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  1. I mean, you may have a point there. It's inexplicable to me why he's still working in that position. His communication skills are the poorest I have ever encountered in news and media.
  2. DLed is an unfortunate, and ever-present embarrassment to Atlanta. How that guy still has a job in the industry, I truly have no idea.
  3. They may have. I don't really understand what you're saying. I was just suggesting that I would like Mike Davis on the team. I wasn't referencing what others wanted.
  4. S - Marcus Williams makes sense with Fontenot being our GM, but I'm not sure we can afford him. We will see. But he's certainly the guy I would want. Maybe Earl Thomas is worth a look, since he would come cheaper and with a chip on his shoulder. RB - Mike Davis is a guy I covet for our team. He's just a hard-nosed baller. I don't even generally support the idea of signing RB's in FA, but this guy would be an asset. Some may laugh at me on this, but EDGE - Justin Houston would be a huge acquisition for this team. Yes, he's got a lot of wear on those tires, but the guy has played 16
  5. I see the imperfections in his game as being easily fixed by an NFL QB Coach. His ceiling is as high as any other QB in this draft, if not higher than most. And you're right, sitting on the bench behind Matty Ice can't do anything but help a guy like him.
  6. This is a pretty decent analysis on Trey Lance, for those of you who are hoping we trade down and draft this kid.
  7. Thinking on all of the FA options the Falcons have, considering its cap situation and the thoroughly explained philosophy of TF, AS and the new Falcons leadership, brings to mind the perplexing past we have had as fans in trying to forecast what Dimitroff and DQ would do in FA. That was a losing battle for fans every single year. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to their approach to FA. Here’s to hoping TF stays true to his spoken mantra.
  8. Okay, now just $30m more to break even. Dang. Or is it $20m?
  9. Great question. ::scratching my head:: Uh, I dont know! LOL!
  10. 15. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - LB - Notre Dame ... (Traded #4 to Eagles for #6, #37)(Traded #6 to N.E. for #15, #46, 2022 1st) 35. Jayson Oweh - EDGE - Penn State 37. Richie Grant - S - UCF 46. Asante Samuel Jr. - CB - Florida State 108. Kenneth Gainwell - RB - Memphis 149. Marvin Wilson - DT - Florida State 181. Trill Williams - CB - Syracuse 183. Malcom Koonce - EDGE - Buffalo 189. Paris Ford - S - Pitt 218. Dez Fitzpatrick - WR - Louisville
  11. It's just, and you know this all too well being a Falcons fan all your life also, those colors don't run, bro. I want to believe his heart is in it as much as he says it is. Imagine, though... if it were you, being a Falcons fan for so many years, and then switching on a dime for a job to the black and gold. I don't know. There is a tangible difference between fans and the guys who buy all in with their lives to play or work for these teams. I'm not going to beat the thing into the ground. I'm a believer in Terry Fontenot. I think I just went down the rabbit hole a bit with the loyalty thing.
  12. I really like the man. I think he's a bright, and talented dude. And I get it's a business and he says he's excited being here now... but I wouldn't be fully transparent if I didn't admit that there's is a small piece of me that sees him as an enemy that has breeched the perimeter. He was a New Orleans Saint for 16 years or something. It may take a while to shake that one for me.
  13. I like the effort you've put into the thought process, here, but I don't believe TF's philosophy of building a roster is that narrow. I have to believe an NFL GM has to be much more open to multiple scenarios and possibilities. For instance, a zone blocking LG in FA could mean the Falcons look to trade back and get Najee Harris. It could mean they skip any thoughts on drafting Sewell and go with Surtain II at 4. Or any number of almost countless possibilities. Your prediction is on record, though.
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