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  1. I really dont think they will make it either. Could be wrong. But I just feel like they will implode. And it wont bother me if they do. It's football, it aint life.
  2. It's all about the team for me. If a player goes to another team, they are dead to me.
  3. Yeah I'm gonna have to eat crow on Liking Coleman better than Freeman. But Honestly, neither is what we need. Just like you said. Bring in a power back.
  4. You know honestly Blank is at fault here too. I mean he did roll Mike Vick around on the sidelines after he was injured that time. So he obviously likes to be liked and I reallyt dont have a problem with that. But stop hiring coaches that want to be a brother or a buddy. They need a coach with a fire that know as I am typing this. I just remembered a thought I had yesterday before I turned the game off. When the fight started on the field. They shot over and showed Quinn. He stood there like he was scared to move. Jump on someone's rear. Do something to show a little fire. Heck at least Smitty got in a players face once. I cant remember what game but i was there. Sorry for my rambling.
  5. For real....and the dirty bird died with the 99 falcons. Or should have.
  6. I remember. And Pepperidge farms does too.
  7. Stupid I guess. 53 years old. That's all I've ever known. My dad got me on all the GA teams. Except hawks I had a period there where I watched back in the 80's ...havent watched since. And he loved the dawgs
  8. All of the brotherhood needs some fatherhood figures. They don't need their leader to be a brother they need him to be a father. Weird analogy I suppose but, think about it. Kids who have a parent who wants to be their buddy and not their parent tend to think they can do anything because papa has their back or mama does. They need a parent who can be their friend not a a buddy parent. Falcons need a coach not another brother. Mora was one of the guys...Smitty was...andddddddd
  9. To each his own. if I were a player i wouldnt be down with that trash. Winning is what i want. To each his own.
  10. I would lose respect for any team that TANKED. Given the state of Georgia team sports and years of let down. It's borderline on how much a person can take before they decide to spend their energy on other things. I dont understand the whole lets tank thing anyway. It's just stupid. Draft is just russian roulette anyways. No guarantees on your pick being great. Marcus Cotton, Aundrey Bruce, Vic Beasley.........I could go on and on
  11. It was incomplete just like Leftwich's
  12. Some truth to that I'd say, but not as much as you may believe.I used to think that too. But Vick is long gone and he wasn't as effective as Matt Ryan. He admits to being lazy back then. Best thing he did was beat Green Bay in Green Bay in the playoffs. I do wish Ryan had a cannon arm lik eVick but he don't and he took us to the Superbowl. he didnt lose the Sb coaching did. and poor execution
  13. Ahhhh I see