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  1. Whiplash by Jackson.Probably a good thing Robinson's helmet was there or DJ's head would have snapped off.
  2. Saw on KFFL where suspensions to start week 7.So I guess Robinson is OK.Except for the fine for the flag thrown by the overzealous ref.They could get him for the incidental helmet contact maybe,but that would be stretching it.
  3. This could be good for Harry.He'd be free to run the middle with impunity.Oh wait.He's a Falcon.Nevermind.
  4. Lewis would be ejected every week for a devastating hit.It's a part of the game.Always has been.While I'm all for the restrictions on the knees and head,this is more about $ and protecting their stars.
  5. Out-foxed us again.Have we ever beaten Andy Reid?We just don't match up well with them.Maybe a 34 next time.Dallas beat them soundly last year.
  6. If it's the TD I'm thinking about(hard to keep track)Owens bit on a fake and left his man open.Decoud couldn't get over in time.I thought it was on Owens.
  7. Let's all take a stroll to mamby-pamby land.Totally clean hit.
  8. I love it when advertisers jump on the bandwagon only to look like idiots the next year.
  9. That's always been my opinion of him,but he did make a difference for them last year-finally.Burned us a time or two as I recall.Don't see it happening again though.Spoon will murder him.
  10. No running game=08 Aints-8-8.They used up all their luck last year.Still,it would be nice to gain some ground on them til Bush comes back-if he comes back.The Bird is the word.
  11. I can think of a few possible reasons... 1.This game was to be payback for the worst drubbing in Candlestick history last year.Didn't happen. 2.For the second year in a row,his team had a pick stripped by White.And recovered by Dahl.This time it cost him a game. 3.He sees Atlanta as dirty players because the OL plays to the whistle.Dahl is to Singletary as Khan is to Kirk. 4.Atlanta didn't hire him.Thank God. 5.He sees in Atlanta the team he wants his Niners to become.Smart hard-working lunch pail types of high character who never give up and play to the end. 6.Sour grapes. Bottom line-He often lets his emotions get the better of him.Not a good thing in a Head Coach.
  12. They usually don't give up a lot of points.Could be close.
  13. They'd be wise to use Westbrook.He's been a Falcon killer in the past.They have some weapons,just don't know how to use them.
  14. Almost did vs Dahl last year.Paranoid control freak.Needs to bring more to the table than smash themin the mouth.It's going to end badly for him.
  15. The thing I like about Smitty is he's always calm and pleasant during interviews.He's lost it a couple of times on the field and needs to reign it in a tad there.These guys are under an incredible amount of pressure.A crack here or there is natural.Just do it behind closed doors if possible.
  16. Could be.Andrews was a blocking back out of Auburn who lit it up.Same could be said of Snelling every chance he's gotten.
  17. Well earned.He really stepped up.Great job!Now he can pummel the Saints.
  18. They said even the Falcons didn't know what they had in Snelling.Really?
  19. I had a bad feeling when both GA and GT lost.Happens every once in a while.Lady Luck not a fan of Georgia this week.We lost a close game in overtime on the road.Not the end of the world.Spoon had a good game and Babs will be back next week.Wiz will try to bring a little something extra this week tho.Old GT boy.
  20. I don't think he will either.Looked good at LT and in good shape.Might take Svitek's job.
  21. He's not elite but he's pretty good.They'll be picking on him a lot but better DL pressure and more blitzing will help.Hard not to like Little Bigman.Could have a big year.
  22. I guess Robinson starting on the left side didn't work out?Not crazy about Grimes over there.He played better on the right.Williams might be better at LCB.Maybe it will work out.
  23. It looked bad but that was a great throw to Hernandez' back side by Brady.Spoon had the front covered though off balanced.Old Man Taylor killed us again.
  24. 37 is-or was-Dominique Daniels.They already released him once.Miami will be a better gauge of where we are.3rd and 7 must be stopped.Ridiculous.
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