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  1. The definition of awesome in the dictionary is a picture of Mike Smith.

    Mike Smith called John Holmes "Shorty".

    Mike Smith's farts cause tornadoes.

    Mike Smith could have thrown a force field around New Orleans,but since they were in the same division...

    In the beginning there was Mike Smith.The End.

  2. A lot of other boards are set up where you point at the topic and it gives you the first few sentences of the post.If we had this,it would save a lot of time by being able to bypass the knuckleheads and not be sucked into their foolishness.

  3. Sorry guys. you know what is probably going to happen. Remember last year on MNF against Green Bay. it was nasty...

    Saints 45

    Falcons 24

    Will be a good first half, maybe tied or falcons down by 3 points. You get the ball after half time, fumble, saints recover and from then on out, its over....

    HOPEFULLY it is close, I will be at the dome, chewing my fingernails off! I doubt it though...

    Good luck anyway

    I also remember the playoff game in GB.We weren't supposed to win that one either.

  4. IMO the offensive line has less trouble against the 4-3 and same with Matt Ryan. He always looks all-star when we play a 4-3 team. ESPECIALLY when they blitz.

    We're 2-2 vs 3/4 teams this year.Turner's yards-65,56,97,50.4/3-105,30-12 carries.We play much better vs 4/3 teams.If Turner doesn't have it,look for Smitty to insert Snelling and use MT for short yardage.Snelling's running like his butt's on fire right now.The schedule will get easier.We may have to take our lumps Monday,but there's a long way to go.

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