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  1. What incentive is there? Win or lose, the franchise has a 30-year captive audience.
  2. Looking at what is available on PSLsource, I think some brokers bought heavy and looking to reduce their exposure. Why else would someone buy a 21 seat PSL in the upper corners? Can a PSL owner subdivide his account?
  3. I think the "failure" being discussed is from the buyer's perspective. The sellers absolutely succeeded in raising cash. Funding came from a variety of sources, including convincing government officials that the new stadium was the best use of tax revenues.
  4. As the financial realities of PSLs begin to settle in, there will probably be an increase in "buyer's remorse." I wouldn't be surprised if this is about the last time NFL owners try the PSL trick. There is too much bad information coming from San Francisco and Atlanta buyers.
  5. That is probably a better deal than going through a broker who charges a commission. Does the GWCC/Falcons charge a transfer fee?
  6. Did you buy this season's tickets before you sold the PSL? I noticed a lot of PSLs for sale on PSLsource do not include this season's tickets. They are actually selling a 29 year PSL. Seems like as each year passes, the intrinsic value will go down 3.3 percent. After 10 years, the PSL is good for 20 more years and worth only 2/3rds of the original price. Obviously, the market will affect the price.
  7. Based on what I have read, the PSLs for sale on sites like PSLsource are fully paid up? Anyone wanting to sell has to pay off the account?
  8. That makes it tough. I was thinking along the lines of timeshares where you sign it over to someone who is willing to take over payments. I think I read somewhere that there were already 2,000 defaults.
  9. I didn't buy a PSL, so I may not know all the details, but it seems to me that selling yours for whatever you can get on the secondary market could be better than just defaulting. Whatever loses the least amount of money. The way I see it, the franchise has their PSL money and a 30-year captive audience. What motivation do they have to put a product on the field that sells tickets? Theoretically, they have sold out for the life of the stadium and can charge whatever they want for season tickets after year 3. Am I over-simplifying the problem?
  10. With PSLs, the owner now has a captive audience. There is no longer a need to offer incentives, just field a team to play the games. I'm sure the owner wants to win a championship to satisfy his ego, but winning seasons, cheap concessions, and freebies aren't as important as they were when fans didn't have to buy tickets to the games. Use it or lose it.
  11. I paid for my Dome STH seats back in January with a promised delivery date of mid-March through mid-April. Now they want to hold on to the Dome just in case the Great Sphincter isn't operational by the start of the season. As I see it, they have had my money for three months and now they want to delay delivery another three months. Am I wrong to feel that those seats became my personal property as of mid-April? The GWCC can delay demolition of the Dome as long as they want, but please ship me my seats as promised. If they need the place for a game, they can put in folding lawn chairs. Anyone else feel this way?
  12. "greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL" That's your first clue...
  13. Most everyone predicted a close game. Doesn't anyone smell a potential beat down, or are they just following the Vegas line?
  14. The stadium will never be as loud as it was for the NFCCG in the Dome last week.
  15. I thought we were the "home" team. Why is the Falcons bench on the visitors' side? Look at how the logos are facing.
  16. I would think if "The fix was in" it would be for the Falcons. The owner is building a new stadium and needs to sell PSLs. Just look at all the close calls in the playoffs that went the Falcons way. "Come on, man." If the game was fixed, what are we getting so excited about?
  17. I was reading the Pats message board and they have a lot more experience with Super Bowls than we do. Same complaints and frustrations that have been expressed here. Claims that the owner sets aside a big block of tickets for "club" members (suite owners?) and that STHs get a crack at only about 500-1,000 tickets. On the positive side, they think the neutral fans (at least those who will actually pay attention to the game) will be cheering for the Falcons because the Pats have won more than their share of Super Bowls.
  18. Congrats Bigsam06. Just goes to show you how crazy lottery drawings can be. One chance vs STHs with 36 or more chances and you hit. Some people spend their paychecks every week on Powerball tickets and the person who decides to buy a ticket on a whim wins the jackpot. Good on ya'. I don't think anyone has insinuated that the process was rigged, just that the pool of tickets available to the STHs was a tiny fraction of the 17.5 percent allotted to the owner. Has anyone figured out the ratio so far? One in?
  19. Blank is taking all his employees to the game, players and staff need tickets for friends and family, and there probably is a big block of tickets set aside for suite holders. Subtract the the tickets allocated to "On Location" for their so-called packages and there are most likely precious few tickets left for the STHs.
  20. My daughter got a decent looking licensed Roddy throwback iron-on for $40 on Ebay.
  21. Face it folks, the Superbowl has become an exclusive party where the powerful and privileged curry favor. They don't want too many blue-collar fans smelling up the place. Hand out a few tickets at face value to the "unwashed masses" to keep us from revolting. Look at the packages - not the parties the big dogs will be attending. Basically an excuse to jack the price into a healthy profit margin and discourage the average Joe. The distribution should be closer to 45 percent for each team's fans and 10 percent for the Captains of Industry.
  22. The packages I saw were just a ticket and some parties. No hotel room, no travel. Correct me if I am wrong.
  23. There are some real OGs on this board. Show me a winner...
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