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  1. He's mad because the Georgia Dome doesn't have a sign that says The House That Deion Built.
  2. Hopefully Coach learned a lesson.Never take the ball out of Ryan's hands.
  3. This is true.Hard to imagine any qb playing better than he did yesterday.All aboard Von Ryans Express.
  4. He's a better qb than MV ever was.
  5. No one with half a brain is taking the Saints for granted.That doesn't mean we can't be optimistic.It'll be close.
  6. Can't see Cowher going to Cleveland.Bitter rivals with the Steelers.Pittsburg would never forgive him.
  7. It'll be a tough game.Pressure on Brees will be the key.But if our defense plays as well as it has lately we can win.I want to see them hollerin at each other again.
  8. Wonder where he places on 3rd down attempts.Gotta be high.The kid's clutch.
  9. Yep.Reminded me of the Titans game last year.They kept trying to hand it to us and we kept giving it back.This was the kind of game we usually lose.Not anymore.Should have been a blowout but I'll take it.
  10. I hope so.We won't have a bucketful of good picks this year.They'll have to count.The good thing is TD plugged a lot of holes last year.Should be able to get at least 2 impact defensive players.
  11. He's hit about as many as he's missed.Not too bad,but I'm glad we got TD.Risky business.Draft Ryan and your a genius.Draft Aundray Bruce and your an idiot.I always think back to 1990 or so when the Braves had the first pick.They wanted LHP Todd Van Poppel bad.Wouldn't play for them.Had to settle for Chipper Jones.TVP blew his arm out the next year.Ya never know.
  12. That reminds me of when they asked Woody Hayes why he went for 2 points vs Michigan.Because I couldn't go for three!
  13. Even though he's from Philly,Ryan plays below the Mason-Dixon line.The horrors! They're still showing a lot of Patriot commercials.New England is the best! I'd bet my last dime Matty couldn't care less.He'd trade it for one more win in a heartbeat.
  14. They got embarrassed by jumping on the bandwagon before the Denver loss.Screw 'em.These are the same idiots that predicted we'd win 1-3 games.We don't need them.Just win baby.
  15. Nice salute.I was surprised to see Williams had 101 rushing,just 16 less than Turner.Kiss my grits. :P
  16. Made perfect sense.They figured they'd stop Turner on fourth down and bury them deep.Just didn't figure on the Panties going into the fetal position. :P
  17. It means the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl! Way to take one for the team!
  18. He might start but I don't expect him to be out there long.
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