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  1. I think we'll backslide a little,but not much.Mainly because we'll probably let some decent FA's walk in order to get some young guys on the field and see what they can do.We played as well as we could,which wasn't good enough.A mild shakeup is in order to get to the next level.Standing pat won't get us over the hump.
  2. Lofton played with a banged up knee the last half of the season.Looked wore out the last couple of games.Doubt he could have gone 18 games.Insanity IMO.
  3. Probably WR or RB.Unless they trade down for DE or LT.
  4. He looked good at LT in the last PS game.I could see him push for Dahl's spot.He's a beeg boy.Hard to tell what we got at OL depth since everyone stayed healthy.Guess we'll find out if they don't resign the right side.
  5. It'll even back out again.I wouldn't change it.One good thing about the Aints winning last year is we didn't have to listen to their whining.They whine about EVERYTHING.Big babies.
  6. He flat ran over Goodson though.Dude laid there like he'd been run over by a bus.But yeah,we need more pressure.Lots of good DE's this year and we may finally be strong enough to trade up and get one.
  7. ******** children.Good description of Aints fans.Their "dynasty" is over.Already?
  8. I like Ivory.Especially after he fumbles to the Falcons.See Game One.
  9. Bagheads never have to worry about their backs getting too many carries.They can barely keep any on the field.
  10. Gotta give a little love to the Atlanta Chiefs-1968 NASL champs.Often overlooked,but they were Atlanta's first(not counting the Crackers).Only time I ever cared about soccer,but they were dam good.
  11. Been working on this for three years.This game could decide HFA throughout.They can rest later.Give it 100% and if they fall short,they have nothing to be ashamed about.An outstanding group of men.
  12. Beat Green Bay and they'll have to notice the elephant in the roomOr maybe not. :wacko:
  13. More like an afterthought.Almost didn't mention us at all.Which is fine.The more under the radar the better.
  14. Punched the bullies in the nose(or ankle).Big babies.
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