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  1. Worse than 28th?Chillax dude.Tho CJ may have lost his job last night.They're giving him every chance.It ain't happenin'.
  2. Poor tackling by all,even Lofton.I hope Smitty blew their ears off.Spoon's got a lot to learn.Keep him out there.It's not pretty but better now than later.
  3. Old school training yet thinks outside the box.A deadly combination.We are SO lucky to have this guy.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if we made it to the SB.This team is primed and ready to explode.But there are several good teams.I'd say we got a 1 in 5 shot.Maybe 1 in 4.Could happen if things go our way.
  5. Even though it was KC,I was impressed.A very deep and talented team.3rd year players are coming into their own and another crop right behind them.Cuts will be difficult.
  6. Good to see Schillinger in action.Had a good night.Bigger than I thought.Looks like he could lay the wood.Nance had a good run on a short pass that got called back by holding on Strickland.Feeling really good about the DL.Good night for them.
  7. He'll be a fine complement to the rock steady Lofton.Should make for some interesting interviews.I'm pretty sure he'd take the mike away from them. That's just the way he is.If he can back it up,more power to him.
  8. Dodged a bullet.A quarter mil should get his attention.But then again these guys aren't paid for their brains.
  9. Last I saw was just a tight hammy for Robinson.R knee for Peek.
  10. Should be a top 10 defense.The pieces are there.It's up to the coaches now to make it happen.
  11. Maybe the ROH at Magic City.He'll go in the HOF as a Cowboy.Just to stick it to Atlanta again.Didn't kiss his *** enough.Probably the best CB ever though.Maybe if he had stayed longer.
  12. It'll be interesting to see how Rivers does without some of his giant WRs.They were awesome vs us last PS.
  13. Back in the days before ATL got pro teams,many were Redskins fans in football and STL Cardinalls and Crackers fans in baseball.
  14. Gonzo caught that TD in the middle of 5 Jets.Probably the play of the year.
  15. Coulda layed 50 on us.Bad,bad game.I got a feeling we're going to finish strong though.
  16. Maybe even a screen to Norwood.Stranger things have happened.
  17. Their offense doesn't scare anyone minus Ben.Though they got a steal in Dwyer.Their defense however...We should be able to throw on them some,but Turner needs a good day.Hopefully they'll get off to their usual slow start.Should be a tight,tough game.Plus we may be minus Babs and Jerry.No cakewalk for sure,but we should get some sacks.May come down to Bryant.
  18. Nice to read someone who's got a clue and doesn't have an ax to grind(except the Falcons being #1.Not that there's anything wrong with that ).Where's that been for 40 years.Appreciate your scoops JBO.
  19. I can think of several Case should have been called.The Headhunter.Bodybag.Heart attack.He was a terror.My favorite.
  20. I don't hate them,but I'd toss in Jamie Dukes and Tony Casillas.
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