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  1. Apparently Gene Simmons ruffled a few feathers with his tweet the other day. Pretty much saying women need to chose between family or career they cant do both.
  2. Beat me to it.
  3. TRUE...and to be honest the Falcons bring that on themselves.
  4. That's better than hearing about the superbowl loss and the hangover and etc etc. They still werent as bad as Collinsworth. Smile, they won. Who really cares?
  5. This guy seems to know football lets call him....LOL. Just kidding btw
  6. So....I keep hearing how The Last Jedi is supposed to break tradition with other star wars movies etc etc excedrin. How Rian Johnson takes a lot of liberties etc etc etc. But then I hear that the opening sequence is the resistance base on a planet that is covered with minerals of some kind ( that just happens to look like snow) is going to be attacked bu the new order and there will be goriila walkers. AT AT's that are bigger and kind of resemble a gorilla. ANYWAY, so they are having a battle on a white planet and they are forced to escape.. ...Kind of sounds like Empire Strikes back to me. And then the whole Rey being trained by Luke a la yoda and luke. I really want this movie to be good but ummmm I'm worried it will be well you know....another remake of Empire. They do say there are several ermagurd moments in it so...who knows what to expect. MINUS WHALE go see it anyways
  7. Sark suggested a logo change to better reflect his version of the offense
  8. What's Marla Maples got to do with this. She's from my hometown btw.....not that that is an amazing thing to be proud of. Deborah Norville also from my hometown. Lots of useless info there for ya.
  9. Hey dont mind him it's just another "look at me I want attention" multiple thread starter.