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  1. LOL good one sir.
  2. They leaked in 2003 I was here. Maybe you mean marketing leaks them on purpose
  3. I hate that you just told the truth there. I can't stand them. But tis true.
  4. LOL so true
  5. I still dont care about the rams or chargers though
  6. I feel ya man. No worries.
  7. I'm being playful. Yessh people chill. I retract my jokes. I remember a time when a sense of humor was acceptable on here. Clearly not now. Go Falcons and rams and chargers. Hows that .. seriously peeps. I am seldom political. I was making a joke I see far worse jokes made about a whole lot worse topics grow up everybody
  8. uh oh ive been trumped
  9. It did happen to the 49ers once upon a time. But that was a different time. They hated the new logo ..pitched a fit and it was scrapped.
  10. No offense. But, I'm just over here wondering why the Falcon's new uniform thread is about the Rams and Chargers all of a sudden. I personally could care less about their uni's. But hey, I'm not a democrat so I believe everyone is entitled to opinions.
  11. ****Update on logo**** it's staying the same. See? now your hopes are coming true. I just updated you.
  12. Other than being bigger. you are correct.
  13. SAME HERE. I fthis thing drags out til Football season, the NFL is the least of our worries.
  14. I agree that's worse than what we got.