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  1. Down go the Aints!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  2. Didn't Cap start out as DJ11 or something? Who was that? Was it Cap?
  3. 1999 here, as well.
  4. Shede... what a let down that guy was.
  5. Hey, speak for yourself... I mean... okay that's what you just did. LOL!
  6. Nah. The word "refresh" alludes to small changes.
  7. These throwbacks right here, with the new logo on them, or with the silver pants and maybe all black socks... and I would be right as rain.
  8. Braves Set To Refresh Uniforms
  9. I'm not reading into anything. I just don't like the uniforms. You read way too into my motives, there pal. Haha!
  10. Another reason could've been the opening of Mercedes Benz Stadium. New era, new look. They lost that perfect chance.
  11. This is a topic that surfaces most off-seasons, but I can't help myself. I'm ready for this team to change those Arena League uni's they've been wearing since Jam designed them back in the day. It's time to return to a more traditional uni, man. I'm not a fan of the tri-colored sleeves or the inverted pant stripe. Come on, Arthur... you should've changed 'em when MBS opened. Follow the Braves lead... CHANGE THE UNIFORMS! I guess that's all I have to say about that.
  12. 1980 sucked. I can't stand Danny White or Drew Pearson to this day. SMH
  13. Indeed. I would be thrilled with any of the following players being acquired in FA: Demarcus Lawrence (will never hit the market) Trey Flowers (will probably be re-signed) Dee Ford Jadeveon Clowney Frank Clark (Edited in: can't believe I forgot this guy, even though he won't hit the market) Brandon Graham Sheldon Richardson Ezekiel Ansah
  14. Good points. I still believe the guy is a solid edge rusher. His non-statistical pass rushing impact is much greater than Beasley, in my opinion.