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  1. Minus whale. What's worat? To be kind and not be appreciate or not be kind and hate yourself
  2. AJC

    My question where is Tabeek? I figured he'd have an article out by now stating that we should be happy just for getting to the playoffs. Etc etc blah blah. yeha that guy rubs me the wrong way. Carry on
  3. AJC

    Ouch ...and yeah I pretty much agree
  4. It's according to who's end we are going around
  5. for all intensive purposes..its seems two many people get to and too mixed up.
  6. Agreed.
  7. The voice of reason. Honestly, I would love to have another William Andrews/ Jamal Anderson type. But yeah, it's a late rounder that makes sense here.
  8. LOL nice avatar
  9. lol nah their loss is priceless
  10. Their superbowl dont mean a thing to me. I still love that they lost and how it happen. You wet blanket enjoy your misery. I wasnt wearing rose colored glasses. I didn't expect the falcons to go to bowl. So my expectations weren't shattered nor was losing to the eagles devastating. Sorry.
  11. dilly dilly