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  1. Yeah I don't get how people are picking the Packers especially. I guess it's just because the packers automatically are a playoff favorite for whatever reason. The saints packers seattle and dallas could all go away and i wouldnt be upset. Oh and NEW ENGLAND. I can't stand these teams
  2. Littlefinger should get his neck sliced by Arya next week. Night King will probably use his dragon to melt a portion of the wall down to get his army through. Little finger was in the beginning sequence of The dark Knight rises. may have known this but I just realized it this past weekend.
  3. Fair enough. I dont like Ledbetter. So I didn't completely read it. Sorry to hurt your feelings
  4. I'm fine with the pick. As for the article and saying he's the best on the draft......this is ledbetter we are talking about. So umm
  5. I watched it. I have no RAGRETS either.
  6. Could be. I actually wondered about her. Or, Tyrion for the love of his family( dunno how he could be accepted by Cersei) or Westeros.
  7. I just assume they are trying to get everything they can into this season so they can go out with a bang. I'm really not that butthurt about it. but it did cross my mind that way back in the very first episode. When the Stark family greeted the royal family and the King wanted to go to the crypts right away and cersei said... we been on the kings road for a MONTH and you want to go straight to the crypts....Something along that line. SO from king's landing to Winterfell took a month...So yeah they are using portals or something nowadays
  8. Yep, I got the new Xbox 1 and modding it up. Level 72 at the moment
  9. I'm 51 and been a fan as long as I can remember. And this has been the best ride. can't wait for this season to kick in.
  10. Harsh words. Campbell should probably be more understanding, considering he may soon learn getting over a devastating Super Bowl loss is easier said than done. Harsh words, yes. true word? YES
  11. So I binge watched this thing over two weeks and I am caught up. Dany is becoming a loon. very arrogant. I used to pull for her but now...hmmm Jon Snow....he knows nothing. So who do you think is passing info to the lannisters? Varys...... Tyrion? ( i really dont think so...but he is a Lannister so..... ORRRRR could it be Dany's right hand lady. You know grey worms honey bunny. When whats his name asked about her accent and wanted to know where she was from she said so and so... and he said oh yeah with the palm trees and the butterflies. and she just have this little hmm so as to not acknowledge or deny his statement. OR she was being a smug little butthead like Dany. but I just thought that was kind of an ODD exchange.
  12. That's good though because a Lannister always pays his debts. And I;m sure the money was needed. LOL yeah corny I know..sorry