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  1. If Rudolph slipped to us in the 2nd, that would be great. Looking at his talent you think it won't happen, but last years TE class was spectacular. If you look at the teams with need at TE, it's not inconceivable they pass on Rudolph in the 2nd for more pressing needs.

    That's the way I see it.Not many teams need a TE that early.He could be there for us in the 2nd.

  2. I agree about Valdez ..he is a keeper wether if he becomes a starter or just a back up, he is pretty good ...I am grateful he didnt get picked up off the PS, I look for him to make the regular roster next year, I think he has a place in our plans .....

    He looked good at LT in the last PS game.I could see him push for Dahl's spot.He's a beeg boy.Hard to tell what we got at OL depth since everyone stayed healthy.Guess we'll find out if they don't resign the right side.

  3. I said this on another post, but will say it here again:

    I am a Falcons fan... who lives in New Orleans. I moved down here about 5 years ago.

    I've learned over the last 5 years, that these Saints fans down here are fiercely loyal and majorly emotionally attached to their team.

    You cannot tell them, their team isn't good. To them, that's like telling them their child is ********. They just don't want to hear it.

    Any time their team does well and wins, they will tell you that the Saints are the best team in the league. Every time their team gets beaten, they *****, whine, and cry about 3 things:

    1. That whatever team beat them got lucky.

    2. That their team is still better than yours or anyone elses, they just didn't show up today.

    And 3. That the refs screwed them.

    In their minds (since last year), there is no possible way that any team could be better than the Saints. They will ignore any evidence to the contrary and play up any and everything that makes their team look good.

    I have never been around a fanbase that will talk so much **** to you as an opposing fan, even after your team just beat them at their stadium. They are ****** winners and even worse losers.

    ******** children.Good description of Aints fans.Their "dynasty" is over.Already? :lol:

  4. If most teams lose their starting QB it is disastrous, what i'm talking about good ole matty favoring White and Gonzalez a bit too much...

    Turner also seems to be getting an awful lot of carries this season, he has more than AP, will he be durable down the stretch.

    Bagheads never have to worry about their backs getting too many carries.They can barely keep any on the field. :lol:

  5. While I can appreciate their aggressiveness in wanting the ball when they win the toss and going up early,I would prefer they defer and take a drive from them after they've made their adjustments.Stopping them in the first and scoring to start the third takes a lot out of their sails.

  6. Smitty keeps an steady hand on rudder,except sometimes on gameday. :lol: Stability is important to the players,especially the young ones.Gives them a chance to settle in into a much different world.Good to know they're openminded to suggestions and don't think they know it all.Might as well use everybodys brains and experience.

  7. I did notice Svitek out there several times. I wondered why he was out there and I didn't realize he was lined up at TE because the times I noticed him were after the play ended.

    I know we put Hawley out there at TE some during pre-season, but I'm not sure we have put Hawley out there in the regular season.

    Any idea how much Svitek lined up at TE?

    Peele's out 4-6 weeks with hernia surgery.Guess they don't have enough confidence in Palmer's blocking yet.

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