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  1. Look at the source: CBS. I loathe CBS on all fronts.
  2. The season might be postponed, but I don't see the NFL cancelling.
  3. LB, DT, CB. Draft priorities.
  4. I would be stoked if those were the uniforms. BA.
  5. Call it a hunch, but I truly believe our FA spending has come to an end.
  6. "While the event still will take place next month, the current plan will be to move forward with a studio setting in which there will be cut-ins from team headquarters of the team making a selection at any given time, according to Farmer. "
  7. I would get that kid on some stem cell therapy right now. This was a no-brainer on a one year deal. Let him prove what he's got left.
  8. Hope so.
  9. That would be an incredible windfall for the Atlanta Falcons.
  10. I would certainly take my chances. Not an Ito fan.
  11. All day. Smith sucks. Sorry folks... but he does.
  12. First of all, I can't see any scenario short of Kinlaw being arrested before the draft that would cause him to drop to 16. I could get onboard with Chaisson. Fulton should be a slight reach at 16, but I wouldn't be devastated by that move either. I'm down with Dobbins or Edwards-Helaire being drafted and I love that Myles Bryant kid out of Washington. You have some interesting choices in there.
  13. Not happy about our current RB personnel. Hope we draft a stud.
  14. You said defensive moves, plural. What did we do other than Fowler? Did I miss something?
  15. Davison was a solid re-signing. He could easily start beside Garrett and make the line stout for 3 downs. That said, I could see us grabbing Chaisson.