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  1. HA .......I didn't even Notice Bill Clinton poking his head out until i finally scrolled past and saw him on the quoted pic below.
  2. Yeah,I wonder about all of the above sometimes. Shiney and Sac have both posted over in Anything But Football or whatever in the last year or so. And Tuggle was the one who helped me get back on after I lost my password and my old Email. But havent seen him much since.
  3. I wondered. you knew all the OLD names but I couldn't place who you were ....Now I know.
  4. I kind of did the same thing. I went several years without posting. I just started back last football season. But nothing Like i did in the early days.
  5. he might as well use proactiv, he shops at bath and Body...LOL yeah I know he's buying it for his lady.
  6. HBD DAE
  7. How these two didnt make it is beyond me. OK NOT REALLY
  8. Yeah sorry i forgot to paste the article. I posted and moved on. Thanks Fentaye
  10. HEy Mozzie I lost a bunch too. No worries all of us oldtimers remember who you are
  11. Glad that he doesn't have a doberman......... (purple)