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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-former-bengals-cornerback-darqueze-dennard-per-report/
  2. Too much firepower on offense, plus an improved D. Tough schedule...I still see 10-6. 11-5 and a playoff birth.
  3. Mark Andrews, 850 yrds, and 10 Td's, made the pro bowl, led team in receiving
  4. Same thought here, he is a beefer Freeman, who was actually amazing back in the day.
  5. Why would I ever go to the sub forms, Nobody is there, yeah maybe three people going on again, on again. They need to kill some of the sub-forums....just my pov
  6. That was great...now I'm headed to the Awful House to try a cheesesteak Omelette with mushrooms...
  7. What a Fathers Day gift. Congratulations
  8. Peanut Butter....I get a jar of that I already know....here comes 5 lbs. Add in some bananas...
  9. That's correct, you can't tackle the guy, what's left?? The ball....duh
  10. Best backs...hard to make an analysis, Free I think is gonna romp, with Q. Hill if if it makes the team would would be a total surprise, in the league as a whole, Barkley hands down, Gurley would be there but knees only get worse, not better. Chubb is a Turner clone, can it last???
  11. Don't know nothing about D, other than pass blocking the blitzer. My job was easy, don't fumble, catch the ball, and run over people.
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