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  1. You have to be under the age of 30. For most of us, we can’t leave the Falcons anymore than we can leave our pancreas or our heart. They are part of us. Like it or not. Just so you know who you’re talking to.
  2. I mean, this is pro sports, people. The rule of the league is "perform or move out of the way so the next guy can perform." If you're not producing at the pro level, you get removed from the pro level. The amount of money being rendered for services in this league is eye-popping. Let's not make it all warm and fuzzy... it's a business. Arthur Blank, your shiny new stadium was around 40% of capacity Sunday. What are you doing????
  3. As are we all.
  4. Mass fan appeasement.
  5. Look, if my little brother started some crap with some big dude, and the big dude was picking him up off the ground and man-handling him, I'm finishing it. The same should go with a football team. I don't care if it was planned beforehand. That all changes after that crap in the game. For me, it would, anyway.
  6. Wow. This photo is more telling than anything any player could say about the condition of the locker room or the brotherhood. Shocking, honestly. This actually causes me to lose some respect for the best WR in the game.
  7. The answer to your first question is Arthur Blank. Any coaching hire is at best based on past successes and philosophical like-mindedness. Quinn had past success which bore relevance in his attractiveness to become a head coach. I'm not sure you can place blame on Blank and McKay for hiring Quinn. He looked like a solid gamble to be a winning HC.
  8. You forget the structure that Blank established between Dimitroff and Quinn. It was a collaboration. Dimitroff made no decisions on roster moves on an island. Quinn doesn't even report to Dimitroff, he reports to Blank. My point is, every player that has been added to or subtracted from this team since Quinn was hired had to have his stamp of approval. How is that on Dimitroff? Or the better question is... how can you place the blame solely on Dimitroff and make the claim that the problem ISN'T Quinn????
  9. Largely = I don't know... about 70% the same? I'm aware of the differences you just executed with such grammatical excellence. My point is: a) Your point about Dimitroff being the problem is ludicrous, and b) I believe a more talented head coach does a much better job with this exact roster. Much better job.
  10. You are fundamentally incorrect. The weight of this team's failure rests solely on Quinn. This is largely the same team that went to the Superbowl three years ago. Quinn's coordinator changes, his focus on culture over x's and o's, his quickness to change the coaching staff but his reluctance to change the roster, or sit guys on the bench, his over-confidence in his own ability to coordinate and call the defense, the fact that the players have stopped playing for him... he has to go.
  11. 1-15 staring us in the face. And that's how I hope the season plays out now. This team needs an infusion of new blood and talent.
  12. Please... no one get excited about the garbage stats occurring right now. They're meaningless and indicate only that the defense has let off the gas because they have the game in hand.
  13. Here come the start Schaub threads.
  14. Hoping Ryan is alright. But it might be safer for the guy to sit out the rest of this dumpster campaign.
  15. Mike McCarthy for HC Rex Ryan for DC
  16. Kendall Sheffield has a lot to learn about open field tackling. Hopefully, the next DC focuses on fundamentals.
  17. The Falcons can't even defend themselves against these grown men of the Rams. Pathetic. Embarrassing as a fan.
  18. DQ needs to be run out of this town today. The only hope for this team is a culture overhaul. The Brotherhood crap is fine and all, but these guys need some fire in them, and buddy buddy warm and fuzzy isn't getting it done.
  19. This is entertaining, much like a car wreck is entertaining. I can't look away. I need to... but I can't.
  20. I could coach this team better on both sides of the freaking ball right now. And trust me, that isn't saying much.
  21. Rams doing the dirty bird in our house on our field... that needs to start a fire in these quitters' hearts.
  22. The consistent them through 5 1/2 games for the Atlanta Falcons defense is - the opposing wide receivers are always wide *** open. WIDE *** OPEN.