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  1. Little Eddie better stay out of the middle if he knows what's good for him.
  2. Saved Timmy AND Lassie in a well. Then he saved the Atlanta Falcons in a black hole.
  3. Faster than a locomotive. Leaps tall buildings in a single bound.
  4. Nope.Had three years worth of bad luck last year.Nothin' but blue skies for awhile.
  5. Real possible.But will it be enough?Best get 11 to make sure.
  6. He makes me nervous too.Pulled it out of the fire for them many times.Gotta jump on them early and keep it up for 4 quarters.They'll make a comeback at the end.He's worth 7 points to them just standing there.No gimme by any means.
  7. Saw it. Didn't like it at all.Wondered who it was.Dude better step it up.
  8. We're starting to gel now.They won't be facing the same team they did early on.Payback time.
  9. I've been around a long time and I've never seen a rookie do what he's doing.Nobody.Kid's freaking amazing and getting better every week.TB at home will be a good test to see how far he's matured.It's starting to remind me of the '98 roll.Beat Carolina and TB at home and it's ours.You can see everyone's confidence building.What a turnaround.
  10. Scott Case.Nasty.They'd poop in their britches going inside.
  11. No hate here either.He's got the tools.A matter of confidence,just like with White.Trying to live up to his high pick.Relax Michael.It'll come.
  12. It also gives Ryan & Co two weeks to prepare.Every streak has to come to end.Now's as good time as any.I'm sure not counting the Birds out after Sunday.
  13. Dude's awesome.Scary how good he's going to be.A little payback for letting Favre get away.
  14. Mature beyond his years.He'll be a good one.
  15. Naturally the kid was a little juiced at the start.Got a little happy feet in the second quarter but settled down.A couple of drops early didn't help.Took a couple of helmets to the chin that should have knocked him out.He's tough and hung in there.Proud of him.I agreed with the game plan to come out throwing.You need to throw on TB to open the run.He's not there yet,but it's only his second game.He'll learn a lot from this game.TB's tough.
  16. Timing is everything,as we all know after last year.He was the best available.Should be average at worst.Potentially great.Whether he makes it or not,it won't be due to a lack of effort on his part.That's probably all we can ask for.No sure things.We're due a good break anyways.
  17. Let's re-sign Peerless Price for Terrance!**** no I ain't forgittin'.
  18. Peachtree Bart liked to party a bit when he first started out.But back then you didn't have ten cameras following your every move.
  19. Steve and Vicky are coming back!:w00t:Pass me a cheese sandwich.
  20. I wish we did have a time machine.We could fast forward to Mikey getting out of the joint and playing for OAK or DAL.And taking his sorry fans with him.
  21. KC went for BPA according to the mock draft gurus and we didn't.Good draft for them,on paper anyways.I like our guys though.Ballers every one.Time will tell.
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