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  1. If the past holds true...probably no teeth at all
  2. I would say yes but they are watching so no.
  3. Ok, so ,,,,what about the Flat Earth folks? And what about the Hollow Earth folks that say a civilization is through a hole in the north pole I believe it was.? Hows that for a can of worms?
  4. Sums up how I feel. Sorry snowflakes.
  5. Hey look it's Sark choosing our next play.....
  6. Well its been a week or tow since this was brought up. Might as well bring it up again. But they aint changing.
  7. Pretty much.,,,,same here. And I HATE the PATS. I could care less if they NEVER go to another Superbowl.
  8. Not until now
  10. We still have our other chihuahua and german shepherd. They are both just over a year old. Sadly we have lost 3 13 year old dogs in the last year and a half. I know my fellow dog lovers know this hurt all too well. And if not they know the love we have for them.
  11. We lost this little girl tuesday. She was having symptoms of diarrhea. Couldn't get it to go away they did exploratory surgery and found that a previous operation had caused complications they fixed the best they could. But she was 13 and I guess it was too much for her. She died two days after the surgery. My heart is broken over this. But I'm glad she's not hurting anymore.
  12. it's over now
  13. Yeah i downloaded it the week it came out. Havent played in a little while. May give it a go again once all the bugs are fixed...or at least most of them are
  14. Have you down loaded the Bruma mod? Not great ..not terrible. The caves are YUGE