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  1. Bleacher Report ATLANTA FALCONS ACQUIRE JERRY HUGHES (Photo: Another team that might consider trading a highly paid star as it rebuilds? The Buffalo Bills, who have the cap space to retain veteran pass-rusher Jerry Hughes but might prefer to save $10.4 million and get something for Hughes ahead of a contract year. Potential trade: Falcons acquire Hughes in exchange for a third-round draft pick -via Bleacher Report
  2. Okay.
  3. If you had to choose... Hughes or Irvin? I think I would go with Hughes.
  4. Is anyone else feeling Trey Flowers would fit nicely in the Falcons system? The guy plays every position on the Patriots D line. He only averages 7 sacks a season, but he's a high motor guy, he's a leader, and he's a consistent menace across the board in every facet of his game. And, he may not command top FA dollar as some of the elite pass rushers will. Thoughts?
  5. For the record, I wasn't suggesting to get rid of Beasley, here. Although, I think any objective observer would take Flowers over Beasley right now. The overall disruption Trey Flowers brings, his effectiveness against the run, his versatility. But Beasley still has good upside. It just boils down to whether the Falcons can continue to have patience with him.
  6. I'll grant you that some careful vetting needs to be done, but there are examples out there that oppose your theory... LeGarrett Blount is still an excellent Thunder option in a ground attack. Jimmy Garoppollo is very good. Nate Solder is still solid. I can't think of any others, but Flowers would play well in our scheme, in my opinion.
  7. Let’s just hope Dimitroff recognizes his shortsightedness in not getting a viable replacement for Dontari Poe last year. Because if he recognizes that flaw in their plan from last off-season I won’t feel panicked about them pruning this off-season
  8. Down go the Aints!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  9. Didn't Cap start out as DJ11 or something? Who was that? Was it Cap?
  10. 1999 here, as well.
  11. This is a topic that surfaces most off-seasons, but I can't help myself. I'm ready for this team to change those Arena League uni's they've been wearing since Jam designed them back in the day. It's time to return to a more traditional uni, man. I'm not a fan of the tri-colored sleeves or the inverted pant stripe. Come on, Arthur... you should've changed 'em when MBS opened. Follow the Braves lead... CHANGE THE UNIFORMS! I guess that's all I have to say about that.
  12. Front office, Please go get Dee Ford in FA. Thanks, SoCal
  13. Shede... what a let down that guy was.
  14. Hey, speak for yourself... I mean... okay that's what you just did. LOL!
  15. Nah. The word "refresh" alludes to small changes.
  16. These throwbacks right here, with the new logo on them, or with the silver pants and maybe all black socks... and I would be right as rain.
  17. Braves Set To Refresh Uniforms
  18. I'm not reading into anything. I just don't like the uniforms. You read way too into my motives, there pal. Haha!
  19. Another reason could've been the opening of Mercedes Benz Stadium. New era, new look. They lost that perfect chance.
  20. 1980 sucked. I can't stand Danny White or Drew Pearson to this day. SMH
  21. Indeed. I would be thrilled with any of the following players being acquired in FA: Demarcus Lawrence (will never hit the market) Trey Flowers (will probably be re-signed) Dee Ford Jadeveon Clowney Frank Clark (Edited in: can't believe I forgot this guy, even though he won't hit the market) Brandon Graham Sheldon Richardson Ezekiel Ansah
  22. Good points. I still believe the guy is a solid edge rusher. His non-statistical pass rushing impact is much greater than Beasley, in my opinion.
  23. God bless Nick Foles.
  24. I hear what you're saying... I respect it. I don't agree with it, though. I don't believe Trufant was making business decisions, man. And I don't believe getting your butt kicked around in the trenches equates to a lack of brotherhood. It could simply mean that those guys were trying to block for new players, with different perceptions of each play and different attack angles. Tiny nuances affect this game, and they got it wrong a lot this season. I think it's easy to start questioning everything after a season like this. I don't see any reason to question the hearts of those guys, or their bond after struggling. That's not to say it's unprecedented. I'm just saying I don't see the evidence that would expose such a thing.