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  1. For real. For years i thought it was just my guitars
  2. Records, for the most part...well, sometimes go out the window with these two teams. I can't wait for the Katrina bowl flashback they always want to show everytime we play in that toilet they call a dome.
  3. he was nothing but mouth from the moment they drafted him. Adios chump
  4. Same. But what does bother me...TERRIBLY .....is the New England Patriots are trash now ,and I cant even enjoy it because Brady isn't there anymore. But hey at least Cam Newton is there. So, its not a complete loss
  5. I love my Epiphone LES PAUL. I like that color on yours.
  6. I just don't think he has the "want to".
  7. Marla Maples. JIm Arnold ( ex punter for Detroit) and Debbie Norville
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