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  1. He wanted a recount.44-3.Should have stayed in school.
  2. I like his site,but this guy is wrong A LOT.Just like the rest of the geniuses.
  3. Same as always.Pressure the QB.They'll cut us up good if Warner has time.We can keep the ball away from them with Turner of course but that will only go so far.Should be similar to NO games.Last team with the ball will probably win.Falcons in a nail-biter.
  4. I agree but for a different reason.We've had an incredible run of good luck and few injuries.Kind of a karma payback for last year.It won't last.Strike while the iron's hot and we're on a roll.DO IT NOW!!!GO BIRDS!!!!
  5. It would have been nice,but only a fool would count on the Faints to do anything other than lose.It's what they do best.
  6. Wow.A shocking collapse.Didn't expect them to rollover like that.Oh well,at least the Birdies are in the playoffs.
  7. If they don't slow it down and get the call right,what's the point.Turner didn't even go after the ball.He knew he was down.Get it right.That's all we ask.One way or the other.
  8. Jackson was pretty awesome.As was Mr.T.Good game by both.
  9. Pathetic losers.What an embarassment.They stink.
  10. Kinda like being a Falcons fan used to be.
  11. 81 playoffs.Had a 2 TD lead in the 4th against them.Had been kicking their arses all day.Went to the "new" prevent defense.They score 2 td's and win.Our best shot at the SB.Would probably have beat Philly in the NLCS.Jed fires Leeman Bennett because we'd "plateaued".Went in the toilet for 10+ years.Reason enough.
  12. You don't have to Minnesota nice when your anonymous I guess.It's like Happy Days up there.
  13. I hate them less than the other two.Kinda like a little brother.Help a brother out.
  14. Well said Miss Tandy.I will also root for the panties to go down.
  15. I thought this was going to be about Dallas.
  16. It'll be tough sledding in Minny,Williams or not.Matt will have to win this one with his arm.He's been a tad off the last two weeks.Tired I'm sure.Kinda good to see he's human anyways.He was starting to scare me he was so good.Unleash the Iceman!
  17. I've long eyed this as a critical game.Perhaps the ghosts of '98 will show up.Best game we ever played.AP's a breast.
  18. I think he's playing on the wrong side of the ball.I'd try him at TE,maybe RT.Got nothing to lose.
  19. You won't make it out of here alive son.
  20. I knew it when he hit Jenkins for the TD vs Detroit in his first throw.Destiny.It's going to make all those years of suffering worthwhile.He's like a son to me.
  21. Back in the basement where they belong.
  22. Absolutely.Montana always played his best in the big games.Any game for that matter.I see the same thing in Ryan.
  23. Same as any position.Until someone beats him out,he's the man.
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