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  1. Who were you back then? Sorry i probably should know this ..but I go in and out so much. What happened to daddyKnowsBes...biggie falcon...too many names have disappeared. Shaman.....etc
  2. Good Ol' Dan. he got me my first sideline passes to my very first falcon game. Not to mention asking me and a few others to come to the training camp to give input on the design and functionality of the AF website back the. I met a lot of cool folks that day. Including Sac/Gazoo/ and Cappy...and lots more. Yeah those were the days.
  3. I dont pull for anyone who isn't a Falcon.....ex falcons arent falcons to me
  4. Clowny to Atlanty......Gurely to antlanty etc etc
  5. They got the beat ...all Pat has is promises in the dark.....
  6. OMG you are reading my mind today..Bwahaha
  7. I LOL'd on this because I was actually thinking "he knows tannehill is his QB Right?
  8. WOW you can really dance....Wow YOU can really dance,,,,,,we've been dancing all this time what a coincidance.
  9. Hate to see Ito go.....but I cant lie smash mouth football is what we need.
  10. I joined in 98 i believe. So yeah i been around awhile. Though I lots most of my post count. But I aint bothered with all that.
  11. Yep SB win or bust. If you get there and dont win. Just dont get there.
  12. Playing in the superbowl. They've been there and done that twice. Lets win one for a change. I know I know...gotta get in to win. I'm being petty. But the heck with playing in one.
  13. Nope. Dude isn't a QB. He's a joke and always has been. imho.
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