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  1. OMG, did he really invoke the name Jamaal Anderson?
  2. Peter King ‏@SI_PeterKing 17h 61.57% chance they do. Billy Ellis @B_ELLIS24 @SI_PeterKing do you think Falcons give Julio Jones an extension before season starts??
  3. Great Draft so far!! No complaints here!!
  4. I would trade up for Williams or Fowler, but that's about it.
  5. I'm just glad the penalty finally came down. Now, the team can plan accordingly.
  6. Would the Saints have had to make the Graham and Stills trades if Brees had been willing to restructure his contract for Cap space?
  7. a 1-year $1M deal, according to Adam Schefter. Not bad!
  8. I live 4 hours south of ATL, so I'm not able to go all the time. I go to a game every 2 or 3 years, and I scream my @$$ off when I go!
  9. @alexmarvez: Source tells @FOXSports that #Falcons DBs coach Tim Lewis is leaving to become #49ers DBs coach.
  10. If I were to guess, I'd say Roddy's not a HOF. Definitely Falcons Ring of Honor though.
  11. Fran Tarkenton ‏@Fran_Tarkenton 9 minutes ago Hearing Dan Quinn as next #Falcons HC. #NFL credentials? Inherited a good Seahawks D. Not much of a track record for Shanahan either.
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