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  1. Agreed. And I love how we are blitzing lately. Every since DQ came to Atlanta I have wondered why the guy refused to use the blitz. It plays to this squad's strengths... speed.
  2. It's a hard pass for me on Jim Harbaugh. Did you see that thumping he took yesterday by Wisconsin? DANG!
  3. Yep, give me Parsons in the 1st and NT Jay Tufele - USC or NT Tederrelle Slaton - FLA in the 2nd. Edit: And I'd go hard on Secondary in the 3rd and 4th.
  4. Personally, I hope we move to a 34 D and draft Micah Parsons. Because... Good Lord.
  5. I feel like the key to this game is to maintain coverage when Grady or our blitzes flush Drew from the pocket. We have to have a layered attack. He is so good at shoveling out of pressure, or evading and finding the open man. Grady and our linebackers will win or lose this game. No pressure on Brees equals a loss. Loss of coverage discipline when he scrambles equals a loss. On the flip side, our O line has to ball against them, and our run game needs to be effective to win. If the Falcons whiff on any of the disciplines... gap, pass rush, coverage, ball, tackling... they're toast. No pressure.
  6. You talk about a skewed stat! LOL! Matty is all nestled in between the most mobile and elusive QBs in the league there. Way to go Matty Ice! 😆
  7. Agreed. My comment wasn't a defense of Morris as much as it was an indictment on our players. This losing late in games has gotten into their heads, and I think it will take some sound, new, veteran player leadership to right that part of the ship. The best coaching in the world can't play the game on the field. Anyway, you're right. Morris admittedly didn't account for Russel Wilson in his gameplan as much as he should have? There is zero excuse for that. That said, I think he's doing a respectable job as the interim. Doesn't mean I want him as the full time HC.
  8. Not EVERYTHING is on coaching. I hear you, but those players need to start believing in themselves again late in games. They all need some couch time.
  9. A. Don't take the foot off the gas on offense. The 2nd half offensive passivity is unforgivable. It's a clear and present threat to every lead we ever have. B. On Defense, stay absurdly aggressive with the blitz packages. The next time I see these guys drop back into Prevent my TV might not survive it. Despite the fact that Prevent has a relevant situational role to play in football games for most teams, it actually doesn't if you don't have the personnel to effectively run it. It is just a recipe for huge chunk yards and easy late game drives for Falcons' opponents. The Falcons play Pre
  10. T.J. Watt was still on the board! Makes me sick.
  11. This team still has no clue how to play a second half. It’s bewildering, honestly.
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