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  1. Who's playing? I might watch a little.At least you didn't call it football.That would be blasphemy. :P
  2. He's tolerable till someone takes his job away.Daylight's burnin'.
  3. Tough break.Somebody's head should roll.No reason for him to be out there.
  4. Don't bother.He'll probably burn it himself come November.
  5. You must have collected those the year before the Saints even existed. He was a brute.The Rodney Dangerfield of linebackers.
  6. He had 5 of those sacks vs a decimated GB line before going down with an achilles injury.Buyer beware.
  7. Interesting pick.Could be the next TD sleeper.At least the Beerman will have someone to hang out with.
  8. Need a money PK for sure.Stud LDE,TE and OT depth.Maybe SS.Overall,we're in pretty good shape.
  9. FYI-his brother Dylan was killed in a hiking fall last week in Arkansas.Bittersweet.My condolences.
  10. Built like a brick ----house.It's going to be awesome.
  11. Year 3-quality depth.Time to take this puppy out on the road and see what she can do.We're going to be good for a long time.
  12. I'd rather he not start,but he'll be an excellent nickel and spot starter.But if he continues to improve,who knows.The kid's got grit.That leaping pick and the one in the EZ still stick in my mind.Grimey's the man!
  13. Kind of a Norwood/Douglas clone.Not a good fit for us,but he'll make somebody very happy.
  14. Good depth with starting experience just in case.
  15. They'll probably trade JA next year and Abe's not getting any younger.DE's already a need and will be more so later.I'd take Graham and pick up a LB later.But I'd be happy with Spoon.It's all good either way.
  16. We proved ourselves vs the best last year.If anyone's guilty of hubris it will be the Saints.They're in for a rude awakening.
  17. Let's hope they remember to take the bags off their heads before they burn them. Congrats Saints.
  18. Bummer.I guess we could borrow the dog for division rivals.
  19. I predict 15000 bone-crushing hits on the panties.Welcome back Gritz.I missed your little dog.
  20. I suspect the next time a player enters our bench,the first guy our guys will jump on is Smitty. Let the assistant coaches handle your light work Mikey.This is only going to fire them up big time for the second half.
  21. The definition of awesome in the dictionary is a picture of Mike Smith. Mike Smith called John Holmes "Shorty". Mike Smith's farts cause tornadoes. Mike Smith could have thrown a force field around New Orleans,but since they were in the same division... In the beginning there was Mike Smith.The End.
  22. Mike Smith thought he made a mistake once.But he was wrong. Only Mike Smith can prevent forest fires.
  23. A snitch AND a punk.Smitty gave him the frowning of his life.
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