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  1. Yep SB win or bust. If you get there and dont win. Just dont get there.
  2. Playing in the superbowl. They've been there and done that twice. Lets win one for a change. I know I know...gotta get in to win. I'm being petty. But the heck with playing in one.
  3. Nope. Dude isn't a QB. He's a joke and always has been. imho.
  4. With just the Superbowl to go there's no way anyone can catch PMF. So Congratulations on winning the league this year. Here are the standings (doesn't include SB picks.) PMF 187 187-79 2 K.C. 178 178-88 3 Lowndesfalc 175 175-91 4 Skeetbird 175 175-91 5 lymond 169 169-97 6 Romfal 167 167-99
  5. he's a cowboy ..on a steel horse he rides.. he's fonted......dead or alive...FONTED.....dead or aliveeee
  6. As much as i hate the Bucs and Brady. It will never be stronger than my love for seeing the Saints booted from the playoffs.
  7. A good couch doesnt need to be on the sideline though.
  8. Although these TikTok girls arent on the same FAME level as the Kardashamites. These girls who stand in one place doing the same moves as the last girl they watched and get thousands of followers. This country is doomed when the tik tok generation is in control of it
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