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  1. This game only reinforced what I feared from the preseason.... that our first team was not ready. If we can make the changes and actually show up, we should be fine. We have the talent to be a great team, but our oline has to block and our defense has to be fundamentally sound. Examples such as not wrapping a guy up to make a tackle is just unacceptable at this level. We have our hands full with this schedule though. We could be 0-5 if these guys dont sack up and fast. Today was a big diappointment, but I trust Smitty will put the proverbial boot in the right places. Time will tell...
  2. Well it is interesting to know that Madam Cleo is a Falcons fan. Awesome assessment of this season. Im interested to see your prediction for next season.
  3. Jason snelling #44! The guy does whatever is asked of him and plays hard everytime is on the field. I was thrilled to see him show out in the Bucs game. the guy is a class act and plays with great attitude. I loved the evil looks he gave opposing players as he went back to the huddle. This guy has shown the Falcons that Norwood is a luxury we dont need. I have liked this guy's work ethic since we drafted him. The guy plays hard! He should be our solid #2 RB. Watching him play in the Bucs game had me cheering for him like he was running for some NFL record. I take my hat off to players like that. We need more like him.
  4. BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "FIRE IT UP" http://youtube.com/watch?v=KtTYyuF6TOA This song gets the blood pumping!!!
  5. Thanks for the heads up. You now have my favorite former Falcon. I hope Alge lights it up for you guys. He is one entertaining player!
  6. Well coach Smith said it all started at the line of scrimmage. Let's see him put a draft pick where his mouth is and take a stud lineman(offensive or defensive) with our first pick then. I am all for a stud lineman with the #3 pick particularly one with the last name LONG!
  7. We will miss you Alge. You were by far my favorite Falcon. It won't be the same without you. We now have no tightend worth mentioning either.
  8. Crumpler was a good man and leader for this team. I will miss watching him wave first downs after those big catches. Dang I am sad about this. I do trust our GM though. I just hope he is right about it. If the Bucs, Aints, or Panthers sign him though..........well lets just say Im gonna get upset.
  9. I like Spags, but Schwartz intrigues me also.
  10. It's official.....Hall needs to stop talking and play football. To those of you that said Hawaii would win......just stop talking. :P
  11. I believe the same, but stranger things have happened. Richt just better have the team fired up to kick some rainbow butt!
  12. I like Billick, but I am reminded of how long the Ravens offense struggled with him as coach. Did their offense ever do much? Last year was ok i think, but it seems they were never that good. They won because of their dominant defense. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. By the way.... I am joking. In case some of you dont know what :P means.
  14. Yeah if we lose...... It will be an embarassment and an UPSET! They played no one of mention.
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