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  1. Be careful though, clowny. Last i looked they were policing the boards a little more closely.
  2. I've heard ..true or not I cant say...that "a girl"( arya duh ) is the only survivor. But it's based on the fact that she tweeted something about being the last one reference to her being the last major star to be left on set filming.
  3. EXACTLY The economy is the best its been in years. He is living up to his promises for the most part...... why would anyone vote for any one else? Seriously, just because Hilary lost and you like the country the way it was ....a bunch of gun hating, I need a safe space whiners, ##not my enter whatever you hate here and make a stand cause a riot block a whatever ...that;'s just my opinion. Not shared by snowflakes around the interwebs. But I come from a time when if things didnt go your way you respected the office and waited for election time and voted. I come from a time where pouting was considered something babies did. Oh well. whatever I know this post wont be popular with some but that's ok. i come from a time when it was ok to disagree and still be friends
  4. A superbowl win,while not guaranteed this year, to me would seem like a better deal than holding out for a raise. Honestly how crappy would he feel if he decided to sit out the season and they go in without him and win the Superbowl. Ouch. Not likely to happen.... but if it did he'd be kicking himself. I'm not anti Julio. I love him, but I just think this is not very wise. The Freeman twin had some good pints that I agree with. Either way. Go falcons.
  5. A day that I remember like it were yesterday. i can never lik ethe cowboys ever because of it/
  6. Does that mean anyone who wasn't around to see the gritz blitz and the playoff loss to dallas and the superbowl against denver isnt a real fan? I saw all of thse btw I'm old. So yes I saw the ORIGINAL trilogy in the theatres when they came out. So I guess Im a fan
  7. LOL I will admit I was like what the heck? These people are weird. And then I stuck ear plugs in and sat there and goosebumps popped up after a few,. So ok yeah but this one she is beautiful...good for eyes and ears....
  8. Aye clan Lamont here. With Cherokee from me pappy's side. I wonder if the trail of tears is the reason i feel so oppressed sometimes. And not to mention how Longshanks makes me feel even to this day.