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  1. a trade up for Young would be too expensive. 1st round - I like Kinlaw or one of the LB's Queen or Murray. Alton Robinson DE in later rounds would be my choice. Alton Robinson
  2. Kinlaw - or if he isn't there either Queen or Murray at LB. For DE - I like Alton Robinson in the later rounds.
  3. To keep things in perspective: Yahoo sports had the below breakdown of the Falcons 2016 draft. Atlanta Falcons Grade we gave then: C- Funniest line in retrospect: “Deion Jones is a fast coverage linebacker, but neither [he nor Keanu Neal] are complete players yet.” Welp, at least we got the “fast coverage linebacker” part right. Best evaluation in retrospect: If you read what we said about most of the players, we had their evaluations pretty close. We just misjudged the value of those picks and felt most of them were overdrafted. How we did: We bemoaned their not drafting a defensive lineman that year, which proved to be a little short-sighted considering they almost won the Super Bowl. This might not have been the most exciting draft class in history, but we should have liked it a lot more at the time, it turns out. Fouled out to the third baseman on this one.