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  1. Happy Birthday, my gift to you is the 2019 draft that we are going to Ace. ( bank)
  2. I'm not worried about the offense, it's all hands on deck. They will shine, the D needs the help and DQ knows it, hence "his" project now....Can't wait
  3. Used to live there, loved the Plaza area.
  4. He's safer to play with the Falcons, than against them. LOL
  5. He is definitely a huge upgrade. Love the Nasty.
  6. I would never sign a FA RB, nor trade for one.
  7. Before OBJ was sent to the Browns I would have looked at it, but now nope. Good Luck
  8. I have watched him play every game this year. Would love to have him here. Just depends on what round.
  9. What were you offering ? Just curious as I have Chubb in a dynasty league, and have already had a couple teams ask about Chubb.
  10. Or a trash can. ?
  11. It's getting to the point where we are going to lose some good players. Teco being one of them, let the comp picks begin.
  12. LOL, I've read worse, and it wasn't all bad.
  13. I get it I actually read the whole thread...LOL
  14. Of course it's loaded with incentives, which is why it says 18 million MAX. Not saying I agree with the move, but I don't get to see the players everyday like the FO does....and neither does anyone else here.
  15. Thanks Mash. always look forward to these.
  16. What I expected from Teco, was exactly what I expected. He has the skill set, to be a NFL RB, but it's limited.
  17. Been saying the same thing....But then I was a Teco hater. ??
  18. I like Snell, but love me some Devine Ozigbo. Bruiser with speed.
  19. she was 37 I was 47. Wallet was getting low, she had to go. LOL
  20. LOL, that's not me, that's my old GF from 10 years ago. Hated to see her go.
  21. I never liked Hill's game in college(not a big secret). But he looked like a NFL RB the last couple of games. He might make the team.
  22. I like both of their games. I just think 3rd plus for a RB is not in our plans.
  23. Profile says 1969...LOL 1999 very probable.