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  1. Many of you will refuse to give credence to this but in the previous years there was no players with the "C" on their jerseys, no in-season recognized leaders. Is this proof that someone in the organization reads topics on their website? Many detractors will say that it was just a coincidence, yet no one had ever pointed this out. They cite wanting to inspire leadership but I invite you to read the opening statement. I believe, whether you do or not, that they are reading and paying attention to fan sentiment.
  2. One other point: Since Dimitroff's talent "reshaping" of 2013, the team is 6-17. Mike Smith was the NFLs coach of the year twice for a reason, however you cannot overcome a severe lack of talent. First witness: Brian Billick. "The Falcons have the least quantifiable talent on defense of any team in the NFL."
  3. Dimitroff must go, Smith should stay. Argument: While Mike Smith is not a perfect coach, he is a good one. The Falcons are not the beneficiaries of 5 straight winning seasons due to Dimitroff's draft acumen but despite it. Exhibit #1: Upon assuming a supposed talentless team in 2008, Dimitroff only made these consequential moves: Drafting a quarterback for a starter-less team, signing a tight end (Ben Hartsock, who was benched after 4 games) signing Mike Peterson for veteran linebacker help signing Michael Turner and drafting left tackle Sam Baker. Members of the jury, this last point is significant as I will point out. Why the Baker acquisition is important is to look at the sum of the parts of a now decimated offensive line. Until 2013, this so-called talentless team had 60% of its starting offensive line composed of players drafted by Rich McKay under the Mora regime. Dimitroff simply added one player to a line composed of holdovers Justin Blalock, Todd McClure, Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo. This line remained intact until Dimitroff began his "overhaul" by not resigning Dahl in 2011, drafting Mike Johnson as his heir apparent. The cannibalism continued after the 2012 season when McClure was coerced into retirement and Clabo was no resigned. The other heir apparents were drafted in 2012 as Peter Konz and Lamar Holmes respectively. The line catastrophe can be directly related to the Dimitroff stamp. When forced to create a line himself without previous parts, his acquisitions have failed miserably. In addition, in this same offseason he jettisoned 10 sacks, (John Abraham) 10 rushing Tds (Michael Turner) a Pro Bowl cornerback without comparable replacements. This has had a carryover effect to the recent malaise. In summation, no amount of coaching can fix bad players. It is the job of a coach to coach players but it is the job of a GM to construct a team through acquisitions and negotiation. Dimitroff has ultimately failed at this and is primarily responsible for the current state of affairs. I submit that he, if anyone, needs to be replaced if the situation persists.
  4. You are the prosecution or the defense, whichever you choose. The rule is to pick any side, for or against, firing or retaining either Smith or Dimitroff, and give your most compelling argument for your stance. Can you win in the court of public opinion?
  5. Here is a way to put the question into perspective. At the start of the game or overtime, when all of the captains are on the field for the coin toss, the captain with the most stars after the C makes the call of heads or tails. If what many claim is true concerning Mike Smith having control over draft picks, free agency or cuts, then he has the C or is the head of the organization. That is counter-intuitive to a GM running the team and making personnel decisions. Generally the GM is the captain, so to speak.
  6. To clarify, in the microcosm (small picture) there are no team captains as designated by the "C". In the macrocosm (big picture) which I referenced, who in the organization has the big "C"? Is it Rich McKay, Dimitroff or Smith? Regardless of input, SOMEONE has to have the final say, from draft picks to free agency to who to cut. Who is that is the question.
  7. Note that the Falcons are the only NFL team where the leaders do not wear the C**** on their jersey. Manning, Brady, Brees, Wilson and other quarterbacks have the captains C. Each team has defensive players who have the captains symbol. Who are the captains for the Falcons? In the macrocosm, who wears the "C" for the team? Who is the decision maker? That is the root of all problems. This person who makes the ultimate, final decisions whether based on counsel, input or not, decided to jettison Todd McClure, Tyson Clabo, Harvey Dahl, Brent Grimes, Michael Turner (10tds) John Abraham (10 sacks) from a playoff team to replace them with 2 second year draft picks (Konz, Holmes)another 30 year old running back (Jackson)another 30 something "pass rusher"(Umeniyora) and two rookie cornerbacks (Trufant/Alford) That same team "leader" chose to ignore the 32nd ranked pass rush and add absolutely NO ONE via the draft or free agency. Who is this team captain who has the final word, for whomever he is, he is the major cause of the calamity which is the present-day Atlanta Falcons.
  8. Were the fans supposed to muzzle the Chicago fans? Beat them up? Out-cheer them and make the sound worse? The only solution to crowd noise is to score and stop the other team so they have nothing to cheer about; two things that the Falcons didn't do.
