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  1. Personally, I don't see the NFL allowing a 25 mil drop to the salary cap. That hurts their business, as well as the individual owner's businesses. Maybe they budget in money from future years or something. I don't know, but I feel like some concessions will be made to keep it falling off a cliff like that.
  2. Like, stop doing the livestream crap. Just record these interviews in HD, edit them, and then publish them.
  3. What is with this horrible technological mess, here! What is it, 2001? That audio/video quality is the worst.
  4. The Falcons Media department has got to come up with a different solution for the remote player interviews. Zoom or Microsoft or whatever they're using sucks hard. Honestly, it would be better to just have over the phone audio only interviews. At least then we could hear all the dialogue. I'm griping and complaining, I know, but there has to be a better way. The players should be wearing headphones with attached mics so they can hear and we can hear them. I have had high praise for the media department up until now. Figure it out, y'all!
  5. I feel like Qadree takes a step forward this season and possibly surpasses Ito for 2nd on the depth chart.
  6. I've been surprised by TD before, but... I would put my life savings on the fact that there is no possible way the Falcons pursue another FA RB. I would be dumbfounded.
  7. It was obvious the Falcons were sticking with the offense that got them to the Super Bowl, even when Koetter came to town. It makes sense to me that he had to learn the offense, and even with all the hours those guys put in on a daily basis it makes sense that he couldn't have gotten it all mastered in one year. I believe Gurley gives us a run game this season that we haven't had since Michael Turner's 1,709 all purpose yards in his first season in Atlanta. But Gurley could surpass 2000. If he gets anywhere close to Turner's production, the Falcons play-action game will be unstoppable.
  8. Quinn Morris Ulbrich Whitt Lupoi 5a. Knapp
  9. The use of platoon depth and rotation at DL has rendered that strategy ineffective, in my opinion.
  10. Good find, man. It's hard to see the defense they're in without pre-snap motion. It's surprising Koetter doesn't call for it more often. Well... maybe it isn't.
  11. Prime looks like he's prepping to play the part of a homeless man in a movie. He needs to find his razor.
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