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  1. : He's coming along nicely though.That's the next step.Picking them in the games,not just in practice.Still learning and a little nervous.Once he gets comfortable and knows he belongs,watch out.Probably our best corner right now.
  2. I was impressed.Lions will sneak up on some people this year.
  3. You should be safe.They have 7 new starters on D.They'll be better but probably haven't had time to gel yet.
  4. They're free to do as they please.Just don't expect a lot of support.
  5. Not surprising.Where do you think they get those cheesesteaks from?
  6. Phreakin phins.They won't be around long.
  7. Not the first time he's held out.Just part of the business.Could be a good thing.Kelly should get plenty of reps.
  8. He did the same thing 20 years ago.He's a prick.Worked out much better for us this time.
  9. Good QB.Never won the big one.Lord knows he tried.That's the difference.I remember watching games in Minny before they went inside.OMG.Horrific weather.You could tell they would have forfeited if they could just to get the **** out of there.
  10. Reckon so.Ain't no fun bein' broke.
  11. Great pickup.Finn's replacement in a year or two.We'll have the best WR corps for years to come.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if they slipped Harv a couple of bucks to get a rise out of him.
  13. Saints want him since Arnoux went down.Reason enough right there.NE also said interested.
  14. Just the fact they were eyeballing Owens last year means he's a good fit.Ditto Middleton.Been a long time since we were deep at CB talentwise.Maybe never.It'll be fun to watch.
  15. I want to see what James has.He also had a concussion his sophmore year in college.Kinda iffy.
  16. There will be epic battles that's for sure.Especially in the division.Four go in,only one comes out(ATL).
  17. Saw where TB picked up Ganz from Nebraska.They'll get one come **** or high water.
  18. Boone Stutz?I don't know how we survived.
  19. Spikey-haired devil.Dude's a sniper.
  20. Be still my heart.That would mean we're pulling out the stops to win THIS YEAR!How unusual.
  21. LJ who? Our red zone production just went up 20%.
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