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  1. I hope Mike Smith gets some sun this year.I've never seen a pinker white man.
  2. Always liked him.Hope he plays full time this year.
  3. AJC writer.Wouldn't expect anything less.Houston will be OK.Stuck with his man alright.Just got to learn to turn his head at the right time and make plays.
  4. One strike against Boley does not equal repeated blunders by the other two.
  5. And why oh why did we let Pat Peppler go?Idiots!!!:hehe:
  6. Give him the benefit of the doubt until we know the details.They'll charge you battery for looking hard at someone these days.He's always seemed a straight-up guy from what I've seen of him.I smell goldigger.
  7. Dorsey will make it tough to run up the middle on KC.Ryan will win ballgames.
  8. If he can't make it ATL,it doesn't matter.A change in coaching may help him,though they don't owe him anything.Last shot son.
  9. It'll be interesting watching the youngsters mature.It won't translate to many wins yet,but when they gel it should be something to behold.
  10. Kinda disappointed in Tyree.It's one thing to be a muckraker like T.Moore at AJC,but a public face at a local TV station making a blanket statement that blacks will never accept Ryan is pretty asinine.
  11. The good news is they'll probably be able to run on us.Have to grow up fast.
  12. My son used to live in a building in LA with Snoop's spiritual advisor(dope dealer).
  13. Excellent analysis of a potentially excellent draft.
  14. Loading up on the safeties.That was TD's field of expertise.Should end up with some good ones.
  15. He could just skip ATL and go straight to his ex-coach Parcells.Guaranteed to get his man.
  16. Common practice.Teams in the basement shop their best players all the time.Especially if he's a problem child.No harm in seeing what he's worth.Might get an offer we can't refuse.
  17. That'd be a sweet draft.I'd take some big garbonzos to pull it off.Got nothing to lose.
  18. We'll have to take our lumps(again)this year,but the consolation prize could be Tebow.A couple more good drafts and we'll be back.
  19. I don't have a problem with them dangling him.We're going to suck anyways.Would be worth a low 1st round pick.
  20. These guys aren't going to move around unless it's a step up.We're doing good to get anybody.Good ole smashmouth football,here we come.About time.
  21. why should we be the only ones to suffer because of ookie?
  22. i'm a little more optimistic today.d's playing well.should be another close one.
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