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  1. My son and I are going to be in Section 112, Row 57! Any spots outside the stadium where other Atlanta fans are gathering before the game?
  2. I'll be there along with my son. His first time at Lambeau. Me, I've been living in Wisconsin for over 18 years now. He's just as die hard Red and Black as me. Oh well, had hotel and tickets since the season started, who knew?
  3. Living here in Wisconsin and watching plenty of Badger games this kid is a beast. **** good receiver out of the backfield, too. Plus, he's a friend of a friend and I'm hoping for some free stuff! LOL!
  4. I kinda agree with you on this one. Two sraight years of forkin out the extra bills for Sunday Ticket because I live in Wisconsin and then watchin them get their azz stomped Sat. night. Pfft, I'll still cheer on my birds but no more spotlight s**t. This Rise Up s**t needs to go too. Packer fans are crackin on that video off of YouTube all week now. **** I hate it here!
  5. Been a Falcons fan for over 22 years now. Livin in Wisconsin the past 15. He's 12 and a die hard ever since the 3rd grade.Took him to his first game in '09 when we played the Vikes around Xmas. The way this season was goin we all had high hopes, was even plannin a trip to the Big Show because of the family that lives around Dallas. Then came Saturday. Then came the 4th quarter and the tears just swelled up in his eyes.The week before when we found out we would be playin the Pack again he wanted this win more than a SB because it meant braggin rights to all his friends at school. To see Rodgers
  6. Now that the Falcons are out it's AFC all the way, that's how I roll. I live in Wisconsin and this loss really sucks.
  7. I had a 3 day weekend so goin in to work today was goin to be a beyatch, livin in Wisconsin and all. Talkin to one of my buddies at work he said that Atlantas Fullback was talkin smack last week about GB's defense is soft and can't tackle.Capers took it upon himself to let his defense know what was being said. Anyone know if this is true? Just wonderin? I still bleed red and black no matter what!
  8. How about red and black camo for Veteran's Day.
  9. Why not walk into any of these places with your Falcons gear on and enjoy the games? Are they f***in' with you? Ask 'em if they ever had their sh** pushed in and they'll STFU!
  10. Ebay is where I had the best luck. 3 authentics for 50 bucks or less each. Dunn, Turner, and Gonzo.
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