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  1. Cordarrell has been biggest part of our offense anyway..its gone be ok.... right? 🤔right? oh lawd
  2. Gurley to Atlanty wait we did that.. ok. umm The uniforms are growing on me
  3. Skeetbird


    zat you cam.....? NO
  4. Back in the day...early early 2000's. I posted multiple times a day. Now, I mostly read. No real reason. Except maybe that being right isn't that important to me anymore. That and very few people are left from the early 2000's and my sense of humor gets lost on you new folks.
  5. I'm 56 now and dont remember anything but the Falcons. My dad and two older brothers made sure of that.......
  6. I was on vacation and realized I hadn't started the pick em yet and checked to make sure it wasnt started already and it is. Good job sir. I'll join both
  7. It may have been mentioned ,as i havent read this whole thread. But what about the days where Johnnybuc called us all delusional every preseason because we thought we would be good that year. And falconmania777 and his rants.....always speaking like he was emperor palpatine " all is going as I have foreseen" lol. Shiney not wearing pants. I mean we had a few kooks but it was much funner back then. No offense to anyone who is relatively new since the early 2000's. I still have lots of pics from our visit that gazoo and i have mentioned.. tons of sideline pics ....jstammer use to head up the yearly MB get together. Was just different back then. I have always lurked but I quit posting after it got real crazy and one day decided to jump back in. i lost huge numbers of post counts but i aint worried about that.
  8. To be honest ..i don't but I was just happy to be there. I remember the war room better than i do anything else. And the weight room. And getting goodies given to us in the dining area.
  9. YEah I believe his name was Damian. I met him once or twice. he was kind of shy. Not as shy as me but pretty shy.
  10. I will never forget those days. One of my favorite things was getting to go into Dan Reeves' office. Good old Dan Levak.
  11. Biggie falcon Shiney Mcshine Falconmania777 Dj11/ Capologist yeah I know you're still here from time to time Shay56 Shaman daddyknowsbest/ damian crazy how you cant remember names but when you see them listed youre like....O h man I remember that nutcase etc I'm having trouble remembering some names
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