  9. As many of you who read this are aware, since 2010 I have insisted that Thomas Dimitroff is living off of 5 key decisions: Hiring Mike Smith, drafting (or having him fall to him) Matt Ryan, trading for Tony Gonzalez. signing Michael Turner and trading 5 major draft picks for Julio Jones. Other than minor successes, relatively speaking, of Harry Douglas, Desmond Trufant and the solid pick of Jake Matthews, the remainder of his picks/acquisitions have ranged from uninspiring to outright atrocious. If you disagree, then here are a few questions: Who are the "steals", the low round picks who became stars? Who are the Falcon equivalents to Richard Sherman, Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, Greg Hardy, Kenny Still, Marques Colston or Arian Foster? Why have so many 4th-7th round picks failed miserably? Just this season both a 7th and 5th round player failed to make the active roster. Why are two first round and two third round picks on injured reserve? Was injury history on players not examined? Most importantly and perhaps the key to the 2014 malaise, Who decided that the next to worst pass rush in 2013 was not to be changed ONE IOTA by neither drafting or pursuing via free agency, pass rushers or at the bare minimum A pass rusher? If my criticism is harsh to some, its because the same scenario is played over and again. Needs are not addressed and it seems that ego is in play. Someone is refusing to admit their mistakes by forcing the same underachievers from 2013 onto the playing field. As Einstein stated "The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."
  10. I would like to know who made the stubborn decision to go with the same pass rushers who only achieved 32 sacks in 2013. Even Jonathan Massaqoui has stated in the Bleacher Report that with a pass rush, the team would be 5-0. Whoever made the decision to stand pat and not acquire ANY pass rush help via the draft or free agency is the one who should be in jeopardy. You need line help and draft/sign players but you need a pass rush and sign or draft......no one? That's ridiculous!
  11. A lot of things are perception. TD won executive of the year in 2008 and 2010 because in 08 he selected Ryan and Smith and signed Turner leading to an 11-5 record. In 2010 the team went 13-3 (an aberration since that team had 10-6 talent) and he won on the strength of the NFL's best record. Both years could be argued that he won on the strength of the Ryan/Smith tandem that he selected since the 2009 and 2010 drafts yielded Sean Weatherspoon and Peria Jerry. His big trade was in 2009 for Gonzalez and there was not an acquisition in 2010 that he made to cause a 13-3 record. Once again, perception.
  12. Let me add another question to ponder: If Blank were to fire both Smith and Dimitroff if the season was a losing one, which one of the two would be hired to run a team? Would an owner hire Dimitroff to run his team or would a GM hire Smith?
  13. I think that people who are calling for Mike Smith's head are pointing the finger in the wrong direction. The Falcon five year run is not due to the magic drafting of Thomas Dimitroff, rather two of the maybe six smart choices of his career, namely drafting Matt Ryan (through the luck of the draw) and hiring Mike Smith. Who of you who are calling for his firing believe that he will be unemployed if Blank misguidedly fires him? The real blame is due to the ridiculous personnel decisions overall of Dimitroff. How about the Brady/Belichick comparison? The thing that separates the two comparisons are Super Bowl titles and appearances. In both the 2010 and 2012 13-3 seasons, particularly 2012, what was the main issue which prevented at least a Super Bowl appearance? Defense. You could argue that defense has been the sole difference between the two examples. What is the second denominator? The offensive line, where Belichick always maintained a good line to provide protection and a running game. Both the trouncing in 2010 by Green Bay and the lost 17 point lead in 2012 point to defense. The offensive red zone woes and the inability to run the ball point directly to the offensive line. Who doubts that, given an adequate offensive line and a top 10 defense that Ryan and Smith could not win it all? The fallacy of trying to win with bargain-basement offensive linemen and defenders on defense is the primary reason of the current state of affairs of the Atlanta Falcons. No amount of coaching is going to make a team of free agents and 5th-7th round picks beat a team of top-tier talent consistently. Smith and Ryan can win it all with proper player evaluations/acquisitions on the offensive line and the defense. I personally believe that firing Mike Smith would be a great mistake. Smith and Ryan are the sole reason that Atlanta has some modicum of respect in the NFL. Of course, this is only one man's opinion.
  14. I bumped this thread so that you can read the mission statement and see how nothing, absolutely nothing changed from the deficiencies cited at the start of the 2013 season to the start of the 2014 season. These are problems that were front and center that many poo-pooed when I addressed them. (just read some of the comments) as many do who. The fact remains that the truth exists, whether you like it or not.
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