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  1. It's going to take longer than just this first season for him to right this ship... I just have to convince myself that I'm here for the rebuild. I'm so tired of the suck. My personal issues aside, I believe this no-nonsense dude is the right guy for the job, until he proves otherwise. That said, he better be all over that OG situation. That was brutal Sunday.
  2. Funny, but you get the down vote for clapping your hands really loud in a room with a shell-shocked Falcons fan.
  3. Available FAs include, Austin Reiter (C/G)-KC, D.J. Fluker(G)-MIA, Joe Dahl(G)-DET, Nick Easton(G)-NO, Kelechi Osemele(G)-KC, J.R. Sweezy(G)-NO, Ben Garland(G/C)-SF, Forrest Lamp(G)-BUF, James Carpenter(G)-ATL. That's not including available Tackles. Tackles should be able to play G, though, and there are some semi-decent ones available: Mitchell Schwartz(T)-KC, Russell Okung(T)-CAR, Rick Wagner(T)-GB, Demar Dotson(T)-DEN, Roderick Johnson(T)-HOU, Marshall Newhouse(T)-TEN. https://nfltraderumors.co/top-50-2021-nfl-free-agents/
  4. Can I honestly bear another season like this as a fan? I'm not sure I can. See you guys when I see you.
  5. It's hard not to pile on the negativity. The front office had their hands tied coming in with the salary cap. We knew they were going to have to play out of their minds to win games. This is pretty ugly. Hopefully, they will hit a rhythm early in the season at some point and make it respectable.
  6. Dean Pees is working with patchy talent. Give him a few series to adjust. He can combat that RPO QB run by Hurts by sending Means or Fowler at the QB on the weak side instead of pursuing the RB. Pees will adjust.
  7. Are we really about to watch NFL football that counts?!?! MAN! That was a LOOOONG offseason! Let's go, boys! Go Falcons!
  8. I hear what you're saying, and there is some logic to it. But I just believe there are no more sacred cows on this team. Everyone, including Matt, will have to prove themselves each season... heck, each game, to retain a roster spot. I don't think we can look at it so broadly any longer. Matt will have to prove himself to be here for any length of time.
  9. I would expect Jaylen to look like a rookie this week against a stout Philly DL, but I believe the dude has a crazy high ceiling. He'll win plenty, as well. And AS will play-call to buffer his team's weaknesses.
  10. I really wish the game was today. I guess that means I have to work out in the yard. Sigh.
  11. Hoping they bring Huntley back on PS.
  12. I'm sold. He can be good player with those skills and measurables... and attitude.
  13. Without question: Caleb Huntley, Josh Rosen, Richie Grant, Avery Williams and Emmanuel Ellerbee. Good showings: T.J. Green, Qadree Ollison, D'Onte Foreman
  14. We still have yet to see Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, Russel Gage, Mike Davis, the starting OL, Hayden Hurst, Cordarrelle Patterson, Grady Jarrett, Dante Fowler Jr., or Debo take a single snap. Now, none of us have the warm fuzzies about our depth right now, but I see no reason why not to hold out some hope for a wait and see approach.
  15. No one... and I mean NO ONE wants to hear Drew Brees talk this much.
  16. The individual feel of that center/QB exchange has had only 5 or 6 days to develop. That doesn't bother me.
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