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  1. I don't think he's going to be invited to no BBQ's.
  2. A lot of other boards are set up where you point at the topic and it gives you the first few sentences of the post.If we had this,it would save a lot of time by being able to bypass the knuckleheads and not be sucked into their foolishness.
  3. Taradiddles = Saints fans. :wacko:
  4. Love him or hate him,still haven't replaced him in 2 drafts.
  5. I also remember the playoff game in GB.We weren't supposed to win that one either.
  6. Bring your cup little brother. :P
  7. We're 2-2 vs 3/4 teams this year.Turner's yards-65,56,97,50.4/3-105,30-12 carries.We play much better vs 4/3 teams.If Turner doesn't have it,look for Smitty to insert Snelling and use MT for short yardage.Snelling's running like his butt's on fire right now.The schedule will get easier.We may have to take our lumps Monday,but there's a long way to go.
  8. The state bird of Louisiana is the pelican.You fail.Miserably.
  9. Funny how when we decisively beat Miami they weren't any good.Taints squeak a win over them and now they're the best 2-4 team in football. :wacko:
  10. Abe hasn't been playin RDE as much to get Biermann on the field.
  11. I usually don't do this because I'm always wrong.Saints 40-30.Voodoo on.You can thank me later.
  12. We're not uninformed.We just refuse to accept reality. :P
  13. It was kinda funny.The announcer said Ryan wanted to go for it but Smitty showed him who was boss.Oops.Not the first time he's taken the ball out of Matty's hands and have it backfire on him.But it was probably the right call.
  14. A wry smile would have surfficed considering his impact on the game.What goes around comes around KB.
  15. Hopefully better than their practice facility this spring. They got some bad... winds in Texas.Including Jerry.
  16. A 1 point win would destroy them. :P Somebody's going to beat them.If Miami can't get it done,might as well be us.
  17. If he only turned his head,he could faceguard him with his hair.
  18. A serious loss.We're going to miss him big time.Thanks BW.
  19. It'll be a month since his last TD pass.He may be too busy running for his life to get one vs the Giants either.
  20. Miami's a good team,moreso with Henne.They'll have 2 weeks to prepare for the Saints.We could be alone in 1st if things go our way.
  21. Talk about patently absurd...I've often though public flogging should be manditory when these "professional" writers screw the pooch so badly.It would at least make them do their homework.No accountability.
  22. Ultra-maroons.Goose finally came around.How dare we spoil their party!
  23. Big game.It'll probably be us vs them for the last wildcard spot if we don't sweep the Saints.
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