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  1. Lee was my first QB as a fan of the Falcons. I was just a little boy of 5 years old, but I remember. I admit, I remember Bartkowski a lot better, but Bob Lee was the man in 73.
  2. What are you basing this line of thinking on, though? We pretty much know nothing at this point. We don't know how difficult Smith's offensive vocabulary is, how well they all will pick it up, what kind of chemistry the team will have in light of all the turnover in the offseason. There are so many variables and unknowns. I mean, I'll be stoked if we are 4-1 at the bye, but I'm a Falcons fan. My entire past with this team is a cautionary tale.
  3. You know, I've always loved me some Julio. But... he wanted out of Atlanta. That alone makes this a hard no for me. If he retired a Falcon, or if he wound up on another team due to circumstances that weren't in his control then I would consider it.
  4. No. First year coaching staffs don't usually see that sort of success. And we don't have the defensive personnel for a Super Bowl run yet. In my opinion.
  5. Freakin Eugene Robinson. I’ll never let that guy off the hook for that crap.
  6. Ridley and Gage are legitimate #1 and #2 WRs. I see team-friendly extensions coming for both of those dudes... if they're willing. That said, college players I will be keeping an eye on include Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave, both at Ohio State, George Pickens at Georgia, Joe Ngata and Justyn Ross at Clemson, Treylon Burks at Arkansas, and Drake London at USC. And of course, all SEC WRs. It's early, but those are my initial thoughts.
  7. I'm not gonna rip you but I see this as a non-issue. They're going to get under the cap one way or another. Julio trade. Re-structure Grady, or sign him to an extension with a lower cap hit this year. I really like what Fontenot has done so far.
  8. Steal of the NFL off-season... Arthur Smith. I love this dude. Every time he talks I respect him a little more.
  9. Lurked the boards in 1999. Joined in 2000. Started posting and interacting late 2000. I’m not old though. 52 is the new 42.
  10. The two biggest changes that have the potential to improve the offense are Smith's scheme and play calling, and Mike Davis at RB, in my opinion. Pitts has a lot to prove, and doesn't just get a flier with me to start off. He has to prove it on the field. If he can pull double teams like Julio did, then we should be able to absorb Julio's loss without feeling a huge vacuum in the effectiveness of the offense.
  11. Like a lot of the others on this thread, I don’t see them signing CB in free agency unless they get into camp and feel the guys we have aren’t cutting it. Pass rush maybe. Houston or Ingram would be good in my book.
  12. Why do they call it a "cap ceiling" if it can still go up? That is confusing.
  13. YOKED! I feel sorry for opposing OL this season. LOL!
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