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  1. I wouldn't put too much stock in one loss.But if they don't go fairly deep in the postseason,I could see some heads rolling.But not Smitty's old grey head.Part of Mora's downfall was too much loyalty to his coaches and not making changes.I don't see that in Smitty.He'll sit down with TD at the end of the year and do what's best for the team.Let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Who's responsibility was it to cover him to begin with. Although Decoud did not get over there, wasn't their a coverage breakdown to begin with. I saw noone. Was it Owens man. ?

    If it's the TD I'm thinking about(hard to keep track)Owens bit on a fake and left his man open.Decoud couldn't get over in time.I thought it was on Owens.

  3. I can think of a few possible reasons...

    1.This game was to be payback for the worst drubbing in Candlestick history last year.Didn't happen.

    2.For the second year in a row,his team had a pick stripped by White.And recovered by Dahl.This time it cost him a game.

    3.He sees Atlanta as dirty players because the OL plays to the whistle.Dahl is to Singletary as Khan is to Kirk.

    4.Atlanta didn't hire him.Thank God.

    5.He sees in Atlanta the team he wants his Niners to become.Smart hard-working lunch pail types of high character who never give up and play to the end.

    6.Sour grapes.

    Bottom line-He often lets his emotions get the better of him.Not a good thing in a Head Coach.

  4. Also I can't believe Billick was so clueless about our team since Smith is his bro-in-law. "Anthony Gonzalez" is not a way to treat a future HOFer. And he kept going on and on about how Snelling is a such an unknown. The dude balled last year when Turner was out!

    They said even the Falcons didn't know what they had in Snelling.Really?

  5. I think Weatherspoon will be fine. He probably needs to keep his mouth shut until he gets his game down. He looked really bad on that TD pass that turned him around.

    The entire LB corps needs some work. I dont know what happened to Lofton, letting Fred Taylor run like that against us.

    It looked bad but that was a great throw to Hernandez' back side by Brady.Spoon had the front covered though off balanced.Old Man Taylor killed us again.

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