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  1. The hole in the roof is gonna be like a magnifying glass when the roof is open. I don't blame Quinn for switching sides. Let the other team deal with it.
  2. Relax brother, Saubert may turn out to be quality depth. I can see why teams passed on Hodges the guy sounds like an idiot.
  3. I like him. I see some Harvey Dahl in this guy. Not the best athlete but one nasty mf.
  4. Yep, like I said probably wishful thinking that we can keep most of them out. But we have a team this time that can shut them up if we play like we've been playing.
  5. Was very proud of the Dome yesterday. We represented like we should. Unfortunately it will be TOTALLY different come Sunday. We'll still win though.
  6. Well I guess it doesn't matter then. Expect "Go Pack Go" to be deafening in the Dome on Sunday.
  7. That's what I mean. And you know they are foaming at the mouth with just one game till the Super Bowl. Most of these people live in ATL and have never set foot in Green Bay.
  8. Nothing worse than 30000 cheese freaks in the Dome in a championship game. Probably wishful thinking though. #dontsell
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