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  1. LOL! I totally misread what you said, bro. My bad. And I totally agree with you.
  2. Really? I definitely don't see Q touching the play calling this season.
  3. I expect him to enable his secondary to fly around without having to think too much. His strength as a coach is communication and in teaching his players how to communicate effectively. Which is key in the secondary. I also believe he turns Ulbrich and Lupoi loose on the front 7 and shares the play calling with Ulbrich again. I believe the D is a strength this season. I really do.
  4. I don't know. I'd prefer the secondary leadership continue to fall to KeKe and Coach Ricardo Allen.
  5. I see. So, you see no reason at all for any sort of hope for this coming season. Right? What is your position, then? Public Falcons naysayer? Do you hope I'm right, or do you just want the Falcons to keep sucking so you can be proven right?
  6. I’m not gonna lie, Clay Matthews would be a solid, close to vet minimum signing that could pay big dividends.
  7. Why would that even be a fear? You saw the adjustments last season. The improvement. The defense is settled with the coaching changes. I trust Raheem to develop defensive talent. For me, the only question mark is Koetter, and how well DQ can oversee that situation, so as not to need another half of a season to make corrections there if need be. I believe the Falcons are a vastly improved team compared to this time last season, including DQ.
  8. I like this signing. This front office seems more focused on building a squad with depth than usual. It’s about time.
  9. Joe Whitt will bring the best out of our CBs. The fact that none of these guys have had #1 slapped on their name yet means nothing. Dirk Koetter isn't the greatest, but he isn't the worst either. And he isn't operating on an island. Matt Ryan has a ton of say in the offense, and Ryan is solid. I expect a strong step forward for the O this season. Strong competition brings the best out of our players. I have no fear at all about this and expect us to be a better team for it.
  10. Who would you cut to bring that guy in? And it's not all just that simple. Even guys you cut have cap repercussions. Like I said, I'm just not seeing it in the cards. But, bro, what the heck do I know?! LOL!
  11. Oliver started putting it together late last year. I believe he's really improved, and I'm not as worried about him as I once was.
  12. I would start my process of elimination with the following rivalries: Top 8 Packers/Vikings Falcons/Saints Chiefs/Broncos Steelers/Ravens Cowboys/Eagles 49ers/Seahawks Patriots/Jets Colts/Texans -------------------------- Top 4 Packers/Vikings Falcons/Saints Cowboys/Eagles Steeler/Ravens Winner Packers/Vikings
  13. I believe several new guys really step up this season, but the one who would qualify as the "biggest pleasant suprise" for me would be... Todd Gurley. The rumors about his arthritic knee have been way overblown and I believe he tears up the league in Atlanta this year.
  14. The presence of Fowler Jr, and the fact that the Falcons didn't pick up his 5th year option, gives Takk major incentive to break out this season. If for no other reason, he wants to get paid. That said, I believe the pair, Fowler and Takk, provide consistent pressure this season. No idea the sack numbers, obviously, but it wouldn't surprise me to see 10 sacks from each of them. Grady will continue his Pro Bowl play. The addition of Marlon Davidson will pay sizable rookie season dividends, and the addition of Charles Harris will add talented pass rush depth that we have not seen in Atlanta in a long time. Means, Davison, Bailey, Comisky, and (longshot selection) Latu will offer more than sufficient platoon help, so... I mean throw the homer eggs at me if you want to, but I see this group putting together a top 12 performance.
  15. I hear you. We all have our own opinions. I enjoy hearing them all. Well, most of them. LOL! But we all have our own way of seeing things. I felt Davidson was vastly underrated leading up to the draft, and always believed they would come off the board, one right after the other. I was shocked when Davidson fell to #47. But as far as I'm concerned, we are huge winners because of it. I appreciated your viewpoint, though, brother.
  16. I'm as die-hard an Auburn fan as they come. I've watched every Auburn game since the 1980 season. And from my perspective Brown and Davidson are equal talents. Very similar motors. Very similar commitment to technique. Same dog mentality. Both very coachable. Brown edges Davidson against the run. Davidson edges Brown in pass rush. But the differences aren't drop offs on a trend... they're tiny blips. Minuscule differences, in my opinion. We got a #### solid player.
  17. I agree. I'm actually hoping to see some Mikey Daniels runs at the goal line this season.
  18. That's quite a bit of pass rush coming from DT this season. I like it.
  19. Agreed. What surprised me the most with all the “he’s washed up talk” was that when I watched game film from last season he looked just as fast as previous seasons. It doesn’t look like he’s lost any athleticism to me.
  20. https://youtu.be/wbnXxu4ZkUg This is solid work by Alex Rollins. I couldn't agree more with him. Good watch. Edit: I'm old, and I can't remember how to embed a youtube video.
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