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  1. I live in California. I guess I could stream 92.9?
  2. Chris Collinsworth better keep his mouth in check tonight. My TV’s health is depending on it.
  3. These Falcons are messing with my mental stability. I dont know if I have it in me to watch this game. My heart. It’s already skipping beats.
  4. I mean, +2 at home is a conservative line based on how we looked in Minnesota. This team will right the ship. Just don't put any money on them for a few weeks.
  5. He'll be a Patriot by the end of next week.
  6. LOL! I love it.
  7. Too many times. It's unacceptable at the NFL level. I've watched that play 100 times over and over. Josh Harris focused right with blinders on after the snap, and Jaeden Graham almost spun left and pursued a block on a rusher who was outside of Foye to his left... allowing the Viking who blocked the punt to just run right down Broadway to the punt. I'm still shaking my head thinking about it. Seemingly zero awareness that second level rushers might be coming to attempt a block.
  8. I try to never buy into the media hype associated with Week 1 losses or "egg laying." The talking heads have to make their money... I get it. But too many teams have looked terrible in Week 1 only to come back and dominate the league. Everyone just needs to get themselves an iced tea and sit down and relax. Everything is going to be alright.
  9. Especially the line play on the punt team. Total brain farts/lack of assignment recognition on that blocked punt.
  10. Just re-watched the blocked punt... Josh Harris and Jaedon Graham both blew their blocking assignments and forced Neasman to pick his poison between Kentrell Brothers and the blitzing Eric Wilson, who ended up making the block. I understand you don't play actual OL on punt team because you need speedy guys blocking and getting downfield to cover, but I sure as heck hope they re-think Jaedon Graham as the LG in punt formation. That was absolutely terrible. Harris hiked the ball and focused right, and Graham committed to a rusher who was outside LT (head scratcher) opening up a huge hole for Wilson to run down Broadway. Kotwica better be all over that crap this week.
  11. Hindsight is 20/20. Both calls for 2 point conversions were pre-season-type coaching decisions. Hoping the DQ corrects his mistakes from week 1, as well.