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  1. I have Hulu they removed the regionals Fox Sports channels (Same thing for YouTubeTV ). So no more braves, hawks, Atlanta United for me. For those in a similar situation how do you handle this? I was listening to the preseason hawks game last night (from 92.9 internet feed). I also did this for Atlanta United. I don't mind it at all. I recall listening to the braves/MLB on the radio when I was a kid a long time ago. However my son is younger. He doesn't think this a suitable option. That's a problem I'll have to deal with. But I was talking to some people- they said they stream the games from reddit. I did a google search for the game, found it. But the site (not reddit) seemed so shaddy and I was nervous I was going to get a virus from the site. It also wanted me to download a VPN service. Which costs 10 bucks a month. All of these hoops-- makes me not sure what to do. I particularly don't want cable again. Just too dang expensive. Any tips? Surely I can't be the only one in this situation. Thanks
  2. Saw this on another message board and thought it would be interesting over here. The question was-- rank the sports team that you root for with the categories being primary/ secondary. Primary means you watch every game you can and live day to day following the team. Secondary means probably closer to a casual fan- - you can miss some games but still follow the team as best you can. I'll start: Primary: 1. Falcons 2. Braves 3. US Soccer Secondary: 1. FSU Football 2. FSU Basketball 3. Hawks I'll say that this year that FSU football and the falcons swapped at times (yeah there are no rules here obviously).
  3. So I'm sitting at my desk working and some guy from desktop support comes to my desk-- sees my falcons license plate and says "IT people aren't supposed to like football or sports". He could of passed for one of the nerds from Revenge of the Nerds for sure. Now I'm in IT, a software developer, and it got me thinking I wonder how many people that post here are in IT. Let's here it. Alos on average, to check the stereotype, how many IT'ers where you work are into football/ sports? Thanks
  4. How many teams in all sports do you think someone realistically can be an avid fan of? Here's an example: I'm an avid fan of the FSU big three, plus United States soccer, basektball and baseball. That's six teams. Now I'm a casual fan of a slew of teams, especially pro teams (falcons/braves) and maybe some other college teams ranging from where I grew up to where I live now. If someone lists 15 teams I just can't believe they are an avid fan of all these teams. Being an avid fan, of course, is open for interpretation. But I would think most peple would come close to what avid actually means: "characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous pursuit" So how many teams do you think is realistic for someone to be an avid team for?
  5. Which one did you major in and how tough was it for you? How did you decide to major in a science? Thanks
  6. Excellent reply. Video games, fantasy sports, etc are nerdy. I was an athlete as well and it irked me to see a jock pick on some scrawny kid. However, I do think that the jocks do get a bad rap. The people that bully others were usually athletes. Instead it was some loser that had free time and was too lazy to play for a sports team. So instead he picks on scrawny kids.
  7. Would you still root for the schools' football team? Assuming the bully was a football player.... Maybe you grew up always enjoying sports becasue dad is a fan. However, you're kind of small and clumsy, obviously not an athlete. So you end up getting bullied by a football player. Would you root for the football team, still trying to be part of the excitement? Just wondering if you can offer up some advice. Thanks
  8. I'll have to disagree with you. The people that post on a teams' message board are the fanatical. We spend a lot of free time keeping up with the team and to say Joe Average fan that doesn't visit a message board or doesn't follow the team as closely is more fanatical doesn't make sense. Do we paint our face? Who the **** knows. I don't, nor would I dress up at some Star Wars convention- neither is my cup of tea. I do know that the message board folks are there for a reason and it's generally a way to root on the team that goes beyond the non-message board fans that also go to the games and know one or two names.
  9. Got it.... However, I always thought the people that post on message boards are the diehard fans.
  10. So are you saying that some people that come on sports internet boards are not true sports fans? Just making sure it's clear what you are saying.
  11. So just from the number of people that have posted in this thread is it fair to say that the "sports vs science fiction (&comic book)" stereotype is just that--- a sterotype? That there are plenty of people that like both?
  12. So does Lucas have to approve of any novel/comic/cartoon that comes out regarding Star Wars?
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