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  1. Hey man, dont worry about people having a difference of opinion. Whether they like it or not ... we are entitled to our opinions. Even when people dont like it.
  2. Isn't that a large coffee at Starbucks? LOL
  3. Exactly. But does Arthur feel that way?
  4. Exactly. These guys are fighting for Quinn's job. And possibly some theirs. Tanking is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If I was a player I'd be insulted that the fan base thinks the first pick in the draft will FIX everything. heck with this FO's reputation they'd even mess that up too. Losing is NEVER ok in football. Sorry but that's my opinion. I know in 2019 it's not cool to have your own opinion. But I do.
  5. LoL wheels will have to come off a la the superbowl to get him fired now. 20-6 but hey it's the falcons... saints can still pull it out for you tanker folks... 20 to 9 my bad
  6. Round 1 I mock thee,,,you think you're special because you're number 1. Round 2 i mock thee as well the middle round NEVER gets to be be mom's favorite. Round 3 you are so mockable it's pathetic. You are 1 and 2 added together. I mock all of you.
  7. Done , sir
  8. If anybody played well enough to get it I suppose
  9. I like your style man. LOL toofunny
  10. he inherited that defense he didnt build it. nice try though
  11. thanks I didnt wanna read all that.
  12. Not sure he ever knew+