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  1. Aye clan Lamont here. With Cherokee from me pappy's side. I wonder if the trail of tears is the reason i feel so oppressed sometimes. And not to mention how Longshanks makes me feel even to this day.
  2. never watched an episode old or new version. She makes me sick to look at. I dont agree with what she posted either. But it is funny to me that the view and Jimmy Kimmel are still on the air........ I'm shocked family Guy hasnt been canceled. That dude don't give anybody a break...Which may be why he makes fun of everything ..everybody
  3. Bump....because it drifted onto the second page and we cant have that.
  4. I had one. It was a good one. Unfortunately, I was goofing around with different flying modes mid flight and lost it in the top of some trees.
  5. At the moment a Black Strat i got a a pawn shop and a Jackson I just bought at Geetar center. And a small fender amp. My guitar of choice back in my band days was a red Kramer Striker had a black epiphone that looked pretty much just like the Kramer. Had a few les paul knockoffs and an Ibanez destroyer knock off. Anda few acoustics here and there. Including a 12 string that I truly miss. I dumped a lot of equipment when I quit playing in the band. Wireless guitar system mixer board etc. Wish i hadn't been so stupid and kept at least half of that stuff. But oh well.
  6. Shiney...Banker..Shay.........BELLIS
  7. HBD My friend
  8. Those were the days as far as boxing goes.
  9. Lurked since 1998 joined 1999 i believe
  10. NFL .com has us at 7
  11. Yo

    Speedy recovery