually made it to top 11. Not bad for playing only three rounds. That and landing waaaaayyyy north of everyone and working my way back down. Ran into two folks killed one got killed by the other who went on to win the round.
  4. He's a typical millennial always wanting someone to carry the load?
  5. Yeah honestly to make it to back to back SB's aint easy. And while I would love to see them go back this year. It's probably not going to happen. Next year sadly may be the year. But as a Falcon fan I can't feel confident in that.
  6. Stark? he easily wins he's iron Man DUH
  7. if that's all i had to complain about for this team I'd be a happy man
  8. Exactly!!! I really don't feel the birds are out of it ..even if they lose this weekend. But, My hopes are a whole lot thinner now more than ever. It gets to where you get tired of being associated with such mediocrity. I mean this team is supposed to be good. It's practically the same team. i don't buy into conspiracy theories. But that Theory that the Falcons were bought off so Brady could win his 5th or whatever number. I would seriously be done if that were true. And there was proof. All these years of the garbage. If the falcons moved to another state I wouldnt watch the NFL anymore. And its tempting to not do so anyway.
  9. NAh man I was happy. But not as happy as I would have been had it been the Yankees or Blue jays...but the Indians...... anyway. I said in my post I laid them down after losing 8 straight in the two WS against the Yanks. I couldnt keep that kind of misery going.
  10. I will be honest. I feel the same. HOnestly during the superbowl last year My brother in law's wife said she was going to go on home they had the game won. I looked at them and said. This is NE and this is the Falcons. This aint over......and well we know how that turned out.
  11. Looking like...for now..that Panthers will take the division. Heck even NO is looking good,,,,,,for now
  12. Up until last year I had been to at least one game every year for 12-13 years and had only seen them lose twice. Pretty good record huh? Well last year it didnt work out and I didnt get to go. This year I made the choice to not go. Tickets are too high and I don't know. I think I have grown numb after all these years. I wouldnt turn down free but I won't pay to watch them play like The tennessee Vols