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  1. Well, Sidbury might as well go. If anything, judging by his opportunities he's regressed. And I'd rather have Anderson on the field over Davis because Anderson is more versatile and has a higher upside. I must say though, I'm really disappointed with the apparent lack of progression of Sidbury. I honestly thought he'd make a case to be the heir apparent to Abraham after this season. I said it this past draft, but obviously the front office knows more than I do, so I can't really knock em... but defensive end needs to be a priority. DE and OL for this years draft.
  2. The fact that we're relying on a rookie LB not named Lawrence Taylor to help the defensive line get a pass rush really reinforces our lack of dominance on the defensive line. Offensive Line and Defensive Line should be huge priorities this offseason.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Of course, I also didn't think Heath Ledger would make a good Joker, so what do I know? :mellow:
  4. "Maybe we'd pick up the blitz or throw it hot and we weren't able to make the play," Tony Gonzalez said. "Like me, on one third down I dropped that ball down in the red zone. You can't do that. You can't have those mistakes." The pass skidded off Gonzalez' hands and was intercepted by Philadelphia cornerback Asante Samuel. "I'm glad it didn't turn into a score for them, but if you make those plays maybe we go in to score," Gonzalez said. "It's one of those things where we have to play better and we have to execute." Also, Gonzalez said he saw bracket coverage from two players on most third dow
  5. Don't forget one of the biggest missing parts of our offense, pass protection.
  6. I voted for American Werewolf in London, but I can remember being a kid and fan of horror pics... Silver Bullet was the first movie that made me turn it off. It that scene when the preacher was dreaming he was in church and everyone in there started turning into a werewolf.
  7. I voted for the Hills Have Eyes, but I was speaking on behalf of the remake (most younger guys don't realize it's even a remake). That movie was pretty brutally good. Some parts almost made you feel uncomfortable.
  8. Why must everything be about black and white with you?
  9. I think they're both listed rather generally. I've seen other reports of Owens listed at 5'9" which, even though an inch off, is probably closer to his actual height of 5'8"(he and Grimes are 5'8" imo). I can remember meeting Terrance Mathis in person one time. He was listed at 6'0. Boy was that a lie.
  10. Sorry, I stopped right here and didn't bother to read the rest... The FREE SAFETY is the one who lines up the secondary, not the STRONG SAFETY.(in most defenses) The post just seemed to lose some value after that so I didn't bother continuing.
  11. lol... sorry buddy. didn't mean to strike a nerve.
  12. Those clips seem to hurt the argument. She looks like a skinny little girl in all of those... ...Scarlet it is.
  13. I personally always get a laugh out of it. He manages to trash talk without being disrespectful.
  14. ...and don't forget Dontae Robinson.
  15. I'm questioning some of you guys sexuality. The pickiness by some of the same guys who've never had a chic remotely as fine as either of these women is downright hillarious.
  16. I'm black and love all types of music. But sure, I lean towards R&B/Soul and/or hip hop. If you're white, don't you favor rock/alternative over R&B/Hip hop. Seems like a pretty easy answer to me. It's just a culture thing. *shrugs shoulders*
  17. Her sister's got booty too! Maybe not as big, but the genetics are definitely there.
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