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  1. Was thinking the same thing. Hope we are wrong.
  2. Dont let this distract you from the fact that ..if The coach had out Uncle Rico in back in '82 they would have won state. He could throw the ball clear over a mountain.
  3. Wow another one. RIP RIC
  4. I just saw that he (eddie) died. RIP .
  5. You stole my idea....LOL. Hey at least (unlike most) we can joke about it. It is what it is. And it don't define me so..I can look back with pain but still have a sense of humor about it
  6. If it were 28-3............nah
  7. I bet Deion Sanders regrets the hype video after that one.
  8. A+ game..may even have to bite people under the pile....
  9. No offense,,,but I could care less about what other teams did. We stunk it up and saying well pittsburgh stunk worse doesn't make me feel a bit better. But yeah dude I know what youre trying to say. A win next week. ( i doubt it though ) and I will be back on cloud nine. The life if a falcon fan. Gotta love it
  10. I am losing more and more confidence in Quinn. it started last year and now already this year ..I feel he wants to be one of the boys instead of being the freaking coach. Yell at them when they do stupid stuff. Just like having a kid and always trying to be their buddy instead of being a darn parent. I said it somewhere in this thread. I have never been a fan of Freeman. And has done nothing to change my mind.
  11. I have never been a Freeman fan. But it is what it is.